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How to Enter Samsung Network Unlock Code

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-04-30 / Update for  Samsung

Before, you dive into the article you should know that this is a tutorial guide, designed to help you to fix your Samsung Android device by entering the Secret codes. These unlock codes can be used to unlock the SIM Card. If you can do that then you will be able to use SIM Cards from different carriers on your device. The article is filled with several instructions about how to use Samsung Unlock Code; the instructions will be varied depending on the model of the device. So, it would be best for you to follow the instructions very carefully, as a simple mistake may damage your new device or change the configuration permanently. The instructions are as follows.

Steps to Enter Samsung Unlock Code

These procedures will help you to access Network Lock and after that, you will have to enter the Network Lock Control Key Screen. Then you will need the Samsung Network Unlock Code to free the SIM Card.

Here are some general tips and procedures that you can use to unlock the Samsung device;

Tips: (This works on most Samsung phones)

Step 1: First, you need to switch off your device and then insert the SIM Card from a different carrier.

Step 2: Then, turn on the device again and a prompt will ask you to input the Unlock Code.

Step 3: Input the code and your device is unlocked.

If the device does not ask for the Samsung Codes, then follow the instructions below:

Method 1

Step 1: Open the phone and type #7465625*638*# in the dialer.

Step 2: Then, it will ask for the Samsung Reset Code, it is an 8-digit code.

Step 3: Provide it and you will be done.

enter unlock network  code samsung

Method 2

Step 1: Turn off your Samsung device and then insert the SIM Card from a different carrier.

Step 2: Turn on the device again.

Step 3: Now, it will ask for the Samsung Unlock Codes, just type UNFREEZE code but if it does not ask for the code then open the dialer and type UNFREEZE and then press SEND.

Step 4: You will get an alert about an unsuccessful messaging attempt but don't worry, it is meant to happen.

Step 5: It will disable the phone freeze and the Network Lock Screen will be visible to you.

Step 6: Now, type the unlock codes and the device will be unlocked.

Method 3

Step 1: You have to try this method without using a SIM Card.

Step 2: You have to enter code #7465625*638*CODE#.

Step 3: This code was actually sent by Samsung.

Step 4: After entering this code, the screen will show that the phone is deactivated.

Method 4

Step 1: This is another step that you need to try without the SIM Card.

Step 2: You have to enter the code #0111*CODE#. Here “CODE” is the SIM unlock code.

enter sim unlock code

For Samsung models: SGH-A127/E840/F210/J600/T749

Step 1: Turn on your device without any SIM.

Step 2: Enter #0111*CODE#

Step 3: You will see a prompt "Network Lock Deactivated"

The device will reboot and it will be unlocked.

For Samsung SGH-A877

Step 1: Turn on your device with a SIM card

Step 2: Hold the device in Portrait mode and enter #7465625*638*CODE#

Step 3: You will see a prompt "Network Lock Deactivated" and it will reboot.

For Samsung Z320i/510/650i

Step 1: Insert the SIM card (non-accepted) and then turn on the device.

Step 2: Enter **CODE#

The phone will reboot automatically.

So, this is how you can use your SIM unlock code on various Samsung devices. Keep in mind, these ways can only bring out the Enter Network Lock Control Key screen. In order to completely unlock your Samsung SIM, you will need the unlock “CODE”.

Here are some programs that are able to unlock your Samsung Mobile Phone:

World Unlock Codes Calculator

world unlock code  calculator

If you use this program then you won’t have to search for any Samsung Unlock Codes List from the internet, the program will provide you with the necessary codes. The tool is very easy to operate and able to provide productive results in a very short span of time.

Unlock Samsung Online

unlock samsung online

This is a proper website which can provide you with all the required instructions and information on how to get your SIM code to unlock your device.

Free SIM Unlock Samsung Online

free sim unlock samsung online

Free SIM Unlock Samsung Online, as the name suggests, is an exclusive online code generator. Once you enter your device’s information, it will start generating the required codes that can unlock your Samsung device.

Free Unlocks


Free Unlocks is a great website offering code generating services for a long time now. It is very effective and many users have reported positive results while using this. They have a paid service and also a free trial service which is known TrialPay.

As you can see, you can get such effective programs to get free Unlock Codes Samsung.


All of these methods are very effective if you are going to unlock your SIM Card in order to use another SIM from a different carrier. But you must know that to complete this process, an unlock code is needed and without this code, the procedure would be incomplete and the SIM Card will fail to unlock.

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