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Top FRP Bypass Tools Apk

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-12-30 / Update for  Unlock Android

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection and it is a great data protection mechanism provided by Google with the release of Android 5.1 Lollipop. It is a very helpful feature in case if you misplace or lose your phone or if an unauthorized person tries to perform reset it, your device will require the Google Account and password to attain access to your device. Thus, this feature is primarily designed to reduce the risks of frauds and thefts.

However, the FRP feature can pose a threat in case if you forget the password of Google account and you already have reset your phone. Now, you see yourself stuck in the process, isn't it? Fortunately, there are plenty of Google FRP bypass tools that can help you to bypass Google Account verification on your device and you can easily come out of this annoying problem.

Here, we are going to list top FRB bypass tools APK you can use if you ever go through such a frustrating situation. So, let's take a look at them:

1. Tenorshare 4uKey FRP Bypass Tool

If the model of your Android phone is Samsung, then we highly recommend you to have a try of Tenorshare 4uKey for Android - FRP Bypass Tool. It is the best Android Unlocker that can remove Android FRP account, screen lock pin, pattern or fingerprint within a few minutes and one-click of a button.

Note: Bypassing Samsung FRP with 4uKey for Android is only available on Windows now.

  • To use the software, you need to download, install and open it first.
  • Next, connect your device and choose "Remove Google Lock(FRP)" option, please make sure your connection is stable.

    choose remove google lock
  • Then follow the software's instruciton to proceed. You can bypass FRP in a few minutes.

    bypass google frp lock successfully

2. Pangu FRP Bypass APK

Pangu is the first and foremost method to bypass Google account verification. With the help of it, you can easily remove the FRP lock. The tool provides support for Android Lollipop 5.1 and above versions. And it works for all Android models, which include Motorola, Samsung, SDP, etc. It is truly simple and easy to use that will save time. Download its Apk and unlock your phone to begin using it as before within a few minutes.

Download Link: https://pangu.in/pangu-frp-unlocker-7-1-2/

pangu frp bypass apk

3. UnlockUnit FRP bypass

Another FRP bypass tool you can use is UnlockUnit Intelligent Assistant. It is a chat-oriented procedure to unlock the Android device in simple and easy steps. This way does not require any kind of technical knowledge because chat assistance aids you to bypass the Google account verification on your phone. The best thing about UnlockUnit Assistant is that they refund full amount if it fails to erase the FRP lock on your device.

Download Link: https://www.unlockunit.com/blog/bypass-google-account-verification-factory-reset-protection/

unlockunit frp bypass tool

4. Samsung Reactivation Lock/FRP Removal Service

Are you seeking a Samsung FRP bypass tool? If yes, then you can use Samsung Reactivation Lock/FRP Removal Service and it will work perfectly for you. In fact, it is an online service, which means you don't have to download and install any FRP bypass tool APK. All you have to do is to go to the Samsung Reactivation Lock site and select your model. After that, enter the IMEI code to reset your device.

Download Link: https://directunlocks.com/lock-protection.php

samsung reactivation lock

5. FRP/Google Account Bypass and Flashing Tool

This tool by Gadgets Doctor will help you to bypass Google verification on your device. It is the latest addition to the FRP bypass tools. It works for GTC, Samsung, SPD, and many more smartphones. You can download this FRP bypass tool APK from its official site and install it on your phone. This will flash your phone in order to bypass Google Account verification on your phone.

Download Link: https://frpbypassapk.com/google-account-bypass-flashing-tool/

flashing tool

6. Free Bypass APK for Samsung

It is FRP bypass APK for Samsung users to bypass the Google verification on their Samsung smartphone. This tool helps you to break the limits of your device to attain access to your device and its data. It is the best tool when you forgot your Google account passcode after you reset your phone. You can download its APK from below link and install it on your phone.

Download Link: https://apkoftheday.co/frp-bypass-apk-download/

free bypass apk for samsung

7. GSM Flasher ADB Tool

This flashing app can help you to bypass the FRP lock on your device. All you have to do is to download its file on your system and install it. The tool works for both Windows and Mac system. Once you installed it, you can bypass Google Account verification by connecting your device to your system with the help of a digital cable.

Download Link: https://www.allflashfiles.net/2017/06/gsm-flasher-adb-bypass-frp-latest-setup.html

gsm flasher adb tool

8. D&G Password Unlocker

D&G Password Unlocker is another way to erase the FRP limits from your Android device and tablets within a few minutes. The tool supports a wide range of Android brands, which include Lenovo, Motorola, Huawei, HTC and many more. Plus, it is compatible with all Windows versions. Once downloading it on your system, connect your device to the system using a USB cable and you will be able to reset your device without Google account verification.

Download Link: https://www.freemobiletools.com/2017/04/d-password-unlocker-tools-all-frp.html

dg password unlocker


SAMSUNG FRP HELPER V0.2 is the FRP lock bypass tool. It comes with ADB functionality to bypass the Google verification process. It has interactive GUI and easy to use. Plus, it provides you with a detailed guide on how to bypass the FRP verification. It is compatible with all Samsung devices and so, it will surely work for your Samsung phone too.

Download Link: https://www.s7fanclub.com/samsung-frp-helper-0-2-remove-frp-lock-or-google-account-from-galaxy-phones-android-7-0.html

samsung frp helper

10. FRP Lock Google Verification Bypass Tool Software

This Google FRP bypass tool is innovative and it also provides additional protection for the devices to bypass the Google Account verification process. It is completely free to use and works for a wide range of Android devices, such as Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo and many more. Plus, it also supports the latest version of Android.

Download Link: https://wikisir.com/frp-lock-google-verification-bypass-tool-software/

frp lock google verification tool

11. FRP Hyjacker Tool (For Samsung)

Again, it is the FRP bypass tool APK for Samsung users. It means if you want to bypass Google Account verification on your Samsung device, then you can try this tool. You can download it from below link and all you have to follow the instructions provided by it bypass FRP verification process.

Download Link: https://www.myquickidea.com/download-frp-hijacker-tool-2018-remove-samsung-frp-with-this-tool/

frp hyjacker tool

Bottom Line

That's all on FRP bypass tool APK. Here, we have covered the finest FRP bypass tools you can count on to bypass Google Account Verification on your phone. Please feel free to choose the one you like.