Monster Hunter Now Light Bowgun Build [Top Guide]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2023-10-30 / Update for  change location

Are you ready to take your Monster Hunter Now gameplay to the next level? Look no further than the mighty Light Bowgun (LBG). In this article, we will look into the incredible potential of the LBG and how you can use it to beat dangerous monsters in Monster Hunter Now.

Now, let's delve into how we can help you build the ultimate LBG setup. We are going to provide you with detailed insights on the best Light Bowgun options available in Monster Hunter Now. We'll also explore the essential equipment and skills you need to maximize your LBG's potential.

Whether you're a pro hunter looking to optimize your LBG build or a newcomer excited to elevate the power of this incredible weapon, our guide on Monster Hunter Now LBG build will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to dominate the game.

Monster Hunter Now LBG build

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Part 1: Is the Light Bowgun Good in Monster Hunter Now?

The Light Bowgun is a versatile weapon that offers a unique playstyle for hunters. It has rapid-fire capabilities with mobility, which allows you to fire shots while maintaining agility on the battlefield. Whether you prefer to use explosive ammunition or deliver precise elemental attacks, the LBG has you covered.

Let’s look into some of the advantages of LBG why it should be a weapon of choice for hunters seeking power and versatility.

  • Rapid-Fire Capabilities: One of the key strengths of the LBG is its ability to rapidly fire a barrage of shots which do a lot of damage to the monster. With the LBG, you can quickly adapt to different situations and adjust your ammo types to exploit elemental weaknesses or status effects.
  • Mobility: Unlike heavier weapons, the LBG offers excellent mobility, allowing you to speedily dodge attacks and reposition yourself during battles. The LBG's mobility allows you to quickly reposition yourself, evade attacks, and maintain a safe distance from dangerous monsters.
  • Ammo Customization: Another advantage of the LBG is its ability to customize ammo types. You can craft and equip different types of ammo, each with its own unique properties and effects.
  • Rapid Reload: The LBG's rapid reload speed ensures minimal downtime between shots. This allows you to maintain a steady stream of damage without being vulnerable for too long.
  • Safety: You can fire shots from a distance which makes LBG the best choice for players who are new to the game or who prefer to play a more cautious role.

Part 2: What is the Best LBG in Monster Hunter Now?

We can’t pick the best light bowgun in Monster Hunter Now because there isn’t any. In Monster Hunter Now, the best Light Bowgun (LBG) for you will depend on the elemental weaknesses of the monsters you face. By matching your LBG's elemental damage to a monster's vulnerability, you can greatly enhance your hunting experience.

Here are some elemental LBG options to consider:

  • Madness Rifle/Jagras Blitz (Water): When facing monsters weak to water like Barroth and Girros, the Madness Rifle or Jagras Blitz LBGs are excellent choices. Their water elemental damage will exploit the monster's weakness, allowing you to deal significant damage and secure a successful hunt.
  • Thunder Blitz: Against thunder-weak monster, the Thunder Blitz LBG is a top contender. Its thunder elemental damage will electrify your attacks, maximizing your damage output and giving you an advantage in the hunt.
  • Snow Blitz: When battling ice-weak monsters, the Snow Blitz LBG is a reliable option. Its ice elemental damage will exploit the monster's vulnerability, enabling you to deliver chilling blows and emerge victorious.
  • Flame Blitz/Blazing Rifle (Fire): For monsters susceptible to fire, like Great Jagras and Rathian, the Flame Blitz or Blazing Rifle LBGs are ideal choices. Their fire elemental damage will engulf your targets in flames, dealing devastating damage.

Part 3: Best Light Bowgun Equipment in Monster Hunter Now

To create the best Light Bowgun (LBG) build in Monster Hunter Now, consider the following armor pieces and skills.


For Head:

Kadachi Helm (utilizes Reload Speed 1)

For Chest:

Lumu Mail (utilizes Recoil Down 1)

For Arms:

Legiana Vambraces (grants Reload Speed 1)

For Waist:

Jagras Coil (includes Fortify 1 and Rising Tide 4)

For Legs:

Barroth Greaves (includes Recoil Down 1 and Defense Boost 1)


Reload Speed 1: This skill enhances the speed at which you can reload your LBG, allowing for more efficient and uninterrupted attacks.

Artful Dodger 1 (Grade 6): This skill enhances your evasive capabilities, making it easier to dodge incoming attacks and maintain your position during intense battles.

Recoil Down 1: This skill reduces the recoil of your LBG, enabling you to fire shots more rapidly and with greater precision.

Fortify 1: This skill grants a temporary boost to your attack and defense after fainting, providing a valuable advantage in challenging hunts.

Rising Tide (Grade 4): This skill further enhances the effects of Fortify, increasing the potency of the attack and defense boost after fainting.

Defense Boost 1 (Grade 4): This skill increases your overall defense, providing added protection against monster attacks.


In conclusion, Monster Hunter Now LBG build offers hunters a powerful and versatile weapon with rapid-fire capabilities and the ability to exploit monster weaknesses.

Additionally, Tenorshare iAnyGo, the ultimate Monster Hunter Now Spoofer, enhances the gaming experience by allowing players to spoof their location and access exclusive items and resources. Whether building the LBG or using Tenorshare iAnyGo, Monster Hunter Now provides a thrilling adventure for gamers. Happy hunting!

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