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How to Fix Screen Burn on Android Phone?

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-10-31 / Update for  Fix Android

Screen burn in, also known as burn in on phone screens, is an irritating phenomenon where remnants of static images linger on your screen, creating a ghostly afterimage that just won’t go away. This can be particularly noticeable—and frustrating—on mobile devices. But worry not; you’re not alone in this, and there are solutions at hand!

fix screen burn on android phone

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve deep into what causes screen burn on phones, how to fix screen burn in on Android devices, and crucial preventative measures to keep your phone's display pristine. Whether you've got a slight shadow from a frequently used app or a stubborn image imprint from prolonged usage, our guide on how to fix screen burn in on phone screens is here to help.

Part 1: What Is Screen Burn on A Phone?

Screen burn, also known as burn in, is a persistent issue that can affect electronic displays, showing faint but continuous ghost-like images on your device’s screen.

This problem harks back to the era of cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays, where prolonged exposure of specific images led to uneven wear of the phosphors, causing a permanent imprint on the screen. Modern screens, including smartphones and tablets, are not immune to this issue despite advancements in display technology.

So, what is screen burn on a phone? It is a phenomenon where parts or the entirety of an image continues to linger on the screen, even when it's supposed to display something else. This happens most commonly when a static image is left on the screen for an extended period, leading to uneven wear of the screen’s pixels. These scenarios involve static, unchanging screen elements being displayed for extended durations, increasing the risk of screen burn on your device.

Part 2: Can Screen Burn Be Fixed?

Screen burn on a smartphone or tablet is a severe issue, but whether it can be fixed depends on the extent of the damage!

In cases of image retention, where the ghost image is temporary, the problem can usually be resolved by simply turning off the device’s screen for a few hours, allowing the unevenly worn pixels to recover.

For devices with always-on displays, powering off the device entirely or disabling the always-on feature for a certain period may help resolve the issue.

Permanent screen burn in occurs when the screen’s pixels have lost their brightness prematurely, and the only way to fix this issue is by replacing the screen or the device entirely.

Part 3: How to Prevent Screen Burn on Phone?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand what causes screen burn on phones. Screen burn is more prevalent on OLED and AMOLED screens, where prolonged display of static images can cause pixel degradation. Knowing this can help users take proactive measures to prevent screen burn.

1. Adjust Screen Settings

  • Lower Screen Brightness: Running pixels at high brightness for extended periods can contribute to screen burn. To mitigate this, reduce the screen brightness to a comfortable level.

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  • Enable Auto-Brightness: This feature adjusts the screen brightness based on ambient lighting, helping to prevent excessive strain on the pixels.
  • Shorten Screen Timeout: Reducing the time it takes for your phone's screen to turn off when not in use can significantly decrease the risk of screen burn.

2. Utilize Dark Mode

Switching to dark mode changes the phone’s UI to darker colors, which can help reduce the chances of screen burn. OLED pixels are completely turned off when displaying black, which not only saves battery but also reduces screen wear.

3. Screen Savers and Wallpapers

  • Use Dynamic Wallpapers: Opt for wallpapers that have movement or change over time to prevent static images from staying on the screen for too long.
  • Avoid Static Elements: Stay away from wallpapers or themes that have persistent logos or elements, as these are common culprits of screen burn.

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  • Conclusion

    Understanding what causes screen burn on phones and knowing how to fix screen burn in on phone is essential. With Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android, you have a reliable tool at your disposal to fix a variety of Android issues, including screen burn, and ensure your device’s longevity and optimal performance.