How to Free Download Videos for WhatsApp

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-10-15 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

WhatsApp allows you to share text and multimedia content with your friends and all you need to have is just the WhatsApp app installed on your device. Once you have got the app, you are all set to exchange your content with your friends and family.

There has been a trend among WhatsApp users to share funny and even greeting videos like a happy birthday songs. If you have been using this app for some time, I am sure you have come across many of these videos and you have probably enjoyed watching them on your device.

You might wonder where people get these videos to then share on WhatsApp. Well, there are multiple sources from where you can download videos for WhatsApp and then you can share them with your friends.

Downloading YouTube Videos for WhatsApp

Fortunately, you can easily download and share YouTube videos in WhatsApp. Here’s how:

1. Using a YouTube video downloader app such as

open to download youtube videos for Whatsapp

2. Go to App Store to download the Documents app. Open in the Document. Copy the YouTube link from YouTube, then, paste it to seach box. Click the "Download" Button.

download youtube videos

3. Long-press on the "Download MP4/360" to download the YouTube video.

4. Open the WhatsApp app and tap on the contact you want to send the video to. Then, tap on the attach icon and select Gallery to choose the downloaded video to be sent to the recipient.

send video from gallery

5. The recipient should receive the video in their WhatsApp.

So, that was how you could download videos for WhatsApp and send them to whoever you want.

Downloading Videos for WhatsApp from Other Websites

In a rare case where the video you are looking for is not available on YouTube, then you can do a Google search and find and download the video to your device. Then, you can send it over WhatsApp.

Also, you can search for some funny videos on Google and download them to your device. There are many websites that only provide videos for WhatsApp that you can use on your device.

download video for whatsapp

One interesting thing you can do is download videos someone has sent you on WhatsApp and forward it to other friends of yours. That way, you will have a WhatsApp video that you can share with anyone you like. There are some cases when the WhatsApp data gets deleted and you can’t access the videos you had before.

In such cases, you will need to download an app that can help you recover WhatsApp contents. Fortunately, you can get back lost or deleted WhatsApp chats (messages, videos, and photos) easily from iOS with UltData and Android phones with Android Data Recovery, which are both professional data recovery tools for WhatsApp.

  Updated on 2020-10-15 / Update for  WhatsApp Tips

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