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[4 Ways] How to Reset Samsung A10/A10s/A10e Without Password

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-12-14 / Update for  Unlock Android

Does anyone know how to reset Samsung A10 without password? I locked myself out of the phone and need to factory reset without unlocking phone. I would really appreciate any help."

Android forums have been overflowing with Samsung users who are asking for professional help to factory reset Samsung A10 without password (for good reasons). If you end up locking yourself out of your phone, it’s possible for you to get back in. With the right methods by your side, you can do this job without a problem. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk you through how to reset a Samsung A10 phone that is locked. The methods introduced here will also applies to locked Samsung A10s and A10e.

Things to Know Before You Factory Reset Samsung A10/A10s/A10e

Before you try to factory reset Samsung A10 without password, it’s important to know what situation you’ll face after the reset.

1. You will lose all the local data from your device. Everything stored on your internal storage will be wiped out. Only the data you had previously backed up to your Google/Samsung account can be retained.

2. You may face the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock after the reset if there is a Google account registered on the phone. To get rid of this, you will need to enter the credentials of your Google account. So make sure to recover the password of your Google account if you don’t know it already.

How to Reset Samsung A10/A10s/A10e without Password

The following sections cover three kinds of ways of resetting a Samsung phone that is locked. Let's discuss these ways one by one.

Way 1: Reset Samsung A10/A10s/A10e without Password via 4uKey for Android

“How to reset Samsung A10s forgot password/pattern with the best-possible method?” — good question — and Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is your answer. It’s a handy tool that you can use to reset your Samsung device, remove screen locks, get rid of FRP lock, and more.

Here’s the complete feature list of Tenorshare 4uKey for Android.

  • Reset Android device without password in just a few minutes.
  • Securely and seamlessly remove Android lock screen with pattern, PIN, password face recognition, and fingerprint. 
  • Get rid of FRP lock on Samsung devices.
  • Remove screen lock on older Samsung models without losing data.  
  • Compatible with every Android device running on a range of Android OS versions.

With that out of the way, let’s see how to unlock Samsung A10 without password.

  • Download and install 4uKey for Android on your computer. You can get it by clicking the button below, no matter you’re using a PC or Mac.

  • Open the program on your computer, connect your Samsung A10 device to the computer using a USB cable, and select “Remove Screen Lock” on the home page of 4uKey for Android.

    how to reset samsung a10 without password - remove screen lock how to reset samsung a10 without password - remove sreen lock with data loss
  • Read the instructions, and click “Start”. You will need to confirm the data loss warning to go ahead.

    how to reset samsung a10 without password - start removal
  • Wait for the removal process to complete.

    how to samsung a10 without password - removing lock screen
  • Now follow the instructions given on the screen to enter recovery mode on your A10 device and reset your Samsung A10 forgot pattern/password.

    reset samsung a10 without password
  • Wait for your Samsung A10 to boot up, and it will now be factory reset and you can unlock it without having to enter any password.

    reset samsung a10 without password successfully

    Note: If you are prompted to enter the last synced Google account and you have forgotten the details, refer to this guide to bypass Google account on Samsung with ease.

Way 2: Use Google Service to Reset Samsung A10/A10s/A10e without Password

If your locked Samsung phone has been associated with a Google account, you can proceed to factory reset Samsung A10 without password by using Google Find My Device service. Find My Device is originally designed to help users remotely find, lock, or erase a lost Android device remotely, however, it can also help gain access to a locked Android phone without password.

Important:To use this method, you should make sure the feature itself has been enabled and the locked device is connected to the Internet.

Let’s look at how to perform a Samsung Galaxy A10 factory reset without password by accessing the Find My Device website.

  • Navigate to Google’s Find My Device website in your browser and sign in to your Google account. Make sure it’s the same account you’re using on the Samsung A10.
  • Find your device from the list. Make sure that your Galaxy A10 is ON so that it can be located.
  • Select “Erase Device” and then confirm.

    reset samsung a10 without password via google service - erase device
  • It might take a few minutes for the data reset process to completed. Once it finished, the device will reboot up and you can simply swipe your screen to unlock the phone.

Way 3: Reset Samsung A10 without Password through Samsung Account

You also have the option of using your Samsung account to reset a locked Samsung phone, assuming that your Samsung account is registered on your locked device.

Samsung has a similar security service called Find My Mobile through which you can unlock and which you can log into on your browser and reset your phone when you have forgotten your unlock method. It works exactly the same as Google’s Find My Device, the only difference is that it requires your Samsung account credentials to work. Here’s how to go about it.

Note:Remote unlock needs to have been activated on the locked device.

  • Open your browser of choice on your computer and go to the Find My Mobile website.
  • Sign in to your Samsung account and find your Galaxy A10 from the list of the associated devices.
  • Select the Unlock option once your device has been located.

    reset samsung a10 without password via samsung account - unlock
  • Click Unlock again for confirmation. You may need to verify your Samsung account.

    reset samsung a10 without password via samsung account - click unlock again
  • Wait for the unlocking process to complete. Be noted that you need an active internet connection on your Galaxy A10 device for this to work.

    successfully reset samsung a10 without password via samsung account

Way 4: Hard Reset Samsung A10/A10s/A10e without Password

Lastly, you could perform a Samsung A10s hard reset without password using recovery mode. This method doesn’t require a computer or a USB cable, but it might be a bit hard to get the button combinations right. Here’s how to do it.

  • Shut down your device.
  • When the phone is off, press and hold the Power button and Volume up button at the same time until you see the Recovery screen.
  • Use the Volume down button to scroll down to the Wipe data/factory reset. Select it by pressing the Power button.
  • On the confirmation page, select Yes or Factory data reset.
  • After it’s reset, click the power button to reboot your system and you’re good to go.

    samsung a10s hard reset without password

Final Thoughts

When your Samsung A10/A10s/A10e phone is locked due to a forgotten password, PIN, pattern or the fingerprint or face recognition going wonky, learning how to reset Samsung A10 without password can help solve the problem. We know that you may not be proficient in such tasks. That’s why we’ve made this guide as easy-to-follow as they come! If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for unlocking your phone without password, then 4uKey for Android is what you need to get as it is the easiest, most-reliable Android lock screen removal tool that helps bypass screen locks as well as Samsung FRP lock.

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