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Does FRP Hijacker Really Work Properly

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-11-10 / Update for  Unlock Android

The FRP is short for Factory Reset Protection. The Factory Reset is a unique procedure where the users can wipe all the data and settings from the said Android mobile. But the presence of this function made unauthorized use easier. If your device got stolen, the thief would simply have to make a Factory Reset of the device, to access all your files.

So, to prevent these cases, Google introduced FRP. But this also made things complicated for authorized users as well. But if you need to bypass this protection, then you can always count on 3rd party applications like FRP hijacker by haggard.

FRP hijacker password is an effective and easily available program, the rest of the necessary details regarding the app are mentioned below.

Part 1: What Is The Password for FRP Hijacker by Haggard

The FRP hijacker by haggard password is a tool for bypassing the FRP lock. But the app is designed only to work on Samsung mobiles. The app uses a single-click procedure which is pretty convenient for the users.

The app was designed to help users who have gotten stuck while unlocking their mobiles. But this need to use Samsung FRP hijacker can appear for various reasons. The FRP lock was installed by Samsung on their device as protection. But if you face the need for removal of this lock, then FRP hijacker download will be most helpful.

The program is also able to fix Softbrick on your smartphone. You can also use the app’s ABD mode to bypass the Google account on your Samsung device but for that, you have to enable the ADB mode.

So, if you want to download FRP hijacker on Nougat, then use the following link.

Click this link.

Part 2: How to Use FRP Hijacker(User Guide)

So, if you have decided to use FRP Hijacker on your Samsung device, then use the provided link. But if you are asking FRP hijacker, does it works? Then you can be sure that it does, and here’s the procedure.

First, we are going to tell you the installation procedure, and only after that, you will get to know how to use FRP hijacker v1.0 j7v prime.

  • You need to download FRP Hijacker from the provided link, and you have to make sure that you have the latest Microsoft net Framework on your computer.
  • The program will download in a RAR file. Extract it and run the .exe file.
  • you will be asked for the password. The password for FRP hijacker is included inside the RAR file.
  • Now, follow the instructions, and finish the installation.

After that, you can launch the app to operate it. So, here’s how to use FRP hijacker v1.0 in Samsung j106b;

  • After the installation, run the app, and you will find a menu.

    frp hijack
  • After that, choose the Samsung device model and connect the device to the computer.
  • Two options will be available to you. ‘Remove FRP’ and ‘SoftBrick Fixer’. Select ‘Remove FRP’ and then click on the ‘HIJACK IT’ button.

As soon as you click on that button, FRP will be removed immediately. Hopefully, the FRP hijacker user guide will be of help to you.

Part 3: Does FRP Hijacker Work Properly

Well, in the previous part of this article, you got to learn about, how to use FRP hijacker. The installation and operation are very simple.

But there are several applications available for FRP unlocking on Samsung, so is it worth choosing FRP Hijacker among all of them?

Theoretically, Hijacker is a good tool. But there are a few things that don’t support the good reputation of the said app. Like website navigation is hard, the technical support is also unavailable.

But some users have also complained that FRP hijacker not showing port. So, considering all things, you should look for a better alternative.

Part 4: Best Alternative to FRP Hijacker Tool - Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

So, the FRP hijacker tool is useful but there are a few significant drawbacks and users have complained about issues regarding it.

So, previously we recommended using an alternative, and there is no better alternative than Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. Tenorshare 4ukey for Android is an excellent unlocking tool for bypassing Google lock on Samsung and other Android devices.

The program has great functionality and operation is also very simple. Let’s check them out;

  • So, download and install Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your computer. Launch the software and click on ‘Remove Google Lock (FRP)’.

    remove google lock
  • After that, click ‘Start’ and also select the device name and click ‘Next’ to proceed.

    click start to proceed
  • After that, you have to provide proper PDA information. Like the country of manufacture, the name of the Carrier, etc. After that, click ‘Next’ to proceed and if the information is right, click ‘Confirm’ and proceed.

    enter correct pda
  • After that put the device in Download Mode.

    download mode with home button download mode with home button
  • Now, you have to download the firmware package for the device.

    download the firmware
  • After the firmware is installed, put the device into Recovery Mode. 4uKey will detect the firmware immediately, and in about 10 minutes, the lock will be unlocked.

    google account unlocked successfully

This is the best alternative for bypassing Google Account lock on a Samsung mobile, effectively.


So, if you were asking; how to unlock an s7 sm-g930t with FRP hijacker? Then the answer is straightforward as detailed in the article. But there are a few issues with the said program and there are also other better options. The best alternative we found is called Tenorshare 4uKey for Android and all the details are provided in the article.