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Quick Solution to “An Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset” Error

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-11-14 / Update for  Unlock Android

So I just recently factory reset my Samsung Galaxy A21. When it restarts, I am promoted to select a language and then I get an error "An unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings. Connect to a WI-FI or a mobile network to verify your identity." After I connect to a wifi, then it asks me to login to Gmail account, so I entered the one that was last connected to the phone but that doesn’t work. Please help! How do I get past unauthorized factory reset? Or is there any tool that can help with this? Any help is much appreciated!" an unauthorized attempt to factory reset

When you purchase a used Samsung phone from another person, the first thing you do is factory reset the device. And after you reset and restart the phone, you may see “An unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings” message on the screen. The message appears because FRP lock is enabled and it prevents unauthorized factory reset and access to the phone. This is done to prevent wicked people from stealing phones and factory reset them to use in their daily lives. Since your intentions are not wrong, you should be wondering how to get past unauthorized factory reset. Here we will illustrate the most legitimate way to bypass unauthorized factory reset Samsung phone or tablet.

Part 1: What Does It Mean When It Says Unauthorized Factory Reset?

An unauthorized factory data reset refers to someone’s attempt to perform a factory reset on an Android phone without the owner’s authorization. To protect Android devices from unauthorized factory data resets and prevent use of a device, Google has introduced a security feature called factory reset protection (FRP) which requires users to authorize their identity by entering the credentials of the Google account that the device was logged into after a factory reset. If you factory reset your device but fail to authorize your identity, you will come across the message “An unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device to factory default settings.” To get past this message, you have to enter the credentials of the synced Google account, otherwise, you will get stuck on the Google verification screen.

Part 2: How to Bypass Samsung Unauthorized Factory Reset?

When you get an unauthorized attempt to factory reset warning, you might have any of the following scenarios.

  • If you remember the linked Google account credentials, you can enter them instantly and complete the verification step. This means you have successfully unlocked the FRP lock and you can proceed and access to the phone.
  • If you do not remember the linked Google account credentials for whatsoever reason, you will need to bypass unauthorized factory reset. There are only a few legitimate Samsung FRP bypassing tools available and we recommend Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, an all-around Android phone unlocker that is is designed specifically to remove FRP lock from Samsung devices and remove any screen locks from Android devices without password. With 4uKey for Android, you can easily bypass unauthorized factory reset and get access to your device in simple steps instantly.

Key Features of 4uKey for Android

  • Bypass Samsung Factory Reset Protection lock without password.
  • Remove Android screen password, PIN lock, Android fingerprint and face lock.
  • Unlock earlier Samsung devices without losing data.
  • It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac and works up to Android 12.
  • Automatic system detection to prevent the device from bricking.

An Unauthorized Attempt Has Been Made to Factory Reset Bypass

Now let's show you how to bypass Samsung A21 unauthorized factory reset via 4uKey for Android.

  • Download and install the lastest Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your computer. Restart your Samsung device and when you get the "welcome" page, connect your device to your computer. You should launch Tenorshare 4uKey for Android and click on Remove Google Lock(FRP) option.

    how to bypass samsung unauthorized factory reset - launch 4ukey for android
  • You have to select the Android OS version of your Samsung phone. If your device has received the Android 11 or Android 12 update, you need to select the Android 11/12 option. Click on Start button. You will get a pop-up confirmation message, click on Start button.

    how to bypass samsung unauthorized factory reset - select android 11/12
  • Follow the on-screen instructions strictly. On your Samsung phone which displays the welcome screen, tap on Emergency Call. Type *#0*# and press the dial icon. The phone will enter into diagnostic mode. Click on Next button on your computer.

    how to bypass samsung unauthorized factory reset - enter into test mode
  • The "unauthorized attempt to factory reset" bypassing process will begin. You may be prompted to allow USB Debugging and you need to follow the on-screen instructions.

    how to bypass samsung unauthorized factory reset - enable usb debugging
  • The removal process takes only a few seconds. Once finished, you will see a confirmation message. Thereafter, you can disconnect the phone from the computer and access your phone as normal.

    how to bypass samsung unauthorized factory reset - complete samsung a21 unauthorized factory reset bypass
  • Video Guide on How to Bypass Unauthorized Factory Reset Samsung

Part 3: How to Disable Google Factory Reset Protection?

To prevent an unauthorized attempt to factory reset error or factory reset verification happening again, we recommend that you should disable Google factory reset protection before resetting your Android device. That is how you will not need to bypass Samsung unauthorized factory reset. To disable factory reset protection, you need to remove the linked Google account from your device. Here are the steps on how to disable Google factory reset protection.

Note: The steps or inscreenshoot shown below may vary depending on the device model and software version.

  • Open Settings app on your phone.
  • From there, scroll down to Accounts and backup and tap on it.
  • Tap on the Manage accounts option and select the linked Google account to be removed.
  • Choose the Remove account option. On the confirmation message, tap on Remove account option.

    how to disable google factory reset protection


FRP lock is automatically activated when you link a Google account on your Samsung phone. Once FRP lock is enabled, if you reset your phone, you will need to verify your identity entering the linked Google account credentials. If you cannot enter them correctly, you will face an unauthorized attempt to factory reset message. There are several ways on how to bypass Samsung unauthorized factory reset, but Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the best tool to get the job done instantly.

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