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Monster Hunter Now Best Build [Sword & Shield]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-18 / Update for  change location

Monster Hunter Now is all about the thrill of the hunt, and your choice of weapon and armor can make or break your adventure. In this guide, we will delve into Monster Hunter Now best build with sword and shield, one of the game's most versatile and exciting weapons. You'll discover the ultimate build for Monster Hunter Now best sword and shield, the ideal armor skills to enhance your abilities, and even how to use redeem codes to get valuable items. Let's embark on a journey to become the ultimate hunter in the world of Monster Hunter Now.

Part 1: Best Sword and Shield Build in Monster Hunter Now

The Sword and Shield is a versatile weapon in Monster Hunter Now, offering both fast attacks and strong defensive capabilities. It's a top-tier choice among all weapons. Whether you are a seasoned user of Sword and Shield or a newcomer seeking the best armor sets, this guide has got you covered to help you maximize your damage output.

Best Sword and Shield Build in Monster Hunter Now:

For the most effective Sword and Shield build in Monster Hunter Now, you'll want to use the following armor pieces and skills:

  • Head: Kulu Headpiece with "Lock On" and "Critical Eye 1" (Grade 4).
  • Chest: Rathalos Mail with "Weakness Exploit 2" (Grade 6).
  • Arms: Rathian Vambracers with "Lock On 1" and "Burst 2" (Grade 6).
  • Waist: Rathian Coil with "Poison Attack 1" and "Burst 1" (Grade 6).
  • Legs: Rathalos Greaves with "Fire Resistance 1" and "Weakness Exploit 1" (Grade 6).

Once you've upgraded these armor pieces to Grade 4/6, you'll have the ideal Sword and Shield build, providing the following skills:

  • Lock On
  • Critical Eye 1
  • Weakness Exploit 3
  • Burst 3
  • Poison Attack 1
  • Fire Resistance 1

This setup allows you to target specific monster parts effectively, making it easier to break parts for extra rewards or target weak points. With Weakness Exploit 3, you gain a 30% chance to land critical hits when attacking weak points, which is excellent for the fast-paced Sword and Shield attacks. Additionally, Critical Eye 1 increases your critical hit chance by 10%, while Burst 3 enhances your attack power by 15% for four seconds after consecutive hits, resulting in a high DPS build that maximizes the Sword and Shield's potential.

For a more defensive approach, consider using the Lumu Vambraces and Lumu Coil to obtain Divine Blessing 3, a skill that provides a 50% chance to reduce monster damage by 50%. This can be a valuable choice if you frequently use healing items or prefer a forgiving play style.

Best Sword and Shield Options in Monster Hunter Now:

Your choice of Sword and Shield should also consider the monster you're hunting. Here are some notable options:

  • Lumu Tabar (Element: None)- Offers Divine Blessing 2.
  • Malady’s Tabar (Element: Paralysis)- Comes with Sneak Attack 1.
  • Thunder Edge (Element: Thunder)- Provides Evade Extender 1.
  • Flame Knife (Element: Fire) - Includes Earplugs 1.
  • Glacial Grace (Element: Ice) - Offers Divine Blessing 2.

Each of these Sword and Shield options caters to different situations, so choose the one that best suits your hunt. For more Monster Hunter Now news and guides, explore our Monster Hunter Now page.

Part 2: Best Sword and Shield Armor Skills in Monster Hunter Now

The Sword and Shield in Monster Hunter is a versatile weapon that deals elemental damage and status effects. To maximize its potential, you must understand the elemental attributes of weapons and the weaknesses of the monsters you hunt. With the right setup, you can be a highly efficient hunter.

Unique Feature: Item Usage While Unsheathed

One of the standout features of the Sword and Shield is its ability to use items even when your weapon is unsheathed. This makes it an excellent support weapon for multiplayer hunts, as you can heal or buff your fellow hunters without sheathing your weapon.

Recommended Armor Skills for Sword and Shield

  • Critical Element
    • Effect: Increases elemental damage (fire, water, thunder, ice, dragon) when landing critical hits.
    • Why it's recommended: Exploiting elemental weaknesses is a key strength of the Sword and Shield. Critical Element enhances your elemental damage output, making you more effective against monsters weak to specific elements.
  • Critical Status
    • Effect: Increases the damage of abnormal status effects (paralysis, poison, sleep, blast) when landing critical hits.
    • Why it's recommended: The Sword and Shield is proficient at inflicting status ailments. Critical Status boosts the effectiveness of these effects, allowing you to debilitate monsters more efficiently.
  • Attack Boost
    • Effect: Increases your attack power and affinity as the skill level increases.
    • Why it's recommended: A fundamental skill that enhances your raw physical damage and affinity, it's a valuable addition to any loadout, improving your overall damage output.
  • Maximum Might
    • Effect: Increases affinity when your stamina is full
    • Why it's recommended: Since the Sword and Shield doesn't consume stamina for attacks, Maximum Might consistently boosts your affinity, resulting in more critical hits and increased damage.
  • Weakness Exploit
    • Effect: Increases affinity when hitting monster weak spots.
    • Why it's recommended: Weakness Exploit amplifies your damage when targeting a monster's weak points, making it easier to break parts and reduce a monster's health.
  • Handicraft
    • Effect: Extends your weapon's sharpness gauge.
    • Why it's recommended: Handicraft reduces the need for frequent weapon sharpening, keeping you in the fight longer and less vulnerable to monster attacks.

Alternative Armor Skills for Sword and Shield

  • Critical Boost
    • Effect: Increases the damage dealt by critical hits.
    • Why it's recommended: When combined with Attack Boost, Weakness Exploit, and Critical Eye, Critical Boost significantly amplifies your damage output.
  • Wide-Range
    • Effect: Extends the efficacy of items to nearby allies.
    • Why it's recommended: A great support skill in multiplayer hunts, allowing you to share recovery items with your team when you consume them.
  • Speed Eating
    • Effect: Increases the speed of item consumption.
    • Why it's recommended: Ideal for supporting your team, especially when your weapon is unsheathed, when combined with Wide-Range, it forms a potent support build.
  • Mushroomancer
    • Effect: Allows you to consume inedible mushrooms for various buffs.
    • Why it's recommended: At Level 3, Mushroomancer enables you to create buffs for both yourself and your teammates, especially effective when paired with the Wide-Range skill.
  • Earplugs
    • Effect: Reduces or nullifies the effects of monster roars.
    • Why it's recommended: Earplugs allow you to continue attacking during monster roars, enhancing your safety and damage output.
  • Mind's Eye/Ballistics
    • Effect: Reduces the chance of your attacks being deflected.
    • Why it's recommended: Prevents attacks from bouncing off tough monster hides, ensuring consistent damage and minimizing stagger from deflections.
  • Sleep Attack, Paralysis Attack, Poison Attack, Blast Attack
    • Effects: Enhance the buildup and effectiveness of status ailments or blast damage.
    • Why they're recommended: These skills make you more proficient at inflicting status ailments or causing explosions, providing tactical advantages during hunts.

Optimizing your Sword and Shield build with the right armor skills will significantly boost your effectiveness in Monster Hunter, allowing you to take down your quarry with style and efficiency.

Part 3: Use Monster Hunter Now Redeem Codes to Get Paintballs and Zenny

If you're on a quest to uncover Monster Hunter Now referral codes and unlock exclusive rewards, you've come to the right place. Referral codes are your ticket to earning bountiful treasures within the Monster Hunter Now game. We've gathered an assortment of 20 MH Now referral codes just for you, which can be redeemed once your Hunter Rank attains the coveted rank of Six:

  • 3J4K-5L6M-7N8P
  • 9A8B-7C6D-5E4F
  • 1H2J-3K4L-5M6N
  • 7P8Q-9R1S-2T3U
  • 4V5W-6X7Y-8Z9A
  • 2B3C-4D5E-6F7G
  • 8H9J-1K2L-3M4N
  • 5P6Q-7R8S-9T1U

How to Utilize Monster Hunter Now Referral Codes:

  • Craft your in-game persona by setting up your MH Now account.
  • Access the Referral Code Interface.
  • Locate the referral code interface.Input Your Referral Code and then hit the "Submit" button.
  • monster hunter now code
  • Afterward, both you and the owner of the invitation code will become friends in the game.

Unlocking Your Unique Monster Hunter Now Referral Code:

So, how can you invite your friends to embark on this thrilling journey in Monster Hunter Now and encourage them to employ your very own referral code? Here's the process, but remember, you should first reach Hunter Rank Six:

  • Launch Monster Hunter Now on Your Device.
  • Fire up the MH Now game on your chosen device.
  • Access Your Hunter Profile.
  • Tap on your Hunter character to access your in-game profile.
  • View Your MH Now Invitation Code.
  • Inside your profile, locate the "View" option to reveal your unique MH Now invitation code. Share this code with your friends and watch them join the adventure!

Stay tuned to official announcements on their social media platforms or websites to keep up with the latest Monster Hunter Now redeem codes. These codes can give you a significant advantage in your hunt.

Bonus Tip: Best Monster Hunter Now iOS GPS Spoofer - iAnyGo

Are you looking for a unique way to enhance your Monster Hunter Now gaming experience? Look no further than iAnyGo, an iOS GPS spoofer, to help you level up your hunting game.

iAnyGo is a GPS spoofer to change your GPS location for Monster Hunter Now anytime, anywhere with ease. iAnyGo can help change the GPS location for all Location-Based games. It's a game-changer by providing 4 modes to enhance your game experience, including joystick mode to advance at the desired speed and change direction at any time. It is the safest location changer with a cooldown timer to prevent you from getting banned. Here's how iAnyGo can help you maximize your gaming experience:

  • Teleport to Specific Locations. If you want to explore different in-game regions without actually moving in the real world, iAnyGo lets you teleport to specific locations.
  • Hunt with Friends Worldwide. Monster Hunter Now has a vibrant multiplayer community, and with iAnyGo, you can easily join friends from different parts of the world.
  • Complete Time-Limited Events. Some in-game events have time limitations, and with iAnyGo, you can attend these events no matter where they are held. Don't miss out on unique opportunities to earn special rewards.

Here are the steps on how to use iAnyGo for Monster Hunter Now:

  • Download and install iAnyGo on your iOS device.
  • change location
  • Launch the application and connect your device.
  • change location
  • Choose your desired location or input GPS coordinates. Click "Start to Modify," and you're all set!
  • monster-hunter-now-change-location

    iAnyGo opens up a world of possibilities for your Monster Hunter Now adventures, allowing you to hunt, explore, and socialize in ways you never thought possible.

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FAQ about Monster Hunter Now Best Build

1. What is the Best Weapon for New Players in Monster Hunter?

For new players, the Sword & Shield is a fantastic choice. Its versatility and quick attacks make it easy to pick up and learn.

2. How Should I Prioritize Armor Upgrades in Monster Hunter Now?

Prioritize armor upgrades that enhance your chosen playstyle. If you favor offensive tactics, focus on skills that increase damage. If you prefer a defensive approach, invest in protective skills like Guard Up or Evade Window.

3. What is the Fastest Killing Weapon in Monster Hunter Now?

The fastest killing weapon depends on your skill and playstyle. Weapons like the Great Sword and Long Sword offer high burst damage, making them effective choices for skilled hunters. However, each weapon type can be deadly in the right hands.


In Monster Hunter Now, the quest for the best build is essential to the adventure. With the Sword & Shield as your trusty companion and the "Sword of Fire and Ice" in hand, you're well on your way to becoming a top-tier hunter. Combine your weapon with the right armor skills, claim valuable rewards with redeem codes, and enhance your gaming experience with iAnyGo.

Hunting monsters has never been more exciting. So, gear up, sharpen your sword, and embark on your journey to become the ultimate hunter in the world of Monster Hunter Now. Happy hunting!

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