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OnePlus FRP Bypass: 2 Quick and Effective Solutions

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-03-05 / Update for  Unlock Android

Ever since its launch, OnePlus has become an increasingly popular top-rated premium smartphone OEM in the industry. Its smartphones are based on Android OS and offer excellent performance due to strong processors combined with powerful battery, storage, RAM, and display screen.

But just like any other Android device running Android OS version 5.1 (Lollipop) or above, OnePlus phones too come built-in with Factory Reset Protection or simply FRP. This article shows how to bypass Google lock on OnePlus using OnePlus FRP bypass tool.

Part 1: How to Bypass Google Lock on OnePlus?

This section extensively covers how to bypass Google lock on OnePlus using OnePlus FRP unlock tool. Both methods discussed here to perform FRP bypass OnePlus are highly effective and quick. Yet, only one is better. However, before starting with how to bypass FRP OnePlus, let us make you familiar with Google FRP.

FRP or Factory Reset Protection is an excellent built-in security feature in Android devices. Once enabled, FRP will prevent any unauthorized access to your device and all information it holds. But despite being helpful, the same FRP feature can cause great trouble if mistakenly you get locked out of your device and could not regain its access rightfully.

Continue reading below to learn more about how to perform OnePlus FRP bypass in such situations.

Method 1: OnePlus FRP Bypass Without PC

Our first method shows how to bypass FRP OnePlus without PC or without using any OnePlus FRP unlock tool. Just follow the steps as shown below in the exact manner for OnePlus Nord FRP bypass without PC.

However, this method does require using another Android phone during a few steps. We mention this when it happens.

  • On the first two screens that appear, select language and region.

    oneplus frp bypass select language and region
  • Next, tick on the first two mandatory options namely User Agreement and User’s privacy, security, and protection and click Next.

    oneplus frp bypass legal information page
  • The next screen will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi. Connect and wait for the Getting your phone ready… screen to get over.

  • Now return to Connect to Wi-Fi screen. Next to the wi-fi connection your phone is connected to tap on the small circled “i” to enter About this network menu. Look for the Share icon and tap it. A dialogue box with QR code will appear on the screen. Under the QR code, tap on Share via “Nearby share”.

    oneplus frp bypass connect to wifi
  • Your phone will now ask you to Turn on Nearby Share. Do it. At this time, your phone will start searching for nearby devices to share its Wi-Fi. However, this is not the goal here. Instead, see the small-sized text with the same small circled “i” saying, “Need help sharing?”. Tap on it.

    oneplus frp bypass need help sharing
  • In the sharing help menu, tap on the three vertically aligned dots in the top-right corner of your phone screen. A list will appear. Select Share article option from this list. Doing so will provide

    oneplus frp bypass choose message
  • On the dialogue box that appears, hit New message. Write any false number in the To section. Next in the write text message box, erase the existing URL, and instead type www.youtube.com. Press the send button but since the contact number in the To section is fake, it won’t be sent. Again, this isn’t the main purpose here. Instead, tap on the YouTube URL in the unsend text message to open the YouTube app on your phone.

    oneplus frp bypass send message
  • Once YouTube opens, hit the round user profile icon on the top-right corner of the screen. Inside it, select Settings.

    oneplus frp bypass youtube settings
  • Inside Settings, choose About, then Google Privacy Policy on the screen that follows. This will open Google Chrome.

    oneplus frp bypass google privacy policy
  • On Google Chrome, tap Accept & continue. The next screen will ask to Turn on Sync – select No, thanks. Again, another dialogue box for Chrome notifications will appear – again select No, thanks.

    oneplus frp bypass open chrome
  • Now in the web address bar, erase the Google Privacy Policy URL and instead type “hardreset.info/bypass” and hit enter.

    oneplus frp bypass enter hardreset
  • Once the website opens, scroll down to reach Google “G” logo with text “Google Search App”. Tap on it.

    oneplus frp bypass open google search app
  • Now on the Google search page, hit the mic icon in the Google search bar and say, “Open clone phone”. Tap Allow on each dialogue box that appear.

    open clone phone
  • Once done with dialogue boxes, the Clone Phone app will show two options. Tap on the red option with text “This is the new device”.

    oneplus frp bypass tap on this is new device
  • Now this is where you will need a second phone for the next few steps. After choosing “This is the new device” in the previous step on your primary device, the following screen will ask about the device brand you want to migrate data from. Select appropriately and a QR code will appear.

    oneplus frp bypass connect your devices
  • Now on the second device, open Google Play Store, and search for “Clone Phone OnePlus app” and download it.

    oneplus frp bypass search for clone phone
  • Still on the second phone, run the Clone Phone – OnePlus app and tap Agree and continue. Doing so will bring a series of dialogue boxes each asking for various permissions. Tap Settings at each dialogue as it appears and, in its Settings, toggle On the permissions.

    oneplus frp bypass toggle on the permissions
  • Next, tap Start migration on the app. On the Turn on “Display over other apps” dialogue box, tap Settings. A list of apps will appear. Select Clone Phone app. Then again toggle On the permissions for each dialogue box that appear.

    oneplus frp bypass start migration
  • At this point, the app will ask to scan QR code on the primary phone. Upon scanning, both devices will automatically connect.

  • Once the phones are connected, it is time to migrate data. On the secondary phone, deselect the list of apps shown and only select any ordinary app such as Calculator and tap Start migration.

  • Once data is migrated, you can now set up your phone. Choose the navigation method and tap Next. Tap Later when asked about Unlock method and hit Done to start your phone.

    oneplus frp bypass set a lock screen method

At this point, we strongly suggest you do a factory reset on your phone. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Back up and reset > Reset phone > Erase all data > Erase data. After factory reset, you can now setup your phone in the normal manner. Congratulations, you have successfully performed OnePlus nord frp bypass without PC.

oneplus frp bypass erase data

Method 2: Use the Best OnePlus FRP Bypass Tool – 4uKey for Android

Perhaps you might be wondering about having a simpler yet equally effective and powerful method to perform OnePlus FRP bypass. This is because the above-mentioned method has too many steps which require precise following, else you may have to start all over.

4uKey for Android is a super effective and powerful OnePlus FRP bypass tool. It is packed with some amazing features and capabilities because of which we highly recommend performing bypass FRP OnePlus using 4uKey for Android.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to bypass OnePlus FRP using 4uKey for Android.

  • Download, install, and run 4uKey for Android on your PC. Then connect your OnePlus to your PC and proceed with “Remove Google Lock (FRP)”.

    choose remove google lock feature
  • 4uKey for Android will automatically detect your device brand. However, if it doesn’t, then manually select OnePlus from the list shown.

    select the brand of the device
  • On the following screen, tick “Remove FRP (Option A)” and then click “Remove Now”.

    remove oneplus google account lock
  • 4uKey for Android will now begin installing the driver. Wait for a few minutes now.

    install driver
  • Once 4uKey for Android has installed the driver, it will give the following on-screen instructions for you to follow.

    operate the device
  • After following the above, 4uKey for Android will further guide you on how to restart your device. Once restarted successfully, click “Restart Successful” as shown below to move further.

    device restarts successfully
  • 4uKey for Android will provide further steps as shown below to finally perform OnePlus FRP bypass.

    complete the second device operation 4ukey for android removing google lock
  • Once you have successfully bypass FRP OnePlus, the following screen will appear confirming OnePlus FRP bypass.

    google account lock removed

Part 2: How to Disable FRP in OnePlus?

Google FRP is automatically activated once a new Android device is set up with a Google account. Hence, to disable FRP in OnePlus, do the following –

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your OnePlus.
  • Scroll down to find “Accounts” tab.
  • Inside “Accounts” tab, there are all the accounts associated with your OnePlus phone.
  • Select the account you want to remove and confirm your action by clicking “Remove account” on the dialog box that appears.
  • Remember that your device may ask you to unlock your screen again as well as provide Google account credentials when trying to remove a Google account from your device.

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A quick comparison of both methods 1 and 2 above on how to bypass Google lock on OnePlus clearly shows much difference between the two.

While one requires following complex steps to perform OnePlus Nord FRP bypass without PC, the other one using 4uKey for Android requires only a few simple steps. This is because 4uKey for Android is packed with such amazing features and is a highly recommended OnePlus FRP unlock tool. Download 4uKey for Android now and experience this amazing OnePlus FRP bypass tool.

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