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How Do I Unlock My LG Phone If I Forgot the Pattern?

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-07-19 / Update for  Unlock Android

Many LG Phone users forget the lock pattern and seek help from the company. As the LG company’s response is not always so effective and well-responsive, many get tired. So if you want to know how do I unlock my LG phone if I forgot the pattern, read the article thoroughly.

Part 1: The Official Way to Unlock LG Phone after Too Many Pattern Attempts

Are you searching for how to unlock an lg phone after too many pattern attempts? LG mobile phone company has provided an official way to unlock the phone, which is to hard reset your phone.

However, before resetting, you must know that a hard reset deletes all of your user data, including pictures, videos, and music saved to your internal memory.

  • In the first step, turn your lg phone off.
  • Press and hold Volume Down Key and Power Key simultaneously.
  • Release the Power Key when the LG logo starts displaying and then again press and hold the Power Key immediately.
  • Then, release all keys when the Factory hard reset screen is displaying.
  • Press the Power key to continue or Volume Keys to cancel.
  • Press the Power Key one more time to confirm the option.

    how do i unlock my lg phone if i forgot the pattern

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Part 2: How to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock through the Most Efficient Way

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is one of the best options that users can use if they forgot password on LG phones. In addition to this, the tool supports most types of devices from different manufacturers. Here are the steps that how to unlock lg phone with it:

  • Download and install Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your computer and connect your LG phone to it.

  • On the main interface, please choose “Remove Screen Lock”.

    how to unlock lg phone pattern
  • Click on “Start” on the next interface and make sure that it will also erase data on your phone.

    how to unlock lg phone pattern lock
  • Put your phone into recovery mode and reboot the system step by step.

    how to unlock lg phone pattern lock
  • Just for a while, the screen lock will be removed successfully and you would get notified.

    how to bypass pattern lock on lg phone

Part 3: How to Unlock Forgotten Patterns on LG Phone by other Useful Ways?

In addition to the official way and the most effective method, we also provided other ways to get you know how to unlock forgotten pattern on LG phone.

Method 1: How to Unlock an LG Phone with a Pattern with ‘Android Device Manager’

‘Android Device Manager’ is another fantastic option for you. However, in this method, it’s necessary to attach your locked smartphone with your Google account and turn on Fing My Device on your phone. Follow these steps to unlock an LG phone pattern with Android device manager:

  • Just open your PC and visit the ‘Android Device Manager’ website. Log in yourself with the Google account and submit all the necessary credentials they demand.

    how to unlock my lg phone if i forgot the pattern
  • Select your LG phone according to your mobile model from the drop-down list. Now, click on the erase option.

    how to unlock forrgoten pattern on lg phone
  • Wait for it to remove forrgoten pattern on your lg phone.

Method 2: Unlock the Pattern in My LG Phone with ‘Google Account’

If you want to unlock the pattern in your LG phone with Google Account, you can do it yourself if you follow the steps rightly as given below. This is an older method of unlocking the phone, but it is quite easy, secure, and safe. However, for Android 5 and higher versions of mobile phones, this method doesn’t work sometimes:

  • At the first step, you’ll enter a wrong password 3-4 times, and it’ll get automatically locked. It will start showing two options: Emergency and Delete.

    how to unlock lg android phone forgot pattern
  • You’ll Click on the Delete option.
  • At the third step, you’ll see a new screen appearing in front of you, put your registered Gmail address and password, which is linked with your LG mobile.
  • Now click on the sign-in button. Google will verify your necessary credentials, and once all the credentials are verified, your Android phone will be free from the unlocking mode.

Method 3: How to Unlock Forgotten Pattern on LG Phone via ADB

Here, you’ll see how to unlock forgotten patterns on LG phones via ADB. It’s necessary to install ADB first on your computer and USB Debugging enabled on your device.

  • You need to connect your device with the computer via USB cable.
  • Open up the Command Prompt and key in the exact code as it’s shown below.

    how to unlock my lg phone pattern
  • Reboot your device.
  • Now, you may unlock your device provide whatever pattern you like.


As to err is human and many times forgetting passwords, patterns and locks is a usual thing, and genuinely a displeasing experience. So is it to unlock your lg phone when forgetting the passcode. However, you don’t have to be frustrated, through this guide you would be able to restore your device with ease and enjoy its use! Do not forget, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the most useful tool, so I sincerely recommend you to try it!

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