How to Unlock Samsung Phone with Google Account

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2021-07-27 / Update for  Android Data

No matter how great a smartphone is, it cannot escape the greatest characteristic of all: the users. One of the most common problems that any smartphone user could have is forgetting the password or pattern to unlock the phone.

If you own a Samsung phone and you couldn't unlock it, what can you do? Can you unlock Samsung with Google account? In this post we will introduce how to bypass/unlock Samsung galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 8/7/6/5 with Gmail account.

Part 1: How to Unlock Samsung With Google Account

Can I unlock my phone using Google account? Yes, you can bypass the lock screen on your Samsung phone by using Google account. And here are 2 different ways you can try according to your situation.

Using the Google Account to Unlock Samsung Phone

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about not having a Google account linked to your phone since every Android phone has to be activated using a Google account.

First, turn on your Samsung smartphone and try any random lock pattern. Repeat the process five times by choosing Try Again and you will get the Forgot Pattern? option.

bypass the pattern lock screen

Second, depending on what Android model that powers your phone, you might get the option to choose Enter Google Account Details > Next or the screen where you could directly enter your Google credentials.

enter your Google account credentials

Third, after bypassing the lock screen, you will need to draw a new pattern twice and confirm it. You will also need to enter a new four-digit backup PIN. This backup PIN can be the alternative to Google account to unlock your phone.

Please note that this method is working for Android 4.4 and below. If you've upgraded your phone to Lollipop (v. 5.0), you need to use factory reset to bypass the lock screen.

Using the Android Device Manager to Unlock Samsung Phone

If you have a Google Account signed on your Samsung phone, then there is another option for you to use Android Device Manager by Google. Due to its Find My Device feature, you can unlock Samsung with Google Account.

  • Sign into Android Device Manager on your computer or another phone.
  • Select your phone, and click on "Erase Device" option shown on the left panel.

    android device manager - unlock samsung with google account
  • Wait for it to remove all the data including screen lock on your Samsung phone.

Please note that this method is useful unless you have enable Find My Device feature and connected to Network on the device before it's locked.

Part 2: How to Bypass Google Account If You Forgot Password

Like we have mentioned above, you can use Google account to unlock your Samsung phone. However, if you also forgot your Google account password, then it woule be huge terrible. Luckily, it is not a problem that cannot be solved if you give Tenorshare 4uKey for Android a chance. It can not only unlock Android screen lock, but also Google Lock(FRP). With it, almost all of the lock issues can be solved.

As an advanced software tool, the usage is also simple, you just need to follow a few instructions to remove the Google lock, why don't you have a try?

  • After launch 4uKey for Android on your computer, select the right option - Remove Google Lock to begin.

    unlock google lock
  • Select and confirm the system version of your device. Read the on-screen note and click on "Send Notification". Process to send a notification to your Samsung phone by the program.

    bypass google lock samsung
  • Follow the steps to set up a lock screen pattern in order to remove FRP. After finishing, click on "Done".

    bypass google lock samsung
  • Reboot your device and use the pattern lock just set to unlock it without Google Account.

    bypass google lock samsung

Part 3: Other Ways to Bypass Samsung Galaxy Lock Screen

1. Do Factory Reset

If you can't use your Google account to bypass the lock screen, you could try the factory reset. Other than being a quick method to unlock your Samsung smartphone, this is also the quick way to fix problems such as a really slow, freezing and as well as not responding well smartphone.

But before you do the reset, be sure to have a data backup ready, as it will erase all the data on your phone.

  • To do a factory reset, power off your Samsung phone.
  • Then slightly press and hold the Volume down and Volume up keys both in the exact same time.
  • After this hold down the power key until you see a test screen, it usually takes 15 to 20 seconds time.
  • When you see the test screen, just press the volume down button to easily navigate through the options until you see wipe data/factory reset option, then simply press the power key to select that option.
unlock Samsung forgot password

2. Unlock Samsung Phone with Android Lock Screen Removal

The most reliable way to remove Samsung lock screen is using an Android lock screen removal program. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is one of the most professional Samsung unlocker in the market, which can easily remove Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen Password / Pattern / Fingerprint on your Samsung phone.

unlock Samsung phone

Final Words

That's all about how to unlock Samsung with Google account. We also introduce how to bypass Google Account Samsung, and unlock Samsung phone without password. 4uKey for Android is highly recommended to solve all your problems here. If you have any other issues, please leave a message at the comment place.

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  Updated on 2021-07-27 / Update for  Android Data

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