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Complete Guide to Bypass Redmi 10C FRP 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-08-04 / Update for  Unlock Android

Have you found that your FRP Redmi 10C is locked? It seems frustrating for you, especially if you have forgotten your screen lock and even your Google Account password. Typically, FRP lock helps provide added security to your Redmi 10C phone, but things aren't always the same.

Having a locked FRP Redmi 10C means you can no longer access and use your mobile phone. However, you can easily avoid this hassle by learning some effective methods to bypass FRP Redmi 10C.This guide lets you learn different methods to bypass Redmi 10C FRP for better knowledge and less hassle.

Part 1: What Is Redmi 10C FRP?

FRP on Redmi 10C is a security feature that helps in protecting your Redmi mobile phone from unauthorized access. This security feature keeps others from factory resetting your Redmi 10C without your knowledge or consent.

FRP of your Redmi 10C is certainly good for mobile owners who know their Google Account details. However, forgetting your Google Account details linked to your Redmi 10C mobile phone will keep you locked out of your mobile. You won’t be able to access your mobile phone anymore.

For this condition, learning how to practice Redmi 10C FRP bypass MINI 13 is imperative. Fortunately, you can bypass the unlocked device due to Factory Reset Protection (FRP). There exist various tools and techniques that can help you achieve your goal of bypassing the FRP of your Redmi 10C.

Important Information: Remember to back up your device data whenever you plan to reboot your Redmi 10C next time to bypass FRP settings. It is because Redmi 10C consumers usually consider using third-party applications to bypass their FRP lock. Using third-party applications can put your important data at a higher risk of losing when unlocking the mobile. So, taking a backup is always a smart move here, as it will keep you from the hassle in the future.

Part 2: Full Guide on Redmi 10C FRP bypass without PC [Complicated]

Are you looking for the best way for Redmi 10C FRP bypass without a PC? Don't worry; we have got you covered here. We understand that not everyone has access to a laptop or computer system. Therefore, we have brought a step-by-step guide on performing Redmi 10C FRP bypass without a PC.

  • Firstly, Reboot your Redmi 10C mobile phone.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and Power keys simultaneously to enter the fastboot modeof your Redmi 10C mobile phone.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Now, use your Volume Low Key to enter the "Wipe Data” option appearing on your screen. Then Select “Wipe All Data” and then Choose "Confirm."
  • Note: It is always important to back up your data before starting this procedure and store that on a Cloud Storage solution. So you can easily recover the data when needed.

  • Return to the main menu; select "Reboot to System." And let your device reboot.
  • Perform the initial setup steps on your mobile and connect your Redmi 10C to a working Wi-Fi connection. Click Next.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Now you can see that your mobile phone is FRP locked.
  • Return to the “Choose your Region” page and type "C" in its search bar. Select the "C" from the search bar, and press the "Share" icon on the screen.
  • Select “Gmail” > Enter Notifications.
  • Scroll down to “Additional Settings in-app."
  • Click three dots on the top of the screen and select "Help and Feedback."

    redmi 10C frp
  • Enter “Delete or Disable apps on Android” in the search bar. Select “Tap to enter Application Settings."

    redmi 10C frp
  • Scroll down to the "Settings" application. Click Open and select Additional Settings from here.
  • Click Accessibility and then Enter the Accessibility Menu. Turn on the “Accessibility Menu Shortcut.” Click Allow and then Select "OK."

    redmi 10C frp
  • Return to the app details page.
  • Click three dots appearing at the bottom of your screen. Select “Show System”.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Choose Android Setup from here. Disable the application first. Then click Force Stop > Press OK. Select the Storage and Cache option from the same page. Tap on "Clear Storage" > OK. Return to the previous page.
  • Scroll to the Android Setup Settings option > Click Force Stop and Press OK.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Press Back.
  • Again, scroll down to "Google Play Services." Disable and Force Stop this application as well. Also, clear its cache from Storage and Cache option.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Return to the initial setup steps. When your device is set up, open the accessibility menu and tap Google Assistant multiple times. It will ask you to enable Google Play Services. Select Enable from your screen’s bottom.

    redmi 10C frp

Let your phone setup process complete, and click agree to proceed. Complete the setup to start using your device on the go.

Part 3: The Best Redmi 10C FRP Bypass Unlock Tool [Hassle-free]

4uKey for Android is one of the most efficient tools for bypassing Redmi 10C FRP bypass unlock tools. It can help you bypass the FRP lock, unlock your device, and start using it without any hassle.

Whenever you face the problem of Google verification on your Redmi 10C mobile, consider 4uKey for Android as your go-to FRP unlock tool.

Key advantages of 4uKey for Android

  • The tool provides you with a hassle-free way to unlock your FRP lock.
  • It supports a variety of Android mobile phones to unlock FRP.
  • You can even use it to unlock your Android device's screen lock without losing your device data.
  • The tool helps in deleting a Google account whose password you have forgotten.
  • After completing the procedure, you can have complete control over your device.

Here is a comprehensive guide for Redmi 10C FRP unlock tool:

  • Download and install 4uKey for Android on your computer system.
  • Open the tool and select “Remove Google FRP Lock” from your screen.

    redmi 10C frp
  • The tool will detect the brand of your mobile phone automatically.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Now click on the "Remove Now" option from your screen. 4uKey for Android will now bypass your FRP account.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Press and hold your power and volume down buttons to enter fastboot mode. Press Next to proceed.

    redmi 10C frp
  • After entering your mobile’s main menu, “Connect with MI Assistant," use the volume buttons. You must press Power Key to confirm your selected option from the menu. Click Next to proceed to move to the next step of the process.

    redmi 10C frp
  • Let your Redmi 10C mobile phone restart after a few seconds. It will complete the process without asking for Google Account Verification anymore.

    redmi 10C frp

Completing these steps will let you unlock your Redmi 10C device successfully. You can now complete the initial setup steps to unlock and recharge your mobile phone.

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Unlocking FRP Redmi 10C will no longer be a problem after learning the best ways to bypass Google FRP. However, to have a hassle-free and smooth experience, you must carefully follow each step mentioned in this guide. The process will ultimately help you get back your mobile phone’s access.

However, if you want to bypass FRP Redmi 10C without losing your data, use the 4ukey for Android tool as your ultimate solution. With only a few steps, it provides the easiest way to unlock your FRP on any Android device, including Redmi 10C.