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6 Top-Rated Location-Based Games for Playing in 2024

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Advanced mobile devices encouraged game developers to create games connected to mobile GPS. In the past few years, after Pokemon Go's popularity, a lot of location-based games have emerged. However, choosing the best among the pool of games can be troublesome. Don’t worry. We have picked 6 top-rated location-based games for playing in 2024.

Part 1: What are Location-Based Games?

Location-based games are also called location-enabled games or, shortly, geo games. Location-based games rely on the player's mobile GPS location and progress with the player's movement. As you move into the real world, the game location is also refreshed, giving you exciting gameplay.

Part 2: Benefits of Playing Location-Based Games

Location-based games can have many benefits:

Physical activity: GPS-based games encourage physical activity and keep you active all the time. This improves overall health.

Social interaction: When you come out from the home to play the game, you interact with others. Make acquaintances and improve social behavior.

Improve geographical knowledge: As location-based games are connected geographically, they bring awareness of the surroundings. A person can find new places and learn more about his geo-location.

Mental well-being: Location-based games refresh your mind and keep you engaged. This can lower stress and improve mental health.

Improves self-confidence: As you play outside and face new people, play battles, and work hard to level up, it improves self-confidence.

Part 3: 6 Most Popular Location-Based Games 2024

1. Pokemon Go

Developed by Niantic in 2016, Pokemon Go has made success records after its initial release. Pokemon is one of the best location-based games for iOS and Android. This GPS-based game uses a player's mobile GPS, camera, and data.


It changes the real world into augmented reality where the trainer can catch Pokemon in their surroundings. It has many in-game events and battles. The most interesting thing about Pokemon is its cute character, which now has hundreds of species. The player must catch the Pokemon from its surroundings, win rewards, and upgrade the level.

2. Monster Hunter Now

Released by Niantic and Capcom, Monster Hunter Now is another fun, exciting, location-based mobile game. It attracts gaming enthusiasts because of its exciting gameplay.


In Monster Hunter Now, players walk around the city and combat with the game monsters using the Monster Hunter Now exclusive weapons. The game encourages friends to hunt monsters. Players gather materials and resources to upgrade the armor and hunter level.


Ingress was the first location-based game released by Niantic in 2012. It is one of the best location-based games. It's an augmented reality game where you come outside, hack portals attacked by portals, and search for energy. Ingress works on the energy that spots around the earth.


When you come out with your phone, the camera shows the energy portals look like fountains. If it's blue, it belongs to the Enlightened team, and if it's green, it belongs to the Resistance team. All you have to do is choose your team and take control of these energy portals while competing with the opposite team.

4. The Witcher Monster Slayer

Witcher Monster Slayer make its position in location-based games in 2021. Developed by Spokko, it is a location-based video game. The player becomes a witch in the game and emerges in the real world.


The witcher encounters different monsters or herbs. The witcher has a sword, explosives, and sign-casting to kill the monsters. The witcher is controlled by touching the screen. Although this game has a unique gameplay, it did not meet business expectations. So, it was shut down on June 30, 2023.

5.Jurassic World Alive

Based on the movie Jurassic World, this location-based game was released in 2018 in Australia and Canada. It was developed by Ludia and is very similar to Pokemon Go. With its initial release, 100 species of dinosaurs have been added, and more are expected with further updates.


In Jurassic World Alive, players catch dinosaurs like Pokemon from their surroundings. This collection of dinosaurs can be used to battle other players. Dinosaurs can also be created with the hybrid DNA.

6. Pikmin Bloom

Released by Niantic in October 2021, Pikmin Bloom is also one of the best location-based games series. The player is awarded by the Pikmin creatures that appear throughout the game.


In the Pikmin series, the player wanders outside and is awarded the items. These items can be used to feed or grow Pikmin. Pikmin grow flowers on their head. The player can plant flowers on the map with the petals.

The player can feed the Pikmin with flower nectar, which rewards in petals. Local buildings look like flowers, and you can get nectar from it. Some buildings look like mushrooms, and players can fight battles with Pikmin to destroy mushrooms in mushroom battles and get rewarded.

Part 4: Tips For Playing Location-Based Games

To play location-based games more effectively, you must keep in mind a few things:

  • Location-based work with your mobile GPS, so always enable location services on your mobile device.
  • Your internet connection would be strong.
  • If you are paying outside, keep your mobile charged; otherwise, the battery will empty soon, and it can ruin your gameplay.
  • Remember not to go to far-off areas when moving outside, as it is unsafe to move alone.

Bonus: The Best GPS Spoofer For Location-Based Games-iAnyGo

Location-based games keep you active and positively affect your health. But sometimes it is not possible to move outside. Many players face this issue and want to change location without going outside. To assist the players, here comes the best GPS spoofer, Tenorshare iAnyGo.

iAnyGo can change location anywhere and anytime. No need to go outside or keep moving. Just download the app and enjoy location-based games while sitting on your couch. It is the best Android and iOS location changer. Some of the key features of iAnyGo are as follows:

  • No need to root or jailbreak the device.
  • Change location with a click.
  • Give three types of virtual movements: walking, cycling, and driving.
  • Change location or set route at a customized speed.
  • Cooldown timer to prevent account ban.
  • A virtual joystick to control movements more freely.

Follow the steps to change location with the bestlocation changeriAnyGo:

  • Download iAnyGo on your computer and navigate to the next step with the default mode "Change Location."
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  • Attach your iOS or Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. If you use an Android device, enable USB debugging before spoofing with iAnyGo. After connecting, unlock your phone and click on "Enter."
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  • In the iAnyGo map search field, type the address or GPS coordinates and click "Start to Modify."
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  • You can try Joystick Mode. With a virtual joystick, you can freely control your movements in the game and change direction easily at any time.
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  Updated on 2024-04-01 / Update for  change location

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