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Samsung A51 FRP Bypass: New Method in 2022

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2022-06-22 / Update for  Unlock Android

There might be instances where your Samsung A51 has to be hard reset, but since you do not remember the login credentials to the syned Google Account, you end up getting locked out of the phone after factory reset. If you are encountering a FRP lock on your Samsung A51 and cannot get access to the phone as you are unable to verify the Google account, there is nothing you can do but accomplish the Samsung A51 FRP bypass process.

In this article, we discuss everything from how to bypass FRP lock on Samsung A51 to the frequently asked questions about Samsung A51 Google Account.

Part 1: Is It Possible to Bypass Samsung A51 FRP

Is it possible to bypass Samsung FRP? The answer to this question is definitly YES. Since Samsung A51 is built with Android 10 and now updated to Android 11/12 and so long as you have previously added your Google Account to your device, the FRP lock will be enabled when your phone is forced to factory reset. Though there is no official way to bypass FRP Samsung A51, there's still a workaround to bypass Google Lock on Samsung a51 5g. With the help of a factory reset protection bypass tool that is designed for all Samsung phones, Samsung A51 FRP bypass is no longer a problem. In the following section, We will introduce one of the best tools used for Samsung A51 FRP bypass. Read on to know more.

Part 2: Samsung Galaxy A51 FRP Bypass Android 11/12 — the Newest Solution

For whatever reason you need to do Samsung A51 FRP bypass, you might need some guidelines. In the following paragraphs, we will use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to finish the Samsung A51 FRP bypass task, which is one of the newest solutions to Samsung A51 FRP bypass Android 11.

4uKey for Android is a software available for both Windows PC and Mac with which you will be able to go around the Google factory reset protection lock in just a few minutes. No matter what OS version your Samsung device is running, from Android 6 to the latest Android 11/12, it will completely remove FRP lock from your Samsung phone.

Below are the video and steps you need to follow in order to do Samsung A51 FRP bypass Android 11/12.

  • When you download and installed 4uKey for Android on your computer, launch the app and connect your A51 to your PC using a cable. Once connected, click on "Remove Google Lock (FRP)".

    remove google lock samsung a51
  • On the next screen you will be asked to choose the Android version that is currently installed on your Samsung A51, so Choose Android 11 in our case.

    a51 android 11 frp - tenorshare 4ukey for android
  • On your locked Samsung A51, you will receive a notification from 4uKey for Android.

    send notification
  • Select the "View" button on your Samsung device to open Samsung Galaxy Store.

    send notification to bypass s21 frp
  • Now, download the Alliance Shield app from the Store and installed it on your phone. Run and app and register a new account.

    restore data - 4ukey for android
  • Log in to Alliance Shield and follow the steps on your screen to set up your device.

    download alliance shield and set it up
  • Wait for 4uKey for Android to finish removing the FRP lock on your Samsung A51.

    factory reset samsung s21 - 4ukey for android
  • Once it's done, open Settings on your phone, go to General management and tap on Reset to perform a factory reset on your Samsung A51. In this way, the Google FRP lock will be bypassed completely.

    factory reset samsung s21 - 4ukey for android
  • So, that's all about how to bypass Google account on Samsung A51 using 4uKey for Android.

If your Samsung A51 is running on Android 10, the procedure of Samsung A51 FRP bypassing is not that much difficult. For detailed guide, head over to the guide of how to remove Google lock.

Part 3: FAQs on Samsung A51 Google Account

Q1. How do I delete a Gmail account from Samsung A51

To remove a Gmail account on Samsung A51, follow the instructions given below:

  • Open Settings. Swipe down and look for Accounts and backup.
  • Find Manage Accounts and then look for the Gmail account you want to delete.
  • Tap on Remove account and a pop up will appear again asking to remove account for confirmation.

    remove google account samsung a51
  • Then the removal process is completed.

Q2. How do I change Google account on Samsung A51

Changing Google account on Samsung A51 is no different to changing Google Account on any other android device.

  • Open Settings. Scroll down till you see Google.
  • Tap on the arrow icon which is present right next to current default Google Account.
  • Add any other account and tap on it to make it default.

    change google account samsung a51


Bypassing the Samsung A51 FRP is a task that requires knowledge regarding smartphones. However, with the guide given above, almost everyone who knows the basics of using a smartphone can do a Samsung A51 FRP Bypass. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a very helpful tool in this regard. Using it, you can completely remove Google's FRP that has been activated after factory resetting A51.

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  Updated on 2022-06-22 / Update for  Unlock Android

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