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Master Ball Pokemon Emerald & Best Alternative in 2024

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The Pokemon Emerald version is the last Pokemon Generation III core series video game. This game gained a lot of limelight compared to other games of this generation. Niantic and Game Freak added many features to this game that were not available earlier. The main feature is the team Ruby and Saphire.

The secret sauce to enhancing gameplay is getting a master ball, Pokemon Emerald. You might not know how to get and play with a master ball in Pokemon Emerald, so this article will reveal the secret of getting a master ball in Pokemon Emerald with and without cheats.

Part 1: What is Master Ball in Pokemon Emerald?

The master ball was first introduced in the Pokemon Generation I series and invented by Silph Co. This type of Poke ball can catch a wild Pokemon without fail. In Pokemon Emerald, it is also considered to be the best ball. When used from the bag, it can catch any wild Pokemon quickly and without the chance of failure. The best and most favorite cheat is the master ball Pokemon Emerald to catch a wild monster.

Part 2: Is Master Ball Unavailable in Pokemon Emerald?

The master ball is available in Pokemon Emerald. There are two ways of getting it:

In-game master ball

One master ball is available in Pokemon Emerald. You can find and get the in-game master ball by heading your Pokemon to Lilly Cove City in the north of the sea, in Team Aqua hideouts. You will see four balls there. Two are electrodes, one is a nugget, and the ball in the upper left corner is the master ball.

Win master ball in Lottery

The second way to get the master ball in Pokemon Emerald is to win a lottery ticket. Catch more Pokemon, as catching them increases your chances of matching the lottery number. Now head to Lilly Cove City, where you can find the Lilly Cove Department store. Get the Pokemon Lotto Ticket from the Lilly Cove Department store receptionist. If the number of the ticket and the number of your Pokemon match, you will be rewarded with the master ball.

Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat code

Using cheat codes, one can also obtain a master ball, but it is not ethical. The Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat codes are as follows:

Master ball in PC cheat code:

  • B749822B CE9BFAC1
  • A86CDBA5 19BA49B3
  • 128898B6 EDA43037
  • Using Cheat code in Pokemart:

  • 958D8046 A7151D70
  • 8BB602F7 8CEB681A
  • If the above code does not work, then use the alternative code below:

  • 82005274 0001

Infinite master ball Pokemon Emerald

It's a super easy cheat to get unlimited master balls using an emulator. Go to the Pokemart and go to the buying items lists. Here, you will see the items you can purchase. The Poke ball is a master ball here, as you can see on the left side of the list. Give the answers to all queries, yes. Keep your emulator in fast-forward mode and get unlimited master balls.

Part 3: Alternative Methods For Catching Powerful Pokemon

The emerald master ball is mostly used to catch wild Pokemon. Besides catching the Pokemon Emerald master ball, Pokemon can be caught using other techniques and methods. Catching a Pokemon depends on several factors: the Pokemon's health, status, condition, type, and the type of Pokeball you use to catch the Pokemon. Depending upon these factors, let's discuss some effective methods of catching Pokemon.

Method 1: Commonly Used Methods

Here are some easy and commonly used methods for catching Pokemons:

Ultra Ball:

Ultra ball is a specific type of Pokeball with a higher (62.4%) catching rate than other Pokeballs. Ultra ball can be used to catch wild Pokemon. It is thrown with different balls, and it rotates four times. Usually, Pokemon break out before the four successful movements against the ultra ball.

Timer Ball:

A timer ball is more than a standard Pokeball. After ten turns, it is the best time to use a timer ball. In this situation, the chances of catching wild Pokemon are increased.

Catching Techniques:

Some useful techniques can assist you in catching a Pokemon.

  • Reduce HP: When encountering a powerful Pokemon, focus on lowering its HP(health power). Lower HP increases the chances of catching a Pokemon successfully. So, before starting a battle, train your Pokemon to learn the moves that directly decrease the opponent's HP.
  • Sleeping condition: Catching a Pokemon in sleeping or frozen condition is much easier. Move spore is the most effective way to inflict sleep.
  • Through ball within the circle: Aim to throw the Pokeball within the circle. The circle around the Pokemon shows its capture rate. Green indicates a higher capture rate, and red indicates a lower one.
  • Timely through: A well-timed and perfectly delivered throw increases the chances of capture. Throw the Pokeball when the circle is smaller and green. Select the right Pokeball that works best with the ultra ball.
  • Use the right Pokemon: To win a battle and catch the foe, you must know which can be used against it. For instance, if the battle begins with an electric-type Pokemon, the best defender against an electric-type Pokemon is a ground-type Pokemon.


Trading is the best way to get a wild or powerful Pokemon. When a trainer trades with a friend, they get the traded Pokemon and rewards that help to boost the level.

Method 2: Catch All Pokemon From the Comfort of Your Home-iAnyGo

The easiest way to catch a Pokemon is from the comfort of your home. But how can you do that? It's simple: no need to move all the time. Just download a location changer. For this, Tenorshare iAnyGo can assist you a lot. It can change your device's location anywhere worldwide with a click.

iAnyGo key features

  • It is not only available for Android; hence, it is also the best iPhone location changer.
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  • Set movement of walking, cycling, or driving at a customized speed.
  • Cooldown timer to prevent account bans.
  • iAnyGo can change the location of up to 15 devices at a time.

Follow the steps to change location with the best Pokemon Go spoofer:

  • Download iAnyGo on your computer and stay on the default mode, "Change Location."
  • change location
  • Attach your iOS or Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. After connecting, unlock your phone and click on "Enter."
  • change location
  • Type the address or GPS coordinates in the search field, then click "Start to Modify."
  • change location
  • A joystick allows you to move freely and change direction easily at any time. Open the iAnyGo homepage, click on the fourth option, and click Enter.
  • pokemon-go-joystick

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Getting a master ball Pokemon Emerald from Pokemart adds fun to the game. It makes catching a wild Pokemon much easier. With the cheat codes, one can get unlimited master balls in Pokemon Emerald.

If you want to level up your gaming experience, try iAnyGO. You can play more freely and easily in the comfort of your home with the GPS spoofer Tenorshare iAnyGo.

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  Updated on 2024-04-01 / Update for  change location

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