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Pokémon Go Battle League Cheating & Spoofing on iOS/Android in 2024

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2024-03-04 / Update for  change location

Every Pokemon Go player wants to upgrade their level instantly to have more fun. You need to catch more Pokemons, participate, and win battles and raids to boost your level. The Pokemon Go battle league allows players to participate and play with other players worldwide.

There are many ways to win the Pokemon Go battle league now. With the Pokemon Go battle league cheating and spoofing, you can increase the win rate in most battles. However, with the availability of different spoofing apps, finding a safe app may be challenging. With our ultimate guide, you will know the best spoofing app for cheating in Pokemon Go without an account ban.

Part 1: Can You Cheat/Spoof Go Battle League?

The answer is yes, you can cheat/spoof in the Pokemon Go battle league. Many players in Pokemon Go use different hacks and tricks to win the Go battle league. But now the question is how to cheat the Pokemon battle league.

You can use a GPS spoofer to cheat or spoof location in Pokemon Go. The location spoofer changes your area anywhere in the world. This way, you can get the more powerful Pokemon you need to win the Go Battle League.

But it is important to note that spoofing/cheating in Pokemon Go is restricted by the game developer Niantic. If the game detects Pokemon Go battle league cheating, your account will be suspended, and you can no longer play. So, be smart and select a safe and reliable location spoofer for cheating/spoofing locations in Pokemon Go.

Part 2: Use the Safetest GPS Spoofer to Empower Your Pokémon

In Pokemon Go, the CP(Combat Power) matrix determines the power/strength of a Pokemon to win a battle. The higher the CP rate, the higher the chances of winning a Go battle league. Winning more battles leads you to own the Gyms and get free PokeCoins. You can also boost your Pokemon CP by using candies.

Finding a wild Pokemon with a high CP rate is difficult, but a GPS spoofer, like iAnyGo, can make it convenient. iAnyGO can be used to cheat in Pokemon Go battle league. It's the easiest and safest cheating hack. iAnyGO can change your virtual location on Pokemon Go with a click, and the game can't detect that you are not physically there.

For cheating in the Pokemon Go battle league, if you use iAnyGO, you will get the following benefits:

  • iAnyGO is the safest and most accurate GPS spoofer.
  • It can change your location wherever in the world to get more rare high CP Pokemon to use in the GO battle league.
  • You can play battles in different places and win more candies by changing locations.
  • The cooldown timer reminds you not to change location frequently and prevents an account ban.

How to Cheat on Pokemon Go With iAnyGO

  • Launch GPS spoofer iAnyGO on your computer and stay in the default mode "Change Location."

    change location
  • Attach your mobile iPhone or Android to the PC via a USB cable. Unlock the screen of your mobile and click on "Next."

    change location
  • Select the location in the map you want to cheat in Pokemon Go, type the address/GPS coordinates in the search box, and click "Start to modify." Your location will instantly change with a click on Pokemon Go and all the location-based apps and games on your mobile.

    change location
  • You can also use the Joystick Mode to change your direction during the movement.


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Part 3: Pokémon Go Battle League Cheating - Discord Bot

Pokemon Go cheating battle league is prohibited. But still, some players are surely using cheating tactics to win the Pokemon Go battles. Another way to cheat in the Pokemon Go battle league is by a discord bot. In a discord bot, you can join live chat and get any Pokemon you want or any other information that can help you win battles and raids.

How to Cheat in Pokemon Go Battle League With Discord Bot

Cheaters learn about the opposing team's Pokemon and its strength CP, HP, using a discord bot before the battle begins. Knowing all about the opponent team, Pokemon allows players to make a strategy for which Pokemon can be used against other Pokemon at the right time.

For this, you need to use two mobiles: one for running Discord bots and the other for playing the Go Battle League. The discord bot shows your enemy Pokemon team and its moves. You get the Pokemon that are more powerful against the opponent Pokemon and mostly win the Pokemon Go battle leagues. In this way, you can get more candy and rewards. But this type of strategy affects the fair gameplay.

Important Note For Pokemon Go Battle League Cheating With Discord Bot

Playing the Pokemon Go game with a strategy to win in any way is not a good mindset. However, using a discord bot, cheaters can win, but it is not the right way to play the battles and affects your ability to play the game. Cheating Pokemon Go battle league has many drawbacks:

  • It is against fair gameplay.
  • It ruins the game fun for the players who play the game legit.
  • The developer will detect this type of cheating; in that case, you will face a permanent ban.

FAQs about Pokémon Go Battle League Cheating

Q1: What is the CP Limit in the Pokemon Go League?

To participate in Pokemon Go battles and leagues, you need Pokemon with different CP(Combat Power). The CP limit for Pokemon Go is capped at:

  • Great League: 1500 CP
  • Ultra League: 2500 CP
  • Master League: Any CP

Q2: How Does Pokemon Go Know if You are Spoofing?

Pokemon Go detects spoofing in several ways. Two common ways the game detects spoofing are:

  • Frequently Spoofing: If you often change your location from one place to another. For instance, if you spoof a location in New York and then five minutes later you are in another state, it will make you suspicious.
  • With your IP Address: When you choose a location out of your country. When we move from one country to another, the IP address of our device is automatically changed. But the IP address remains the same when we spoof the location to another country at home. So, it will also detect by the game that you are spoofing.

Q3: Is there a trick to battling in Pokemon Go?

To win a battle in Pokemon Go, keep your Pokemon safe from the opponent's Pokemon attacks using Protect Shields. Also, use fast attacks and charged attacks to damage the enemy Pokemon. You should also learn which type of Pokemon is effective against the other Pokemon to prevent damage and upcoming danger.


The developer prevents cheating in the Pokemon Go battle league, but there are still apps and hacks to cheat. The easiest way to cheat in Pokemon is spoofing location. You can do it with a location spoofer iAnyGo. It is the safest location spoofer that lessens the risk of an account ban.