How to Remove FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus 2020 Update

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2020-11-10 / Update for  Samsung

Every cell phone comes with its own set of security features to protect the data stored on the device if in case it gets stolen or lost. It is due to these security features that a person who steals the phone or accesses it without your knowledge wouldn’t be able to view or access the contents inside it which may be personal to you. FRP is one such feature which is included in almost all the Samsung phones. FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection through which nobody except you can factory reset your phone and erase its contents. In fact Samsung was the very first company to introduce this security feature in their devices. This is very useful feature but it can be a pain if in case you want to resell or pass on the phone as your contents would not be deleted. You can use the following way to perform Samsung S8 FRP lock remove.

Part 1: Fastest Way to Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+

There are plenty of ways which can be used to for Samsung S8 FRP remove. The fastest way to bypass Samsung S8 FRP would be by using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. This is an effective tool which has been designed specifically to bypass the FRP lock on your Android phone and show how to delete Samsung account without password S8 in a simple and easy way. This is by far the most effective way through which you can Samsung S8 FRP remove 2018. Apart from giving a solution to bypass the FRP lock and remove Google account Samsung S8, this tool can also be used to access an Android phone if in case you have forgotten the screen lock password. It comes jam packed with an amazing set of features which are listed below.

Features of Tenorshare 4uKey:

  • You can unlock your Android phone with just a single click.
  • Any kind of Android screen lock including password, pattern or pin can be removed effectively.
  • You can remove the Google account from your Samsung device without the need of password.
  • You can remove Google account S8 successfully without password.
  • Unlock any Android phone within minutes.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.

Part 2: Steps to Use Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to Unlock FRP on Samsung Galaxy S8

With these easy simple steps, you can bypass FRP lock and remove Google account from Galaxy S8 within a few minutes using Tenorshare 4uKey.

Step 1 Download, install and launch Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your laptop or computer.

Step 2 Connect your Android device and click on “Remove Google Lock(FRP)” from the main interface, once your device gets detected.

main interface

Step 3 Click on “Start” to initiate the process to remove FRP lock Samsung S8.

initiate frp unlock

Step 4 Choose your phone brand name and device version from the drop down menu and click on “Next”.

device information

Step 5 Follow the onscreen instructions to enter your Samsung phone into Recovery Mode and click on “Next”.

recovery mode

Step 6 From the drop down menu, select the PDA info, country and carrier of your phone and click on “Next”.

device details

Step 7 Click on “Confirm” to confirm the initiation of FRP unlock.

confirm frp unlock

Step 8 Enter your Samsung phone into Download Mode by following the onscreen instructions.

enter download mode

Step 9 Download the latest Firmware package.

firmware matching file

Step 10 Enter into Recovery Mode again by following the onscreen instructions and click on “Next”.

enter recovery mode

Step 11The FRP unlock process will start and once done, you would be notified.

google account removed

This is how easy and fast it is to know how to remove Google account from Samsung S8 without password using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.


Although the FRP unlock feature is pretty useful for the security of the data stored in your Samsung device, it can be a hassle when you forget the Google password and want to reset your phone due to any reason. There are a lot many tried and tested methods to Samsung S8 FRP remove without computer. However, the most efficient way to bypass FRP unlock on Samsung phone and Samsung S8 Google account remove is by using Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. If you want the fastest way in which you can bypass the FRP lock on any Android device, Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the most recommended software for this purpose.

  Updated on 2020-11-10 / Update for  Samsung

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