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5 Best Samsung Unlock Code Generators

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-04-30 / Update for  Samsung

The unlock codes are needed for many reasons; it can unlock your network service and even fix a few problems on your device. There was a time when they were known as the Secret Codes, as the users had to go through a lot of trouble just to get a single code but now they are leaked on the Internet and companies are developing very effective code generators. There are a few Samsung unlock code generator available on the internet, a few of them are discussed below.

1. Samsung Galaxy Code Generator

The first Code Generator we are going to discuss is Samsung Galaxy Code generator. This is a Samsung unlock code generator free online. If you own a Samsung device, then this is the best code generator for you. This Code generator will generate free codes for you to unlock your network effectively. All the codes may not be free, but you will be able to fix a lot of issues with this.

samsung galaxy code generator


  • It is a very user-friendly tool that can fix the problem with your device in a few steps.
  • You can download and use codes for free.
  • The user interface is really simple.


  • This particular tool will only work for Samsung devices.

2. WorldUnlock Codes Calculator

WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is also a very fine tool. It will generate codes automatically after you enter your device info and when entered it unlocks your device. You can get this Samsung unlock code generator online for free and it also offers some excellent features and functions as well.

world unlock code  calculator


  • This program will unlock your Android device for free of cost.
  • You will get updates regularly.
  • You will be able to unlock mobiles of various brands like Samsung, LG, and Motorola etc.


  • The main problem with the tool is that you can only use it on Windows Operating Systems.

3. UnlockItFree

Another exceptional free Samsung unlock code generator is UnlockItFree. A lot of people around the world are using this website; the tool has already unlocked more than 90,000 phones. This code generator is very effective and easy to use as well.



  • You can anonymously unlock your device.
  • The code provided by the tool is free.
  • You will get the unlock code just by sharing it with others.


  • The number of attempts you can make to unlock your device is very limited.

4. UnlockBase

This is also a free code generator that can unlock any device with its online application, does not matter which service provider you are using. UnlockBase is a free Samsung unlock code generator by IMEI number online which can unlock your mobile very easily and you won’t even have to download any additional apps.



  • It has constant customer support.
  • The simple instructions help the users to understand the procedure very easily.
  • It can unlock various types of mobiles.


  • Unfortunately, you have to pay to use the services of this tool for the second time.

5. Free Unlocks

It is a very effective Samsung unlock code generator free but to get the free option you have to choose a promotional “Partner Offers”. It may seem very annoying to you, especially if you don’t want to sign up for an account but you will be getting free unlock codes for doing that.



  • An exceptional unlock code generator.
  • Loved by its users.
  • Unlocks phones for free.


  • You have to do a lot of promotional stuff to get the free unlock offer.


All of them are exceptionally good unlock code generators for Samsung. They provide good service and most of them are for free. So, it is practically up to you to decide, which one you are going to use to unlock your new Samsung mobile.

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