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Change Instagram Location Step-by-Step Guide in 2024

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-04-01 / Update for  change location

Sometimes, you may want to change Instagram location but don't know how to do it.

There are multiple ways to do it. We’ll discuss both built-in and external options along with their limitations. So, in this guide, you will learn the step-by-step process of how to change IG location easily and effectively and access this social app's features anywhere in the world.

Part 1: Why Do People Change Instagram Location?

There could be many reasons why people change Instagram locations. It depends on your priorities, location, and IG profile type. Some reasons could be the following:

  • Changing location can also be helpful if you are traveling from one place to another and want to use all the features of Instagram everywhere.
  • You may need this to view Instagram reels, as they are unavailable in some regions.
  • Changing location can help you get a wider audience if you are a creator.
  • Changing the lG location can be helpful for social media managers in engaging the target audience for specific content. It can give IG posts more likes, comments, and shares.

Now that you know why people want to change locations, let's move forward with how to change locations in IG.

Part 2: How to Update Instagram Location

Sometimes, your Instagram location is incorrect when you move from one place to another. Instagram takes some time to update your location. If you want to change Instagram location settings instantly but don’t know how to edit location on Instagram, you can do it manually in the following three ways:

  • Delete Login activity: Open Instagram settings and tap on login activity. There, you can see all your login activity in different locations. It will show the map where the login has been made. Here, you will remove your last login from the past country. This will log you out from the Instagram app. If not, do it manually. Close the app and log in again. In this way, you are telling Instagram your new action.
  • Reinstall the app: If the above method doesn't change your location on Instagram, you have to remove the app and reinstall the Instagram application. So, delete the app, reinstall it, and log in again. In this way, you are deleting the cache and removing the settings of the last country or region.
  • Edit profile: If you have a business account, open your IG profile and tap on edit profile. Navigate to the contacts options, where you can edit your location.

Part 3: How to change Instagram Location

You can change your location on Instagram in two ways.

1. Change Instagram Location Using A GPS Spoofer

Using a GPS spoofer is the best way to change your location on Instagram. Instagram is a location-based app that shows content according to your profile GPS location. A GPS spoofer changes your mobile location, and the app also detects the changed location. So, your location is automatically changed on Instagram. For this, Tenorshare iAnyGo is the best location-changing tool. It can change your location on all the location-based apps on your mobile.

iAnyGo Key Features

  • You can freely change your device location anywhere in the world.
  • It can change location instantly with a click.
  • It works on all location-based apps and games on your mobile device.

How to change Location on InstagramWith iAnyGo:

  • Download iAnyGo on your computer, and don't change the default mode "Change Location."
  • change location
  • Attach the phone to the computer. Connect your phone, iOS, or Android to the computer using a USB cable. After connecting your device, click on "Enter."
  • change location
  • In the iAnyGo map, select a location, type its address or GPS coordinates in the search box, and click "Start to Modify."
  • change location

    Your location will be changed in the Instagram app. Now, you can view reels or get wider reach by changing your location on Instagram.

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2. Change Instagram Location Using a VPN

With a VPN, you can change your Instagram location, bypass any restrictions, or get access to this app if it is banned in your region. To change your location with a VPN, you can choose any VPN.

Before changing your location with the VPN, open your Instagram profile and navigate to settings. In there, open the login activity menu. All you need to do is log out of all login activity. This will automatically log you out of your Instagram account. If it is not, log out manually.

How to Change Location on Ig With a VPN

After logging out of the Ig account, follow the steps below:

  • Download and install a VPN on your phone.
  • In the VPN, switch to the server you need.
  • After connecting successfully to a server, open your Instagram account and log in with your login credentials.
  • Your Instagram account location will be changed.

Note: If your account is new, you do not need to log out first. Just switch on the VPN on your phone and then create an IG account.

VPN can change your location on Instagram, but usually not on the first try. This is because your device's GPS location interferes with the login process. VPN changes your device's IP address, not GPS. So, if the VPN doesn't alter IG's location, then you have to use a GPS spoofer with the VPN.

FAQs About Change Instagram Location

Q1: How Do You Find Audience Locations on Instagram?

You can find the audience's location on Instagram by viewing existing demographic data. This demographic data shows you your Instagram audience location, age, gender, and how much is active on Instagram.

To find this existing analytic data, open your IG account and go to insights. Under insights, you will see "Followers." Tap on followers, and you can see your audience location on Instagram.

Q2: How Do You Target the American Audience on Instagram?

If you want to target the American audience on Instagram, simply follow the instructions:

  • Open your Instagram account and navigate to "Settings and Activity."
  • Tap on the option "Account type and tools."
  • Tap on "Switch to the professional account," which will give you access to insights and analytic tools.
  • Change your Instagram location to America.
  • Use relevant hashtags to engage the target audience.

With this, Instagram algorithms will show your content to the most relevant audience in America.


You can change Instagram location if you want to reach an audience in a specific region or access the Instagram app in a restricted region. Changing location will give you access to Instagram wherever you are. Moreover, you can reach a larger target audience by changing IG's location if you are a creator. The best and most successful way to change Instagram location is using a GPS spoofer like Tenorshare iAnyGo.

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  Updated on 2024-04-01 / Update for  change location

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