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Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife: How to Get and Use

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-02-03 / Update for  change location

Hunt epic monsters in the real world of Monster Hunter Now. With the new release of MH Now, you will fight wonderful monsters with your favorite weapons like a sword, shield, and much more. In the Monster Hunter Now quest, you will get several items and materials to build and upgrade weapons with every fight or hunt with monsters. You can upgrade the game level and earn more rewards in less time.

Are you looking for more rewards or have a rare item but need to know how and where to use it? Look no further; learn how to get and use a Monster Hunter Now carving knife with our extensive guide. It covers everything you need to know about the carving knife, so let's start!

Part 1: What is Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife & the Benefit of Using It

monster hunter now carving knife

Monster Hunter Now carving knife is an item that is rarely available in the game. It’s an ideal tool to use in rare times that can double the reward after you complete a monster hunt or a quest. As it’s a special carving knife in MH Now, so be careful while using it. MH carving knife also saves you from spending 300 gems, doubling the reward.

A good strategy is to avoid using it at the early stages. Once you rank up, you can use the carving knife to double all the rewards and level up your skills.

Part 2: How to Get Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife

You can get an MH Now carving knife from the in-game store by buying the Halloween pack or the Holloween Premium Pack. It was previously also available in the pre-registration till 30th November 2023.

In-game store purchase: To get a carving knife from the in-game store, tap the shop icon on the main screen. You will get packs or items bundles, including a carving knife.

Web-store purchase: If you want to purchase a carving knife from the web store, go to the official MH website now and tap the web-store option in the drop-down menu. You will get exclusive packs and bundles with three carving knives.

You will get one carving knife from the tutorial and three from the pre-registration promotion or the Halloween pack. Please note that the pre-registration phase has ended now.

Part 3: How to Use Monster Hunter Now Carving Knife

The special carving knife in Monster Hunter Now can be used in three best ways:

  • In short-term events: MH Now carving is used to double the reward. So, use it for the rare moments in the game, like when you encounter limited-time monsters like Pink Rathian. Defeat them and get the exclusive monster parts and rewards using the carving knife.
  • In rare Monster hunts: A carving knife can be used when farming for rare monster parts to double the drops. Monster parts are utilized to upgrade and forge the in-game weapons.
  • To get rare items: You can also use an MH Now carving knife to farm the rare items. A carving knife will assist you to farm the items more easily.

Part 4: Seasoned Gamers' Suggestion on Using Carving Knife

Monster Hunter Now is attracting millions of players due to its interactive gameplay. Most of the seasoned gamers are worried about how to obtain the rare materials, including Wyvern Gem Shards. They are worried about the scarcity of high-grade material and low drop rate. After killing 8 rare monsters, you will get only 1 Wyvern Gem Shard. But you will need 4 Wyvern Gem Shard to upgrade the weapon.

Monster Hunter Now carving knife can also be used to upgrade the weapons. Using the carving knife at the beginning of the game is useless. Save it for rare moments when you get packages and bundles as a reward after killing the rare monsters. In this way, you can double the drops and rewards by utilizing an MH Now carving knife.

So, the best time to use a carving knife is:

  • Get hold of the carving knife and never use it in the lower ranks.
  • Search for the rare and largest monster nearby.
  • Hunt or defeat it.
  • Claim your reward by doubling it using the MH Now carving knife.

Part 5: Get More Material in MH Now with the Best GPS Spoofer - iAnyGo

Now it's possible to spoof the location in MH Now and play the game in your comfort zone. Spoofing lets you collect more items, materials, and weapons without anyone knowing. You can also hunt monsters playing solo or start your quest with up to four friends all over the world. Fight with the gigantic monsters and get exclusive items and upgrade weapons.

But you need to use a reliable GPS spoofer like iAnyGo to change the location in the game without the risk of a ban. iAnyGo is a reliable GPS location changer for iOS. It changes the GPS location of your device, and you can select any place in the world to play. Moreover, it comes with a virtual joystick for you to change the direction anytime you want. You can move towards your selected location with the joystick movement.

The steps to use iAnyGo are simple, as mentioned below.

  • Firstly, download iAnyGo on your computer. Install and then launch it.

    change location
  • Now, you need to connect your iPhone with the PC. For that purpose, connect your phone with a USB cable. You can also do it using your WiFi.

    change location
  • Select your required location on the map or type the desired address in the search box. Once done, hit “Start to Modify,” to proceed further.

  • Enable joystick movement by clicking the fourth option on the screen. Now, press “enter,” and a virtual joystick will automatically appear on the lower left corner of the screen.


Your iPhone location has been successfully changed. Now, wherever you move the joystick, your game character will also move like that. Now, start hunting monsters from your favorite place without anyone knowing.

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In short, in the exciting hunt for monsters in Monster Hunter Now avail the best items and bundles. And remember to get hold of the rare Monster Hunter Now carving knife. Avoid using it in the early ranks; use it on rare moments when hunting the rare monsters to twice the exclusive rewards. Also, don’t forget to give iAnyGo a try to spoof the location and hunt more monsters.