[Newest] Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades Guide

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-12-15 / Update for  change location

MH Now mobile version had a limited selection of weapons to choose from. Initially, there were only six weapons that you could use to defeat monsters in the game. However, Monster Hunter Now December Update has introduced two new weapons: Dual Blades and Lance. Dual Blades have quickly created a lot of hype because this weapon has a fast attack speed. In addition, the Dual Blades have a Demon Mode that further enhances the effectiveness of the attacks.

monster hunter now dual blades build description

On top of that, Niantic and Capcom have also announced that new weapons will be added to the MH Now in the upcoming months. However, for now, Dual Blades are taking center stage among the MH Now community. There are a lot of questions online about the best monster hunter now Dual Blades build and how to use them properly. Until Niantic adds more weapons from the main series to the mobile version, we will have a variety of weapons to use. This article is going to cover everything about Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Now. We will also give tips on how to use Dual Blades, so keep reading.

Part 1: What's Dual Blades?

Dual Blades in Monster Hunter Now, as the name suggests, is a set of two blades that have been a fan favorite in the main series. The Demon Mode of Dual Blades is what makes this weapon so powerful and fast, but at the same time, this ultra-powerful mode comes at the cost of stamina.

monster hunter now dual blades

One thing to know about the Dual Blades is that their damage range is not that great. However, since this weapon has a fast movement speed, it more than makes up for the short damage range. You can quickly get close to the monster, strike them, and return to safety without being hit. Unlocking the Dual Blades is a matter of completing stage one of Chapter 2, which is a common requirement for opening a variety of weapons in MH Now.

Part 2: How to Build Best Dual Blades?

Monster Hunter Rise, which is another part of the Monster Hunter series, has various Dual Blades builds to offer. The correct build allows you to boost the damage of the Dual Blades and improves their overall effectiveness. Here is the best build option for Dual Blades that you can try in Monster Hunter Rise:

monster hunter now dual blades build

This build not only allows you to boost the damage of your Dual Blades but also helps increase their sharpness duration. With that said, this build is mainly for high-rank players of Monster Hunter Rise.

Part 3: How to Use Dual Blades?

As promised at the beginning of the article, we are going to provide you with some great tips for using Dual Blades in MH Now. Here is how you can make the most of the Dual Blades while fighting monsters:

Tip 1. Stay close to the enemy while striking

In most cases, you would want to stay out of the monster's strike range when fighting it. However, as mentioned above, Dual Blades in MH Now have a short damage range. This means you have to keep yourself close to the monster during the fight if you want to hit it.

So, if you want to use the Dual Blades effectively, it is essential to master the art of evading attacks. By combining good evading skills with fast movements in Demon Mode, you can stay close to the monster while hitting those powerful attacks.

Tip 2. Only use Demon Mode when necessary

Demon Mode drastically ramps up the effectiveness of the attacks when activated. It can be tempting to use the Demon Mode as soon as it becomes available. However, keep in mind that Demon Mode uses up the stamina bar.

So it is essential to only use Demon Mode when you are sure that you can deal a lot of damage, which is usually when the monster is tired.

Tip 3. Use Heavenly Blade Dance on Long Monsters

Heavenly Blade Dance is a special attack that you can do with Dual Blades. When attacked, your character will launch into the air and rapidly attack the monster along its entire length.

You should start this attack near the front or back end of the monster to deal the most damage. However, for shorter monsters, this attack won't be as effective, so it is best to use Heavenly Blades Dance on long monsters only.

[Bonus Tip] Best Monster Hunter Now Spoofing Tool on iOS

If you want to reach stage one of Chapter 2 and unlock Dual Blades, you will have to battle some strong monsters regularly; to do that, you have to physically walk in real life to find these monsters and defeat them.

Luckily, there is a great tool called Tenorshare iAnyGo that allows Monster Hunter Now players to move to the location of monsters without physically walking. iAnyGo by Tenorshare can change your phone's GPS location naturally. So, Monster Hunter Now detects the movement as if the player is actually walking. This tool can also help you collect the materials needed for a Dual Blades build.

Here is how you can download iAnyGo on your computer and use it to spoof your location in Monster Hunter Now:

  • First, you have to download iAnyGo. Once downloaded, follow the installation step to install iAnyGo on your computer.

    monster hunter now dual blades build ianygo download
  • Double-click on the iAnyGo icon on your desktop to launch the tool and connect your iPhone to your computer through a USB cable.

    monster hunter now dual blades build ianygo connection
  • Select the device to complete the connection process, and you will be ready to change your location in Monster Hunter now.

    monster hunter now dual blades build guide ianygo choose location
  • After the map loads up on the iAnyGo screen, enter the address you want to move to in the address bar and select Start to Modify. Your GPS location will move to the chosen location in the Monster Hunter Now, and you will be able to collect materials and encounter monsters with ease.

    monster hunter now dual blades build ianygo start
Note: You can also select two Multi-Spot mode from the top right corner of the screen to simulate walking to a location. This feature also allows you to control how fast you want to walk to avoid a soft ban in Monster Hunter Now.


Dual Blades are definitely one of the most exciting weapons in MH to this day. If you are not sure how to unlock and use Dual Blades in Moster Hunter Now, this guide should answer all your questions. In addition, Tenorshare iAnyGo makes it fast and easy to unlock Dual Blades in MH, so give it a try if you are a fan of Moster Hunter Now.

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