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Samsung A23 FRP Bypass Android 13 [Complete Guide]

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-03-22 / Update for  Unlock Android

Are you wondering how to perform Samsung A23 FRP Bypass Android 13? Introduced for Android 5.1 and above, FRP, akin to iCloud lock on iOS, safeguards smartphones by requiring Google account credentials post-reset. If you've forgotten your Samsung A23 Google account password, this article presents three effective methods for FRP bypass to regain access.

samsung a23 frp bypass android 13

Part 1: Samsung A23 FRP bypass Android 13 with Professional Tool

If you are looking for the best experience of removing FRP lock from your Samsung A23 then you need a professional tool. The best choice in this case is 4uKey for Android. It comes from Tenorshare and supports the latest Android 14 versions and all previous ones. While it works amazingly with your Samsung A23, it is compatible with other Samsung, OPPO, MI, VIVO, and other Android devices as well.

This tool supports more than 6000 Android devices including smartphones and tablets. On top of everything 4uKey not only works to remove the FRP lock but it is a complete solution for unlocking Android devices from their screen lock and account lock.

It can instantly unlock your smartphones and if you are using a Windows computer for this tool then you don’t need to worry about data loss while unlocking the device. It makes Samsung A23 unlocking process very easy by automating most of the complex steps so you only have to go through the following simple steps:

  • The process begins as you download and install 4uKey for unlocking Android on your PC. After it runs on your PC you will connect your Samsung A23 and choose “Remove FRP” option to begin with Google Account removal process.

    choose remove google lock feature
  • In the second step, you will be asked to pick the Android OS version that your Samsung A23 is running on. You can click that option and click "Start”. If you don’t remember which OS version your Samsung A23 is running on, then you may click “Don't know the device OS version?” to get help from this tool.

    choose remove google lock feature
  • A popup screen will ask you if you want to proceed with FRP removal that you need to authenticate by clicking “Start”. Then follow the on-screen steps and do everything 4uKey for Android asks you to do on your Samsung A23 without disconnecting it from your PC. Remember to follow steps on screen carefully since they may vary between devices and different OS versions. Click “Next” > “OK” > “Done” after the tool completes unlocking your Samsung A23.

    choose remove google lock feature
  • After you click “Done” you can disconnect Samsung A23 from PC and restart it before doing anything on it. If the phone asks for a screen lock password, you may provide the one you set during the unlock process. Now you will have your Samsung A23 working like normal without FRP lock on it anymore.

    choose remove google lock feature

Part 2: Samsung A23 FRP Bypass Without PC

If you want to remove this lock from your device but don’t want to use a PC then you can use the method and steps discussed below. However, before beginning with this method it is important to note that it may not work on every Samsung A23 since Samsung keeps updating its security patches. So, if you also have updated your device to the latest security patch version then this method may not work and that’s where you will need to stick to the professional tool 4uKey for Android method. Nevertheless, you can try the steps discussed below and remove FPR lock from Samsung A23 without a PC:

  • Turn on TalkBack on Samsung A23: Start Samsung and follow activation steps to connect to Wi-Fi. Now go back all the way and click Vol + and Power buttons to turn TalkBack on. Swipe in mirrored "L" shape upside down on screen to enable Google Assistant and allow it to record audio, and click "Use Voice Commands”.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 1
  • Click Image Search feature in Google Assistant: Speak "OK Google" to activate assistant and tap "Image Search" feature. Use open gallery feature then click “Allow”. Turn off TalkBack option by Vol + and Power button.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 2
  • Go to Privacy Policy to open browser: Click the 3 dots button on top right then click Privacy Policy then click Google Apps button and tap “Google” to open browser.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 3
  • Search Direct Open FRP in browser: Search “Direct Open FRP Mobiletech” and open first link. Scroll down to download “Notification Bar” and “Package Disabler Pro” files. Download both individually then click “Files Shortcut” option to open Galaxy store where you will install Files Shortcut and Xshare apps. If asked you will need to provide a different Samsung account to sign in. Open Xshare app and allow all permissions that are asked upon clicking “receive”.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 4
  • Open Files Shortcut app and install packages: Now go back to Galaxy store to open Files Shortcut app and install both packages in Download folder.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 5
  • Download iOS 14 launcher: Go back to Galaxy store to install iOS 14 launcher. When it installs you will open it and click “Start” then allow all the permissions it asks.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 6
  • Open Notification Bar app and allow its permissions: Go to app list and open “Notification Bar” then allow accessibility and in “installed apps” section turn Notification Bar on and enable its shortcut.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 7
  • Go to Settings to allow file access to Package Disabler Pro: Now scroll down from top to turn off Wi-Fi then open Settings and go to “Privacy” > “ Permission Manager” > “Files and Media” > “Show System. Now you must allow management of all files for notification bar and package disabler pro apps.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 8
  • Activate Package Disabler Pro as admin and clear setup data: Open Package Disabler Pro app and enable it as admin. Click “Activate” > “Agree” then checkmark “Android Setup” package. Now click Samsung setup wizard option and click “Clear Data”. Tap “Samsung Setup Wizard” and you may activate you’re A23 as a normal phone now.

    samsung a23 frp bypass android 13  without pc step 9

Part 3: Tips and Tricks for Samsung A23 FRP

1. How to hard reset Samsung A23?

Power Off your A23 then connect it to PC and push Vol + and Power keys until you see Samsung logo. Now the phone will open in Recovery mode. You can navigate with volume buttons to Factory Reset option and accept it by Power button. Proceed with on-screen steps and click “Reboot system now” to complete factory reset.

factory reset samsung in recovery mode

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2. How do I remove a Google Account from my Samsung A23?

You can remove Google Account from Samsung A23 by going into settings and accounts if you know its password. If you don’t know password, then you can use 4uKey for Android for safer removal.


If you have a locked A23 then we hope that this Samsung A23 FRP bypass Android 13 guide has been helpful to you. While you can perform this bypass without a PC, the steps take very long and making a single mistake may ruin your device. Moreover, those methods don’t work on all devices due to different security patches. That’s why you must stick to 4uKey for Android method for a more reliable and simpler solution.

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