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Fake GPS Pokemon Go: Become the Best Trainer with 2024 Updated Guide

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-13 / Update for  change location

Since its first release, the augmented reality game Pokemon Go has been gaining popularity. In 2024, it still has die-hard fans because of its gameplay and super cute character, Pokemon. The game lets players find and catch their favorite Pokemon by moving around. But it is not feasible to keep moving to find rare, powerful Pokemon, Pokestops, and gyms. The solution to this issue is a fake GPS Pokemon Go. Are you confused about whether you can still use fake GPS in Pokemon Go in 2024? Keep reading to get the answer and how to do it.

Part 1: Is Fake GPS Pokemon Go Still Available in 2024?

Yes, fake GPS Go for Pokemon Go is still available in 2024. Pokemon Go senses your location from your mobile GPS location. When you change location with a GPS spoofer, it teleports your mobile GPS location. The game detects the changed location, and the trainer location in Pokemon Go is also updated accordingly.

But all you need to do is choose a safe and reliable GPS spoofer to teleport GPS locations, allowing you to move freely like natural movements. A safe Pokemon Go spoofer changes the trainer's location anywhere, and the game can't detect spoofing .

Part 2: 4 Benefits of Using Fake GPS in Pokemon Go

Spoofing in Pokemon Go has various benefits. We discuss the main three so you can better understand how beneficial spoofing is on Pokemon Go.

  • Play Pokemon Go without going outside: You can enjoy the game while sitting on a couch. This is the best opportunity for lazy players or those whose parents don't want their children to play outside due to security concerns.
  • Catch more Pokemons: You can't find some location-specific Pokemon in your region. So, fake GPS spoofing can give you access to all the world's regions. You can get rare, powerful Pokemons, find more gyms and Pokestops, and participate in various location-based in-game events.
  • Earn more rewards: You can easily get some resources, such as rare candy, Stardust, and encounters with rare Pokémon.
  • Trade everywhere: If you are a trainer, you may know that to get a Pokemon by trade, you must move close to your friend. Setting a fake GPS gives you the liberty to trade anywhere, no matter if your friend is in any corner of the world.

Part 3: Fake GPS Pokemon Go on iOS/Android in 2024

You may understand how the fake GPS in Pokemon Go enhances gameplay. So now, let's discuss the safest GPS spoofers for iOS and Android in 2024.

1. How to Fake GPS in Pokemon Go on iOS

The best GPS spoofer designed to Fake GPS in Pokemon Go on iOS is iAnyGo. iAnyGo is the best iPhone location changer that can fake GPS in Pokemon go anywhere. The GPS location simulated by iAnyGo is absolutely authentic. It allows you to craft your own routes anywhere in the world. While at it, you can catch various Pokémon, gather additional resources, and pick up some extra gear along the way. It eliminates the location-based restrictions that narrow the gameplay and boost your gaming experience with multiple functions.

Moreover, you don't need to root or jailbreak the device. iAnyGo is the perfect fit as Pokemon Go spoofer iOS and supports all iOS devices, including iOS 17. Users can fake GPS with just three simple steps.

  • Download iAnyGo. Launch iAnyGo software on your PC and stay on the default mode "Change Location."

    change location
  • Connect the iPhone to the PC. Attach your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable or WiFi and click on enter. Keep the mobile screen on while connecting.

    change location
  • Choose a location. Type the location's address in the search bar and click "Start to modify." Your GPS location will be changed immediately.

    fake gps for pokemon
  • You can also use a joystick to change the direction at any time while in movement.


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2.How to Fake GPS Pokemon Go on Android

PGSharp is another tool used for spoofing in Pokemon Go. It only works for Android devices and doesn’t require rooting. It is a fun game that comes with a Pokemon Go-modified version and gives users access to features not available in the official version. PGSharp can spoof your Pokemon Go location anywhere.

To spoof location with PGSharp Pokemon Go, uninstall the Pokemon Go on your Android device and follow the steps:

  • Download PGSharp. Go to, the official website of PGSharp. Download the PGSharp APK file on your Android device.
  • pgsharp
  • Install the PGSharp app.
  • install pgsharp
  • Open the app. The PGSharp icon will appear at the bottom right corner of Pokemon Go.
  • pgsharp pokemon icon
  • Under the PGSharp icon, click on teleport, and in the next window, type the address you want to spoof your location. Pokemon Go PGSharp will change your location in Pokemon Go immediately.
  • pgsharp change pokemon location

Part 4: 5 Tips to Avoid Soft Bans in Fake GPS Pokemon Go

  • After teleporting, catching a Pokemon immediately.
  • Feeding a wild Pokemon with berries.
  • Spinning a Pokestop with a Try Again message.
  • Placing a Pokemon in the gym.
  • Gym battles.

All these actions need a cooldown timer. So, it is better to avoid all these actions while spoofing; otherwise, you will get a soft ban.

FAQs about Fake GPS Pokemon Go

Q1: Can You Use a VPN on Pokemon Go?

VPN is used to access geo-restricted applications or data blocked in a specific region. It changes the device's IP address so the user can access the restricted data or app. Pokemon Go is a location-based game that tracks location by tracking your mobile GPS location. So, a VPN can't work as a Pokemon Go spoofer. As it can not change the device's GPS location, it can't be used as a GPS spoofer in Pokemon Go.

Q2: How do You Get More Froakies in Pokemon Go?

The mega evolution of Blastoise, Gyarados, Swampert, and Slowbro gives extra Froaky candy on each catch. Moreover, in the 5-star raids from 5 to 10 p.m., if you win the Frogadier raid, Froaky spawns near the gym for half an hour. So, you can catch a Froaky there.

Q3: What is the 7-day Ban in Pokemon Go?

Niantic has set terms and conditions for playing the game. If any player spoofs location or accesses game clients unauthorizedly or with third-party software, it is cheating in terms of Niantic. If cheating is detected, you will get a strike, and a message will appear that tells you that cheating has been detected in your account. After this strike, your gameplay is degraded for seven days. This is called a 7-day ban in Pokemon Go.


You can still spoof location in Pokemon Go in 2024. Enhance your gameplay, and find rare Pokemon while sitting in your home. Use a spoofer iAnyGo to fake GPS Pokemon Go. But be careful while spoofing location because carelessness can lead to soft and permanent bans.

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