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New Pokemon Game 2024 Palworld: Unveiling Exciting Updates and News

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-02-01 / Update for  change location

Pokemon enthusiasts start the new year with the joy of exciting new yearly releases of Pokemon. Over two decades, Pokemon has become the most favorite game of all ages. The wait will soon be over with the upcoming release of Pokemon Go, which comes with a fresh and thrilling experience, introducing new features, Pokemon species, and gameplay mechanics.

This blog post will discuss the new Pokemon game 2024, what's new, the release date, and much more. So, let's embark on your new Pokemon 2024 game quest!

Part 1. What is a Pokemon Game?

pokemon go

Pokemon Go is a mobile game where players catch and train Pokemon from the real world. The game uses your smartphone's GPS location and camera to give you an augmented reality to capture the best possible Pokemon from your surroundings. The Pokemon game is all about the fictional character Pokemon. The players catch the Pokemon with Pokeballs from the real world and train them to start a battle and become trainers.

You can get Pokeballs from the Pokestops from the actual buildings in the Pokemon map. Pokemon characters are changed according to the location. For example, if you want to find a powerful Pokemon, you must search for it in a specific place in your area. Nintendo developed Pokemon in the early 90s, a Japanese franchise that soon became popular for its unique and cute Pokemon character. It's free to download and play. The new Pokemon game 2024 is around the corner now.

Part 2. Palworld: New Pokemon Game 2024-Pokemon With Guns

The new Pokemon game 2024 Palworld is not a Pokemon Go game, but it is like Pokemon characters fighting with guns. So people call it "Pokémon with Guns". With its initial release on January 19, 2024, on the Steam platform, it has sold 7 million copies in just five days.

In Palworld, the players enter an open-world environment, mostly islands named "Palpagos," where they catch and fight fictional creatures like "Pokemon with gun". They catch these creatures with "Pal Sphere." The players must build their surroundings, collect food, and combat the enemy creatures with Pal Spheres.

pokemon with gun    

The fictional creatures are called Pals, which have 100 plus creatures. After catching, Pals can fight to defeat the enemy creatures, or you can put them in your work. One of the most prominent enemy factions in the game is the Free Pal Alliance, which invades a flying dragon and works to free pals from slavery.

However, this new Pokemon Game 2024 has been criticized for its poor monster designs. Many of the monsters in Palworld are clearly plagiarized from Pokémon, including Pikachu, Pidgeotto, and others.

For example, the monster "Pal" is clearly a copy of the Pokémon "Pikachu." The two monsters have the same yellow fur, red cheeks, and lightning bolt tail. Another monster, "Parrot," is a copy of the Pokémon "Pidgeotto." Both monsters are flying birds with blue feathers and red beaks. The similarities between Palworld's monsters and Pokémon are so striking that some Pokemon Go fans have accused Palworld of being a shameless rip-off.

Part 3. New Pokemon Game 2024-Anticipating Pokemon Go Release

Reasonable Anticipation:

Nintendo, the Pokémon powerhouse, has expressed concern about Palworld's similarities. In a recent statement, Nintendo said that it is "monitoring the situation closely" and that it will "take appropriate action if necessary." In this situation, we can reasonably speculate that the official Pokémon franchise will definitely release new Pokémon game 2024 in the near future.

As of the last decade, Pokemon have been released in the latter half of the year after every three-year gap. The previous Pokemon game, Scarlet and Violet, was released in 2022. Considering the historical update trends of Pokemon Go and the characteristics of mobile gaming, there is a high likelihood of new content or games being unveiled in 2024. Historically, Pokemon Go tends to release new content during the summer or fall months. But with Palworld featuring "pokemon with gun," it's quite probable that the official Pokémon Go will roll out new games soon to reclaim players' focus. If you want to play Pokémon but don't feel like moving around every day, you can give iAnyGo a try – it's one of the best GPS spoofers out there.

What is the Next Pokemon Game?

pokemon gp

The Pokemon games upcoming are expected to be Gen 10, as Niantic has released the final DLC for Scarlet and Violet. It means that the Gen 9 era is over. Every Pokemon enthusiast awaits the Gen 10 Pokemon games with new exciting characters.

It is also predicted that Niantic has to work more to engage their fans than Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which seems buggy. The game may take a long time to develop in Gen 10 with more exciting features, characters, and modes. 

Part 4. Palworld vs Pokemon Go

In this part, we will give you a detailed Palworld Pokemon comparison with the key differences from the new Pokemon game 2024, that set both games apart.

Palworld Pokemon Go
In the Palworld, you entered an open-world island, "Palpagos." Pokemon Go game lets you play the game in real surroundings
Palworld gives the player real-time combat, gun combat, base building, and survival crafting mechanics. Pokemon game battles and raids have their own specialty and in-game rewards.
There is a  chance of getting a job system/slavery of Pals, catching pals, using guns, and other humans sets it apart.  You can’t imagine using guns in Pokemon Go as the biggest difference from Palworld.
Palworld’s most exciting feature is that multi-players can join the game and cooperate with each other, allowing them to grow together. Limited multi-player experience.
Palworld is an Engine 5 PC game with more appealing and realistic graphics. Pokemon tries to use a realistic theme with the last two releases.
Various Pals have specific qualities like watering, crafting, and gathering. You must catch the Pokemon first and train to use them in battles, raids, and other tasks.

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