2 Easy Ways to Do OnePlus Backup and Restore

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-07-02 / Update for  Android Tips

If you use a OnePlus phone, it is important that you do a OnePlus backup to ensure your data is safely stored. A backup is helpful in many scenarios, especially in the ones where you have lost your data for some reason. When that happens, you can use your OnePlus One backup to restore your files back to your phone.

There are multiple ways to back up and restore a OnePlus device. Here we cover a couple of those ways for you.

Way 1. OnePlus Backup and Restore to/From PC Using OnePlus Switch

One of the easiest ways for making a OnePlus backup to PC is to use the OnePlus Switch app. This is an app developed by OnePlus itself and the app allows you to create custom backups of your devices. You can then store these backups on your computer.

Backing up and restoring your data with this method is extremely easy, and the following shows how.

1. OnePlus Backup to PC

The first thing you need to do is to use the OnePlus Switch app on your phone to make a backup. We cover how you do that in the steps below.

  • Install the OnePlus Switch app on your phone.
  • Launch the app when it is installed, and tap Backup and Restore in the bottom.
  • Select New Backup on the following screen.
  • Choose the items you would like to back up and tap Backup Now in the bottom.

    back up oneplus for pc
  • Once the backup is created, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open your phone’s storage on your PC and head into opbackup > MobileBackup.
  • Copy the backup file to a folder on your PC.

That is how to backup OnePlus 3 to PC using a free app.

2. Restore OnePlus from OnePlus Switch Backup

You can restore your OnePlus phone from one of your local backups, and the following shows how you do that.

  • Open the OnePlus Switch app and tap Backup and Restore in the bottom.
  • Select Restore Backup on the following screen.

    oneplus backup
  • Choose the backup you would like to restore and it will be restored.

Way 2. OnePlus Backup and Restore to/From Google Account

You can actually make a backup of your device without using OnePlus backup software. What makes this possible is Google where you can make and store your backup on Google Drive.

Here we cover how to backup OnePlus 3 using this method.

1. Backup OnePlus 8 Pro/8/7T/7/7 Pro/6T/5T to Google

Make sure the Google account you want to back up your phone is added to your device. Then, follow these steps.

  • Launch the Settings app on your phone and tap System.
  • Choose Backup on the following screen.
  • Enable the Back up to Google Drive option.

    oneplus backup

Make sure there is enough space in your Google Drive account to use this backup method.

2. Restore OnePlus from Google Backup

Restoring a Google Drive backup requires that you erase and reset your phone. If you are fine with this, the following shows how you use this method.

  • On your OnePlus phone, head into Settings > System > Reset options.
  • Tap the Erase all data (factory reset) option and fully reset your phone.

    restore oneplus from google
  • Configure your phone from scratch using the same Google account that you used to make the backup.
  • You will be asked if you would like to restore a backup. Choose the option that restores your backup.

Bonus Tip: How to Restore Data from OnePlus Phone without Backup?

One of the issues with the above methods is that you must have a backup made prior to losing files if you want to restore any of your data. There are users who have never made a backup of their phone, and if you are one of them, you cannot use the above methods for data recovery.

Luckily, there is a program called Tenorshare UltData for Android that helps you to restore your data even when you have no backups. What this program does is it scans your device and tries to find files in caches and other places. This makes it possible to get your lost files back without a backup.

The following is how you use this tool to get your WhatsApp messages back.

  • Install and run the aforementioned program on your computer.
  • Click Recover WhatsApp Data on the main interface.

    oneplus backup and restore
  • Plug-in your OnePlus phone to your computer using a USB cable. Turn on USB debugging on your OnePlus phone.

    oneplus backup and restore
  • On the screen that follows, hit Start followed by Yes, I want to continue.

    oneplus backup software
  • Follow the instructions shown on your screen. Find the WhatsApp messages you want to get back, and click Recover in the bottom-right.

    recover data from oneplus

Your selected messages should be back on your phone.

People Also Asked about OnePlus Backup

If you have questions regarding the OnePlus backup methods, the following might help you.

1. Does OnePlus Switch backup WhatsApp?

No, OnePlus Switch does not backup WhatsApp messages. It only backs up the data saved on your device and not the app data.

2. Where is OnePlus backup stored?

The OnePlus backup is stored at the internal storage > opbackup > MobileBackup path on a OnePlus device.

3. How do I backup WhatsApp messages from iPhone to OnePlus?

An easy way to backup WhatsApp messages from an iPhone to a OnePlus phone is to use an app like Tenorshare iCareFone. This lets you quickly transfer all your WhatsApp messages from your iPhone over to your OnePlus device. To use this:

  • Connect both your devices to your computer, run the above tool, and click Transfer.
  • Let the app backup your WhatsApp data.
  • Verify your target account and continue.
  • Finally, your WhatsApp chats will be available on your OnePlus phone.


With various options available for OnePlus backup, you are just a click away from making a safe and secure copy of your phone’s data. You can choose the backup method that best suits your needs.