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Shiny Pokemon Odds in Go During Fest 2023

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2023-07-27 / Update for  change location

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 is arriving soon, and with that, many people wonder if there will be better rates for rare Pokemons, like Shiny Pokemon. Do you have a similar question in mind and want to know the finding odds of Shiny Pokemon 2023? Well, this article is your best bet!

In this article, we dive deeper into the subject and tell you whether to expect boosted rates for Shiny Pokemon during the event.

Part 1: Are There Boosted Rates for Shiny Pokemon Go 2023?

Let’s get something clear: there has never been official information about boosted rates for Shiny Pokemon, ever.

Niantic has never disclosed if the odds of Shiny Pokemon change during certain events. Everything you see on the web is mere speculation.

However, it’s possible to roughly guess whether the odds will be raised during the event by looking at the history.

  • In earlier Pokemon Go Fests, like the 2020 Fest, trainers suggest that they’ve gotten Shiny rates of 1:64 or 1:128, which is higher than the usual 1:500.
  • That means during the Go Fest event, you’re likely to get a Shiny Pokemon 1 out of 64 or 128 attempts. But, remember that this information is not official, and the stats have only been guessed and observed by players.

If previous events are to be believed, you can expect boosted rates for Shiny Pokemon during the 2023 Go Fest as well.

pokemon go fest 2023 shiny rates

Part 2: When is 2023 Go Fest Happening?

You might want to know when is the official 2023 Pokemon Go Fest happening. In that case, this section is for you.

Pokemon Go Fest 2023 will be conducted during in-person events in New York, Osaka, and London during the month of August. The global event, where every person from around the globe can participate, will be conducted on 26 and 27 August 2023.

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Part 3: Is the Pokemon Go Global Fest 2023 Free?

The in-person events have limited seats. But — the global event has unlimited seats, which means you don’t have to worry about tickets running out.

But, many people are wondering if there’s a free ticket for the Pokemon Go Fest 2023 event.

Good news: there’s a free ticket available, which comes with all the basic goodies and boosts.

But, there’s also a paid ticket that gives you additional perks.

Part 4: How Much Does the Paid Ticket Cost?

If you’re looking into the paid ticket for Pokemon Go Fest 2023, you might be wondering how expensive it is. In that case, this section is a must-read for you.

The paid ticket for Go Fest 2023 costs $14.99.

This is the same price as it was in 2022 Go Fest. But, compared to the 2021 Fest, it’s 3 times higher.

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Part 5: Will Getting the Paid Ticket Boost Pokemon Go Shiny Rates?

Simply put, buying the paid ticket will help your chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon.

Premium ticket comes with some additional perks, and boosted Shiny rates is one of them. If there are boosted rates during the event, you will get even higher chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon if you buy the paid ticker.

But, as said earlier, be noted that the information about rates isn’t official. So, there’s no way to tell how better your chances of getting a Shiny Pokemon during the event.

Here are some more features that you do get in the Premium ticker:

  • During the event, you will be guided toward the Mythical creature Diancie in the Special Research Quest.

    pokemon go fest 2023 shiny rates
  • Global Challenge Arena is another perk that premium ticket holders will enjoy. In this arena, trainers worldwide work together to complete different challenges every hour. When you succeed at completing a challenge, you will get a boost that will stay persistent throughout the next hour.
  • Tons of other bonuses will also be available. For example, you will be able to do up to six Special Trades daily.

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    play pokemon go fest 2023 without moving
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    play pokemon go fest 2023 without moving

Check the video guide:

The Bottom Line

Shiny odds will be increased during the Pokemon Go Fest 2023. So, it’s the best time to catch one!

But, if you can’t go out enough to play the game, feel free to use Tenorshare iAnyGo to spoof your location and play from your home!