Top 5 Ways to Reset A Samsung Phone that is Locked

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-04-30 / Update for  Samsung

Every Smartphone user chooses a complicated password or pattern to protect the data inside the device. It is just to ensure the safety and increase the security of the device so that others won’t be able to access the device easily. But sometimes that very complicated security also becomes a big trouble, even for the user. It is very easy to forget a peculiar code or pattern but when that happens the user is locked out of their own device and unfortunately, not a lot of users know how to reset a Samsung phone that is locked. But not to worry, this article discusses various ways to get access to a locked Samsung device but all these procedures will definitely erase all the data from your device.

Part 1: Samsung Reset Password in Recovery Mode

You can easily reset the password of your Samsung mobile from the settings of your device but if you are locked out of your device then, it would still be possible to send the device into Recovery Mode, but it wouldn’t be as simple.

So, how do you reset a Samsung phone that is locked? Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: You must start by switching off your Samsung device and then boot it in to Recovery Mode.

Step 2: You need to hold the Volume Up button and the Home button together for 10 seconds; you will get the software update screen. The phone will vibrate but don’t release the buttons. Later, you will get a “No Command” message; don’t do anything just wait for a minute and the device will enter Recovery Mode.

Step 3: Now, in the Recovery Mode, press Volume Up and Down button and select Factory Reset. Confirm the command by tapping the “Power” button.

Step 4: Lastly, confirm the command by selecting “Yes-Delete All User Data”.

factory reset samsung

After that, the device will be restored to its factory Settings. Then, choose “Reboot Now”. When the phone is restarted you will get a Factory Restored Samsung mobile. It is a very simple procedure but if you are stuck at any step just long press the Power button, the device will be turned off. Then, start the process from the beginning.

Way 2: Samsung Reset Password if you have Google Account

It is possible to use your Google Account to reset the password of the Samsung mobile, you are using but this procedure is not applicable on all the version of Android OS. It will only work on Android 4.4 or any lower version of the OS; unfortunately, if you have upgraded from 4.4 then you won’t be able to implement this method to reset the password of your Samsung device.

Here’s how to reset password on Samsung phone with your Google Account;

Step 1: Go to your locked Samsung phone and provide any random password or pattern for 5 times. After typing the wrong password for 5 times a message will appear on the screen, you need to tap on “Forgot Pattern”.

Step 2: Then, you will be asked for your Google Account or Backup PIN.

Step 3: Choose Google Account and go to “Account unlock”.

google account unlock

After implementing this procedure, the mobile will be unlocked momentarily but remember that everything depends on the version of Android OS you are using now. This is only applicable on Android 4.4 and below.

Way 3: Samsung Reset Password Remotely with Android Device Manager

Aside from Google Account, the other feasible option to reset password of your Samsung mobile is Android Device Manager. It is very simple to Samsung phone reset password using the Android device manager. Here are three steps that you can follow:

Step 1: First, you need to visit and then sign in to your Google account. If you have more than one Google account then make sure that you are logging in to the same account that you accessed from your Samsung device before.

login google account

Step 2: In the Android Device Manager window, choose the device and then click on the “Lock” button to provide a provisional password.

Step 3: After that tap the “Lock” button again.

Step 4: After this, you will get a confirmation message on your screen. It will come with 3 options: Ring, Lock and Erase.

choose lock option

Step 5: Now, put in the provisional password again and then go back to the Lock Screen Settings of your Samsung device.

Step 6: From the Settings, you will have to disable the provisional password that you created for this purpose.

Step 7: If you can set a new password, then try to wipe your Samsung device with Erase option. Click on Erase and restore to factory settings without any password.

google find my device unlock

The job is done! You can clearly see that it is very simple to use Android Device Manager to reset the password of the said Samsung mobile.

Way 4: Samsung Reset Password Using Find My Mobile

Like “Find My iPhone” by iOS, Samsung has its own device locating feature, it is called “Find My Mobile”. As the name suggests, this feature can locate your device and it can also erase all the data from your mobile. But if you want to use this feature then you must create a Samsung account first then register that account, only then you will be able to use this feature to reset the password of your device.

Here’s how to reset Samsung password with Find My Mobile feature:

Step 1: Visit from your mobile and sign -in to your Samsung account.

samsung account login on computer

Step 2: Click on “Find My Mobile” and then choose “Unlock My Device” option to unlock the device remotely.

unlock Samsung online

Step 3: Finally, enter your Samsung account password and then click on “Unlock” button.

find my mobile unlock

Way 5: Samsung Reset Password Using Other Unlocking Software

If all the above ways have failed for Samsung reset password, then you may find positive results if you use a third-party software. There are a lot of programs out there with the capability to reset the password of your Samsung device but among all of them Tenorshare 4uKey for Andorid stands out the most.

It is an exceptional software with various positive feedbacks from the users all over the world. It is the best tool and by far the most hassle-free option, as it is very easy to use and you basically don’t have to do anything. Connect the locked device and the software will do the rest! Here’s how to reset a Samsung phone forgot password using this user-friendly tool:

Step 1: You must start by downloading and installation of 4uKey on your computer then run the software.

Step 2: Now, you need to connect your Samsung mobile to your computer with a USB cable, the software will detect the mobile immediately.

Step 3: Now, from the software interface, click "Remove Screen Lock" to bypass the password.

remove screen lock

Step 4: Then, click the "Start" button in the lower right corner. The software will note you that it will erase all your data to remove the screen lock, just tap Yes to start it.

erase all data

Step 5: Next, the removing process will be started.

removing process

After that, the mobile will be restarted. This is a very simple procedure to bypass the password of your Samsung Android mobile, implemented by 4uKey. Unfortunately, the procedure will completely erase all the data on your mobile. So, you better prepare a backup for this situation.


All the methods mentioned in the article are very effective if you want to Factory Reset the Samsung device or just want to bypass the password. You can follow any one of these procedures and you will get a satisfactory result. The Find My Mobile feature, Google Account, Device Manager all of them are very effective, but there are some instances where all these methods have failed. Maybe because the software of the device was severely damaged or any other major issues that stopped them to bypass the password! But there are some users who have used the third-party software that we have mentioned, called Tenorshare 4uKey and they have got positive results. So, we highly recommend that you should at least try 4uKey if you are stuck with a locked Samsung mobile. Go for it!

  Updated on 2020-04-30 / Update for  Samsung

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