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Screen Lock Bypass Pro: Will It Really Unlock Android Device?

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-12-09 / Update for  Unlock Android

Has it ever happened to you forgot a new pattern or password of your phone and can’t recall it now? Or that you have found a lost phone of yours or a phone that you don’t normally use and is kept away and suddenly you have a need for it, and well, now you can’t remember the old passcode and the screen is locked? You’re frustrated because everyone keeps telling you that you no longer have any use for this phone, and you can throw it away.

But what if we told you that is not true? Because it isn’t! This guide will show you how to use Screen Lock Bypass Pro to bypass any android’s lock screen without putting in the passcode that you may have forgotten for whatever reason. So, without much beating around the bush, let’s get to it.

Part 1: What is Screen Lock Bypass Pro?

Screen Lock Bypass Pro is one of the tools that you find over the internet, which helps you to unlock or bypass any phone without putting in the passcode/pattern for it. However, among the other tools, it is the easiest and the most convenient due to its ease of use and success rate among users.

It is possible, though, that some phones may be incompatible due to their settings or old versions of the software, for which you can use other tools that are compatible with the device version but that is unlikely to happen. So, feel completely at ease as Screen Lock Bypass Pro is a reliable, bug-free tool that gives you the desired results in very little time.

Part 2: Where to Download Screen Lock Bypass Pro From?

The easiest and most reliable way for you to download the Screen Lock Bypass Pro apk is to go to the Google Play Store of your phone and search for it there to get it downloaded. However, if it is not available on the Play Store for whatever reason, other sites can be approached for its apk.

screen lock bypass pro
Pic.- Screen Lock Bypass Pro

There may be a number of websites or online blogs claiming to provide you with the latest version of Screen Lock Bypass Pro free, but we suggest that you only download it from the reliable website that it is originally on because other websites may have ads or additional files with them that may corrupt your phone or may be harmful to your software in other ways, like hacking your personal information, etc.

This is one of the websites that provide you the latest version of the tool, with no bugs or complications.


This is also one of the reliable websites to get the tool from easily as they have apk of most of the tools unavailable on Google’s Play Store or other app stores.


Part 3: How to Use Screen Lock Bypass Pro to Unlock Android Devices

Below is a complete guide as to using the free Screen Lock Bypass Pro to bypass any lock screen security on any android phone. If you follow the exact steps, you will reach the desired results without any complications or issues in the process. So, let’s get to the steps.

Note: Your Android device must be registered to your Google Account and have the internet-enabled to do this!

  • Search in your Google Play Store for Screen Lock Bypass Pro and download it into the PC, the play store must be logged in with the email address from the locked device. Wait for it to finish downloading.

    download screen lock bypass pro
    Pic1.- Download Screen Lock Bypass Pro
  • Once the app has finished downloading and is installed, plug the charger into your locked phone to start the process of unlocking. This will activate the Screen Lock Bypass Pro, and an option will appear to activate the tool. Click ‘Activate.’

    click activate
    Pic2.- Click Activate
  • Of the options that you now have, click the option “Remove Lock Password,’ and this should remove the lock screen security from the phone. You’re done.

    remove lock password
    Pic3.- Remoce Lock Password

Part 4: What Are the Pros and Cons Of Screen Lock Bypass Pro App?

Even though it is an extremely easy tool, it does come with its cons. Let’s take a look at the different positive and negative sides of this story.


  • It is quick to use. It doesn’t require a long process of installations or connections and is a quick process.
  • It is an easy and convenient way to unlock a phone.
  • You can do it from your PC at home.
  • It doesn’t require the installation of unnecessary applications or bugs to benefit from you. It only requires that you download the application.
  • Almost all phones have the Google Play Store in them, which makes it a very versatile tool.


  • You are required to have internet connectivity on your locked phone for this to happen. It's impossible for an locked second-hand phone or a phone cannot connect to your Wifi automatically.
  • You need to have the exact same Google account in the PC that you have on the locked device, if you forget the old emails we had installed in our old phones, or the phone is from second-hand market, you may not even have an idea as to what the Google credentials used in the phone are.

Part 5: A Real Alternative Of Screen Lock Bypass Pro to Remove Android Lock Screen

An alternative tool to use instead of Screen Lock Bypass Pro in such situations is the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, which will help remove the lock from any locked android device. There is no any limits with this software, you just need to follow the step below:

  • Start the tool, choose the feature "Remove Screen Lock" then connect your device to the computer with a USB cable. A driver will install.

    remove screen lock
    Pic1.- Remoce Screen Lock
  • Click on the “Start” button and then confirm the process that will erase all the data from the phone.

    confirm the process
    Pic2.- Confirm the unlock process
  • A few minutes later, the process will complete.

What Else Can Tenorshare 4uKey for Android Help to Do?

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android can also help remove a Google account from a Samsung device when you forgot the password of it.

Below are the steps to do that with:

  • Install 4uKey for Android on your PC, connect your Samsung phone, and choose "Remove Google Lock". This will erase all data on your device. Make sure the phone is well charged.

    remove goole lock
    Pic1.- Remoce Google Lock
  • Select the correct system info. This feature supports Android 6/7/8/9/10 and Android 11.

    select info
    Pic2.- Select Android system info
  • Follow the on-screen guide step by step.
  • Restart the device and remove the account successfully.

    finish unlock
    Pic3.- Unlock Successfully

This was your basic guide to getting rid of any security on a phone that you don’t know the security passcodes for, we hope we helped you. Happy Unlocking!

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