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All About OEM Lock Samsung [2024]

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-03-25 / Update for  Unlock Android

One of the core reasons behind Android OS dominance over the smartphone market is that it is an open-source operating system. However, this does not mean that it is something that you can play with or fully customize its performance the way you want.

This is because Android device manufacturers and Google itself uses OEM lock to restrict unneeded user access to certain core areas of the Android OS.

This article explains everything you need to know about how to unlock OEM lock Samsung. Hence, if you are a developer and looking for a reliable Samsung OEM unlock tool, this article will help you.

Part 1: What is OEM Lock in Samsung?

OEM or “Original Equipment Manufacturer” or simply OEM locking is an added security feature which Android device manufacturers use to protect unauthorized access to the device’s Bootloader. This ultimately helps safeguard the Android Operating System running on a device from being interfered in any way. Basically, Samsung OEM lock prevents a non-expert person from accidentally causing damage to their device.

On the other hand, an expert or someone with enough technical knowledge to safely navigate through an Android system’s core areas, might want to troubleshoot an issue, or simply install customizations to their Android device. With OEM lock in Samsung enabled, none of this is possible. Hence, you need to know how to disable Samsung OEM lock.

Continue reading below to learn which reliable Samsung OEM unlock tool and methods to use for both unlocking and locking Bootloader.

Part 2: How to Unlock OEM Lock Samsung?

Unlocking the OEM lock Samsung can provide you with multiple options. For instance, you gain access to Bootloader and administrative rights as well as customize the ROM, install custom kernels, and perform Android device rooting.

However, you should only do this if you genuinely require doing so. Else, unlocking OEM lock Samsung isn’t recommended unless you follow the following methods. Having said that, now let us look at some of the methods and learn how to unlock OEM lock Samsung.

Method 1: Unlock Samsung OEM Lock in Developer Options

Before we begin, remember that Samsung OEM lock is a hidden feature in most Android devices. It is intentionally hidden to protect the device’s Bootloader against any damage.

Hence, we need to unhide this option first. To do so, do the following –

  • Open your Android device “Settings” menu.
  • Now scroll down until you find the “System” option. Open it.
  • In it, tap on the “About Phone” option and now look for “Software Information” option.
  • In the “Software Information”, there will be your Android device’s “Build Number”.

    developer options build number
  • Tap it exactly seven times and you will get a system notification pop-up message confirming enabling of “Developer Options”.
  • Exit now to return to the device’s home screen and visit the “Settings” menu again.
  • Scroll down the “Settings” menu and you will now see “Developer Options” feature.
  • Tap on it to enter and find “OEM Unlocking (Bootloader Already Unlocked)”. Toggle it to enable.

    oem unlocking
  • Congratulations, now you can perform troubleshooting or customization on your device.

Method 2: Fixing the hidden Samsung OEM Unlock Missing

Missing OEM Unlock Samsung is a common issue. This means that even after performing the above method on some Samsung device models, it won’t display the “OEM Unlocking (Bootloader Already Unlocked)” toggle On/Off feature.

A common reason behind this may be because your Samsung device uses Android Snapdragon. It can also be because your device haven’t passed the post-activation 7-day lock period which comes pre-set on some new Samsung device models.

Hence, the following are a few tips on how to fix the missing Samsung OEM Unlock feature.

Way 1: By Turning Off the Automatic Date & Time and Auto Update System Features

This method helps if you just recently bought a new Samsung device and couldn’t find the “OEM Unlocking (Bootloader Already Unlocked)” option even after performing Method 1 above.

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your Samsung device.
  • Now look for “General Management” and enter it.
  • In it, tap “Date & Time” and now in it turn off the toggle switch against the “Automatic Date and Time” feature.
  • After doing above, look for the “Set Date” option below in the same list and set the device date to a few days back. By doing this, you are tricking the device system to bypass the 7-day period discussed above.
  • Now return to the “Settings” menu and one after another, tap the following options.
  • “About Phone” > “Software Information” > “Build Information" > Tap it seven times to enable the “Developer Options”.
  • In “Developer Options”, toggle off the “Auto Update System” feature.

    auto update system
  • Return to “Software Information” and now disable “Download Updates Automatically” feature. Ignore any error notification that may appear.
  • Now turn off your Samsung device and turn it on after a few seconds wait.
  • Visit the “Developer Options” feature and see if the “OEM Unlocking” feature has appeared.
  • Toggle it on and perform any troubleshooting or device customization you want.

Way 2: Device Resetting to Fix Samsung OEM Unlock Missing Issue

This method requires you to reset your Samsung device for troubleshooting the Samsung OEM unlock missing issue.

  • Simply, turn off your Samsung device and remove its Sim card.
  • Turn On the device again.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Reset” > “Factory Reset”.
  • Once your device has restarted after factory reset, connect it to a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Let the device become ready without adding any Google or Samsung accounts.
  • Once ready, go to “Settings” menu and perform all the steps above in Way 1 to turn off the “Automatic Date & Time” and “Auto Update System” features.

Extra Tip: How to Unlock Samsung Without Losing Data

Now that you know how to unlock the OEM lock on Samsung, it is now time for an extra tip which many Samsung users experience at some point. Chances are that for some reason, you get locked out of your Samsung device and cannot unlock it. So, what do you do. Surely, you would want to perform any step to unlock your Samsung phone without losing data. However, not all methods guarantee this and may compromise the important data on your phone.

To prevent this issue, we present our very own trusted and reliable Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is among the best performing Samsung device unlocking tools. This tool comes packed with an untethered Android lock screen removal and FRP bypass solution which never compromises your data.

Some key features include:

  • Easily remove Android password, PIN, and pattern & face recognition locks.
  • No data loss even on older Samsung models.
  • Just a few simple clicks and you are done.
  • Supports over 6000+ Android devices and various Android OS versions.

Below is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use the Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

  • After downloading and installing Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, launch it and select left-side “Remove Screen Lock” feature in green.

     4ukey for android guide
  • On the next screen, select “Remove Screen Lock without Data Loss” option.

     4ukey for android guide
  • Click “Start” to continue the process.

    4ukey for android guide
  • From the drop-down list, select your Samsung device correct name and model.

    4ukey for android guide
  • Now Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will download the data package for your Samsung device model.

    4ukey for android guide
  • The on-screen instructions will guide on how to put your Samsung device into download mode.

    4ukey for android guide
  • Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will now start and take a few minutes to completely remove the Samsung device screen lock. Wait for it and then you will be able to use it without password.

     4ukey for android guide


The OEM lock on Samsung and other Android OS running devices comes disabled for a reason. It protects a device from accidental damages by preventing access to core system areas by a non-technical person.

However, if you need to troubleshoot an issue or install a customization on your device, you can use the methods above to unlock Samsung OEM lock. But before doing so, make sure you understand each of the steps above and are fully aware of the technical side of how Android devices work.

Lastly, you can also use the simple and highly recommended Tenorshare 4uKey for Android to unlock Samsung devices with just a few simple clicks.

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