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How to Get Pachirisu Pokemon Go Location and Catch a Pachirisu by Pokemon Go Map

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-04-08 / Update for  change location

In the game of Pokemon Go, Pachirisu is a very demanded, regionally locked Pokemon. The fact that it is Electric-type and also extremely rare makes Pachirisu more pleasant and fun to play with. However, it is still quite hard to spot it, which is why the trainers have a tough time picking it up. 

This blog will be bringing forth the best ways of finding and capturing Pachirisu in Pokemon Go, including the application of Tenorshare iAnyGo in altering your real location.

Part 1: How Rare is Pachirisu Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go creates an additional difficulty and diverse thrill among the trainers of all regions with the help of the regional exclusive Pokémon . Although these Pokemon are not that unique and can only be found in certain regions of the world, they are important to the collector.

Let's talk about 5 of the rarest Pokemon that are found in specific regions and have their particular type as well as characteristics.

  • Pachirisu: An Electric-type Pokémon, labeled as Pokemon Go 417, resides predominantly in places with cold weather, for example, some parts of Canada. The rarity of Pachirisu further increases its appeal, granting it a treasured item for trainers.
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  • Kangaskhan: Being a Normal-type starter exclusive to the Australasia region. Kangaskhan is famous for its maternal nature and one of the best moves it has in the battle. Therefore, you should not underestimate it.
  • kangaskhan
  • Heracross: A Bug/Fighting-type Pokémon that belongs to the inhabitants of Central and South America. Heracross is famous for its toughness and storm, which makes it a very suitable team member for any trainer.
  • heracross
  • Relicanth: The Water/Rock Pokémon, which is found only in specific regions surrounding New Zealand. Relicanth's ancient look and odd typing make it a Pokémon you just have to encounter and catch.
  • relicanth
  • Tropius:5.A Grass/Flying Pokémon with more probability of being in regions around the equator, especially in Africa. Tropius is the Pokemon, that not only bears fruit but sports graceful flying, which makes this Pokemon a practical and handsome (if not beautiful) addition to any trainer's collection.
  • tropius

Part 2: Main Introduction of Pachirisu in Pokémon Go

As for players cared most about how to get pachirisu Pokemon Go, Now, let's discuss the essence of the Pachirisu as a character in Pokémon Go. Identified as Pokemon Go 417 its distinctive look and fascinating skill set, Pachirisu hailing from the Sinnoh lands will enliven the Pokémon world as it makes its way to the Pokémon Go. 

Pachirisu,as an Electric-type Pokémon, is gifted with a collection of electrifying moves that can be very useful in battles, especially in the player vs player matchups. In PvP battles, Pachirisu showcases its prowess with moves like Volt Switch, Thunder Punch, and Thunderbolt. 

  • Volt Switch allows it to swiftly switch positions while dealing damage, giving trainers tactical advantages in battle.

  • Thunder Punch delivers a powerful electric blow, while Thunderbolt provides a reliable, high-damage option against opponents.

  • Pachirisu also holds the potential to appear in its shiny form, adding an extra layer of excitement for trainers seeking to catch them all.

Part 3: Places to Catch Pachirisu in Pokémon GO

Pachirisu Pokemon Go, uniquely and regionally defined, will predominantly be revealed in distinct regions of Canada localized within the Pokémon GO game space. Particularly, it is mostly found in cold areas of the northern provinces of Canada.

You must have a question like What part of Canada is Pachirisu? You will probably notice Pachirisu more often in the following regions and cities.

Region City
Alberta Edmonton
British Columbia Calgary
Saskatchewan Vancouver
Manitoba Saskatoon

In these provinces have witnessed the Pachirisu spawns both during the day and nighttime.

Part 4: Best Tool to Find Pachirisu at Home

Since many trainers are unable to make the trip to Pachirisu's native areas, using location spoofing tools, such as Tenorshare iAnyGo, may serve as a good alternative.

With Tenorshare iAnyGo, trainers can fake a location and control their device's GPS location such that they can travel to any desired location virtually without going there physically.

Moreover, probably the most interesting feature of Tenorshare iAnyGo is its Multi-Spot Movement capability, which makes the journey to hunt for Pokémon real. 

Let us show you how the Tenorshare iAnyGo app can help you to find Pachirisu eligible habitat in three easy-to-follow steps.

  • Connect Your Phone: You first need to install and launch Tenorshare iAnyGo on your device. Now, connect the phone to pc with the help of a cable. Hence, it creates a bridge between your gadget and the iAnyGo app that ensures location modification smoothly.
  • Connect Your Phone
  • Choose Location: With Tenorshare iAnyGo, you have the freedom to choose any place, and change locationfor example, regions in Canada where Pachirisu spawns and it is observed to be frequently found. The app comes with an easy-to-use interface that incorporates a location button with which you can pinpoint specific locations easily.
  • Choose Location
  • Change Location: After you have chosen and faked the location that you want to be, Tenorshare iAnygo helps you to easily simulate and change your device's GPS location with optimal ease. Through filtration of the location settings of the game, you can virtually travel to the mentioned area and get access to the Pachirisu spawn info directly from your home.
  • Change Location

Final Words

As we finalize the subject, we can say that a beautiful Pokémon called Pachirisu, which lives in colder regions of Canada might be found in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and part of Manitoba. 

iAnyGo is a great tool for trainers who are not able to personally check out these areas physically. A great benefit to this program is that with this application, trainers can change location on the device easily without actually moving themselves. 

Whether you are coming for Pachirisu or any other Pokémon only available in a certain region globally, Tenorshare iAnyGo is a helpful guide to smoothen your way of collecting more Pokémon you admire.

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