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Unveiling the Rarest Pokémon in Pokemon GO: Discover the Elusive Gems!

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-12 / Update for  change location

Millions of people all over the world have fallen in love with Pokmon GO since its launch, which encourages users to go on real-world adventures in search of Pokmon. Some Pokmon are common in parks and cities, but others are harder to discover, which makes the game more thrilling and difficult. What is the rarest pokemon in pokemon go 2024? We explore the rarest Pokmon in Pokmon GO 2024 in this extensive guide, emphasizing the precious gems that trainers work so hard to get.

Part 1. [Comprehensive List] Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go 2024

1. Gholdengo

One of the rarest Pokmon cards in the game is Gholdengo. Initially, to obtain Gimmighoul, the pre-evolution of Pokmon Scarlet or Violet, trainers need to have both a copy of the game and a Nintendo Switch. Next, to receive a Golden Lure Module—which is needed to obtain Gimmighoul coins—you must send postcards for five days in a row. Gimmighoul needs 999 coins to evolve.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

It becomes quite simple if trainers arrange Golden Lure Module meet-ups and assist one another in obtaining the required coins. However, Gholdengo remains extremely rare, as most trainers lack access to the Switch games or don't have a robust enough local community.

2. Hawlucha

Hawlucha is a Pokmon exclusive to the country of Mexico, making it one of the rarest Pokmon cards in the world. Due to its recent release on March 1st, 2023, it is much more rare, being the second newest addition. There are rumors that Hawlucha might appear in GO Fest or Safari Zone events in the future, despite its rarity. Still, it maintains its place among the world's Top 5 rarest Pokmon cards as of right now. Because of its distinctive status, collectors find it more appealing, and enthusiasts seeking to add elusive specimens from other locations to round out their collections are drawn to it.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

3. Comfey

During the Season of Alola in Pokmon GO, on March 1st, 2022, Comfey—a Pokmon unique to Hawaii—was released. Trainers wouldn't usually go to the island just to catch Pokmon, despite it being a well-liked tourist destination. In spite of this, Comfey is still among the rarest Pokmon in Pokmon GO, even after a year of availability. For devoted trainers, its rarity adds to its appeal and makes it a sought-after discovery. Its status as one of Pokmon GO's rarest discoveries is further cemented by the fact that, despite its elusiveness, some trainers make special expeditions in the hopes of finding this Pokmon.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

4. Mewtwo

In the Pokmon GO game, Mewtwo is one of the most valued Pokmon due to its rarity in Tier 5 and EX Raids. It takes a strong team of Pokmon and trainers to capture Mewtwo.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

Mewtwo is one of Pokemon Go rarest Pokemon, so finding this elusive Legendary will not be simple. Because there are so many Legendary Pokmon in rotation, players will have to wait patiently for its occasional emergence as a Raid Boss in Pokmon GO. When it does show up, players have to take advantage of Raid Hours to search villages and cities using their Raid Passes in the hopes of finding the coveted Mewtwo.

5. Tauros

While Tauros is a common find in the USA, those outside of the country, including southern areas of Florida and Canada, will not be able to claim this Pokmon. Although there is already a rare chance to get a shiny one, finding enough Tauros to try and get a shiny variant is going to be a challenge, especially for collectors aiming to obtain the rarest shiny Pokmon GO variants.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

There are many regional exclusive Pokmon, but Tauros stands out for a few reasons, particularly when its orange fur transforms into a vibrant green, creating a new identity for the Pokmon. This rarity makes it highly sought after by the most avid Pokmon GO collectors worldwide, adding to its status as one of the rarest shiny Pokmon in the game.

6. Klefki

One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go list is Klefki, the amusing Pokmon that resembles jingling keys. Due to its limited availability, trainers around the world face additional challenges. It appears very infrequently, even in regions that are easily accessible, sending gamers on protracted searches. Trainers exchange accounts of their encounters with Klefki, which has become legendary because of its distinctive design and attractive status. Acquiring Klefki in Pokmon GO turns it into an unforgettable feat, solidifying its standing as one of the most uncommon and coveted additions to any trainer's collection.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

7. Keldeo

Keldeo was released in December 2022 as part of the Mythic Blade, and was available through a $7.99 ticket called “Something Extraordinary”. Keldeo from the ticket knows Sacred Sword, making it one of the game's best Fighting type Pokmon. This ticket was very frowned upon by the Pokemon GO Community and many people believed Keldeo’s research did not live up to the eight-dollar price tag. Many people did not buy the ticket, making Keldeo one of the Top 10 rarest Pokmon in Pokmon GO.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

8. Shiny Woobat

One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO shiny is the fuzzy, one-toothed Woobat. Because of its attractive appeal, its bright green form is greatly sought after. Its glossy color palette remains when it evolves into Swoobat, providing a unified visual style. Shiny Woobat has a 1 in 500 chance of being caught, so catching one is difficult. These fuzzy flying animals are highly sought after by trainers and are valuable additions to any collection. Fortunate gamers may finally add this elusive and endearing rarity to their Pokemon GO collection with patience and determination.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

9. Shiny Meloetta Hat Galarian Ponyta

One thing that has kept players engaged with Pokemon GO is the constant releases from Niantic that showcase Pokemon with unique clothing items or special outfits. These specialized variants of the Pokemon in question can be pretty rare to obtain on their own, so players can imagine how rare they become when the word "shiny" is added to the mix.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

That was exactly the case with Galarian Ponyta, which had multiple shiny forms, including one that had an adorable Meloetta hat atop its head. The adorable circular hat fits the shiny aesthetic of this Ponyta form much better than the original, which had many players searching as hard as possible for the prized Pokemon.

10. Shiny Pikachu

Trainers throughout the world seek for the rare shiny Pikachu, which epitomizes the desire of rarity in Pokmon GO. For every committed player, seeing its brilliant golden hue—which makes it the rarest Pokmon in Pokemon Go in the wild—becomes a moment of accomplishment. In the Pokmon GO community, the shiny Pikachu is a mark of accomplishment and status due to its unique attraction and electrifying charisma, which makes every encounter an exciting journey.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

11. Palossand

Only four months have passed since Palossand became accessible as part of the Water Festival: Beach Week event in June 2023. Catching 25 Water-type Pokmon was the only way to access it, though, either through 1-Star Raids or Field Research. Most players did not catch a Sandygast because of the task's rarity and trainers' belief that purchasing raid passes is worthless. Even if they did, the majority would still need to utilize rare candies because they did not receive the 50 candies needed to evolve it into Palossand.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

12. Chatot

Although it has been around for five years, Chatot is still the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go to catch. It is a regional Pokmon that made its debut in October 2018. Only the Southern Hemisphere, home to only 10% of the world's population, is able to host it. If the Pokmon GO Tour schedule stays the same, the Sinnoh Tour will probably take place in February 2024. As a result, Chatot will probably be featured with a shiny and swiftly lose its rarity.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

13. Shiny Lunatone

Shiny Lunatone is the rarest Pokmon in Pokmon GO. Following the Equinox Event of the previous year, this elusive variation was released. During the event, trainers were allowed to capture conventional Lunatone and Solrock, but the shiny variants were not initially playable in the game. To further increase their rarity, these shining varieties were peculiar to a particular region. Before the occurrence, Solrock was present in European, Asian, and Australian regions, whereas Lunatone was found in American and African locations.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

14. Shiny Unown

Among all the Pokemon in the series, Unown is one of the rarest shiny Pokemon Go. It isn't the strongest species in the series, but it was utilized for a very special purpose and functions as an alphabet for some obscure knowledge. There are players that, regardless of the Unown's tactical value, make it their mission to acquire every variation of the monster once it becomes available.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

15. Meltan

Trainers throughout the world are captivated by Meltan, an elusive monster that is considered the peak of rarity in Pokmon GO. Meltan is rare and mysterious, making it the ultimate quest for explorers to discover its mysteries and seize its elusive power in the virtual world.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

Part 2. How to Get Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go without Walking/Moving

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Part 3. People Also Ask about Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Q1. What Pokmon need 400 candies to evolve?

Magikarp is the Pokmon that requires 400 candies to evolve into Gyarados. This massive candy requirement reflects Magikarp's reputation as one of the weakest and most common Pokmon. However, once evolved into Gyarados, it becomes a formidable Water and Flying-type Pokmon known for its power and strength.

Q2. How to get unlimited Meltan candies?

To obtain unlimited Meltan candies in Pokmon GO, players can transfer Meltan from Pokmon GO to Pokmon HOME. Once in Pokmon HOME, Meltan can be sent back to Pokmon GO, allowing players to repeatedly collect its candy.


Trainers around the world are still motivated by the desire to find the rarest Pokmon in the constantly changing Pokmon GO environment. Tenorshare iAnygo is a dependable option for trainers looking for smooth iOS device management as they go on Pokmon adventures. It guarantees continuous gameplay while they hunt for the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO 2024.