Complete Samsung Secret Codes List

The Samsung Secret Codes, it seems like these are the codes that you can use to hack the device but that certainly is not the case.  Actually, the codes are not secret anymore; there was a time when people had to go through a lot of trouble to find these codes but now after they are easily available on the internet. Still, most people have no idea what they are and what are their functions. Actually, these secret codes or dialers allow the uses to break the boundaries and directly access some control functions that were only accessible to the manufacturers. These days, most users fix a variety of their Android device problems by themselves by using these codes. Some of the active codes are mentioned below in the article.

What is Secret Code?

The Secret Codes are actually a series of mixed characters that can be used on various Android devices to fix a lot of problems. These codes are very specific to the manufacturer, which means that if you use the code for Samsung mobiles on brands like Sony, HTC, Nokia etc. they won’t work. You must use the Samsung Check Code on Samsung devices only, as it is possible that those particular codes may cause permanent damage to mobiles from other brands. So, you must make sure that you are not taking unnecessary risks by applying Samsung Codes on other devices, as it can change the configuration of the device. So, simply just check and confirm before using any codes that those are intended for the said device only.

Why do We Need Secret Codes?

Mostly, a regular user of Android devices has no use of such codes but if you are a mobile enthusiast or learning about advanced mobile development, then you can use the Samsung test Code to learn about a few more functions of the device. The SamsungDialer Codes may be a big help to you but these codes are not so secret anymore as they have been leaked publicly, even so a lot of people does not know about them.

Another reason to use Samsung mobile check code is to operate the device smoothly. If you are learning about mobile or app development then you won’t have to resort to any tricks or tips to reach certain control panels. If you use the codes then you can reach them directly. These codes will help you locate the intricate details about your device easily. You can also use all Samsung secret codes to fix or troubleshoot any kind of problems with the device.

Frequently Used Samsung Codes

Here are the frequently used Samsung Codes:

Phone Info and Test Functions:

  • *#06#, this code will display the IMEI number.
show imei
  • *#*#4636#*#*, this code will show you diagnostic and general settings mode.
  • *#*#7780#*#*, it will make Factory Soft reset or you can also use *#7780# for the same.
  • *#1234# will display the current firmware.
  • *2767*3855# for Factory Hard Reset to ROM firmware default settings.
  • *2767*4387264636# to display the product code.
  • *#272*imei#* to display or change CSC Code or you can also use *#272*HHMM#*.
sales code
  • *#*#1472365#*#* for GPS test settings.
  • *#*#197328640#*#* to enter Service Mode Main Menu.
  • *#9090# to enter Diagnostic Configuration /RAM Dump
  • *#0673# for Audio Test Mode.
  • *#0*# for General Test Mode.
general test mode
  • *#872564# for USB Logging Control.
  • *#1575# for GPS Control Menu.
  • *#273283*255*3282*# for Data Create Menu.
  • *#34971539# for Camera Firmware Update.
camera firmware update
  • *#9900# for System Dump Mode.
  • system dump mode
    • *#44336# for Software Version Info.
    • *#273283*255*663282*# for Data Create SD Card.
    • *#3282*727336*# to view Data Usage Status.
    • *#2663# for TSP or TSK firmware update.
    tsk update
    • *#7412365# for Camera Firmware Menu, also you can use *#*#34971539#*#* for the same purpose.
    • *#07# to view Test History.
    • *#8736364# to view OTA Update Menu.
    • *#7465625# to view Phone Lock Status.

    For SIM Lock/Unlock

    • #0111*0000000# for SIM Unlock
    • #7465625*28746# for turning on Auto SIM Lock
    • *7465625*28746# for turning on  Auto SIM Lock

    Network Check:

    • *7465625*782*# to Configure Network Lock NSP.
    • *7465625*27*# for Inserting Network Lock KeyCode NSP or CP.
    • #7465625*27*# for Inserting Content Provider Keycode.
    • #7465625*782*# for Inserting Partition Network Lock Keycode.
    • *7465625*77*#for Inserting Network Lock Keycode SP.
    • #7465625*77*# for Inserting Operator Lock Keycode.
    • *7465625*638*# for Configuring Network Lock MCC or MNC.
    • #7465625*638*# for Inserting Network Lock Keycode.


    Here is a complete Samsung Codes list. As we said the Secret Codes are very helpful if used right! A number of people are using them in their daily life; you can also use them too. But always be careful as the codes from a specific brand won’t work on the other and it will definitely damage the device, including the configurations. Simply just double check before applying any such codes!

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