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Top 4 Ways for Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2021-12-30 / Update for  Unlock Android

Oppo A3s is a very good value for money products, selected by many users especially for students who just want a business phone. This budget smartphone from Oppo offers lots of exciting features but the problems occur when you forget the password or lock pattern. In this situation, you might be looking for a perfect solution to unlock patterns. This brief blog will provide you several ways to do Oppo a3s pattern unlock.

Part 1. Unlock Oppo A3s Pattern Using Oppo A3s Pattern Unlock Tool

Oppo A3S pattern unlock tools help you to recover your phone's pattern that you forget. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available on the internet. We'll be explaining about one tool that can help you to unlock your Oppo A3s. Let's get started with the tools that can help you to unlock the Oppo A3s pattern.

MSM Download Tool

MSN Download is an online tool that helps you download firmware and install it on your smartphone. Once a flash firmware is installed on your smartphone, you can then perform Oppo A3S pattern unlock.

Step 1. Download flash tools and files on your computer and extract all files.

Step 2. Copy all extracted files and paste them into the "flash-file" folder.

Step 3. Launch "MSNDownloadTool.exe" to start the installation process. Enter the name and password by purchasing the tool.

oppo a3s pattern unlock msmdownload tool

Step 4. Once the installation is completed, click on the "Start All" button and wait for some time.

Step 5. Connect your Oppo A3s phone to your computer through USB cable and press Volume Down and Power Button.

Step 6. On a successful connection, the "Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 port" option will appear under the "Ports" tab in the device manager of the PC.

how to unlock Oppo a3s pattern

Step 7. The device will detect the device in "ELT Mode" and launches flashing immediately.

Step 8. The process will take a few minutes as the MSN download will install new firmware on your device.

Part 2. Other 3 Ways to Bypass Oppo A3s Pattern Lock without Tools

Here are the other ways to bypass Oppo A3s pattern lock that includes hard reset, using Google account and security questions.

Solution 1. Hard reset Oppo A3s

Perform these steps to hard reset your Oppo A3s to unlock your pattern lock:

  • First, you need to power off your device. Ensure that your Oppo A3s are charged at least 50%.
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys as soon as the Oppo logo appears on the screen.

    oppo a3s pattern unlock
  • You can use the volume up and down keys to navigate to the "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" and press the power button.

Solution 2. Using Google Account

Google allows you to reset your smartphone if it uses Android 4.4 or less. Follow these steps to reset your phone using Google Account.

  • Turn on Oppo A3s.
  • Perform the wrong pattern 5 to 6 times until the forgot pattern option appears.
  • Tap the Forgot Pattern option and then type in your email & password.
  • Click on the Sign-in option for email and password confirmation.
  • You will be redirected to the security page to disable or change the screen lock.

Solution 3. Security Questions

Here is yet another simple way to unlock Oppo A3s without using Oppo A3s pattern unlock tool. You can use security questions to unlock the Oppo A3s pattern.

  • Turn on Oppo A3s phone.
  • Attempt wrong patterns 5 to 6 times until the Forgot pattern option appears.
  • Click on the Forgot option.
  • Then, click on the Answer question option.
  • Answer all your security questions to unlock your phone.

    tenorshare 4ukey review
  • For confirmation, a confirmation dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Yes option to create a new pattern or password.

Also Know: How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock?

If you are using other android phones and have the same problem, there is also a great tool to help you out. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a perfect tool to unlock most android device, except OPPO, Sony and OnePlus. It claims to unlock your phone in just a single click. The software helps you to remove your Android password, pin, pattern, and fingerprint lock. Furthermore, the software is very easy to use as it unlocks your phone in a few minutes.

  • Please download and install Tenorshare Android Un-locker on your computer first.
  • Launch the program, choose the feature "Remove Screen Lock" and connect your device to the computer with a USB cable. The program will install the driver for your device when you run it.

    oppo a3s pattern unlock tenorshare 4ukey for android
  • The program will prompt you when your Android device is connected successfully. Then click the "Start" button to get rid of the forgotten lock screen passcode.

    oppo a3s pattern unlock tool tenorshare 4ukey for android
  • Then you must confirm that "Removing the lock screen password will erase all data on the device". If you are sure, just click the button "Yes" then Tenorshare 4uKey for Android will start to remove the lock screen automatically.

    oppo a3s pattern unlock tool tenorshare 4ukey for android
  • A few minutes later, you will see the whole process completely.

    oppo a3s pattern unlock tool tenorshare 4ukey for android

With only few clicks, you can easyily unlock pattern lock without any hassle.


Oppo A3s is no doubt a perfect value for your money and it's also a perfect device for students who want a flagship phone despite having a low budget. This blog briefs solutions and tools that can help you to perform Oppo A3s pattern unlock. And 4uKey for Android, supported by most Android users, is compatible with a wide range of devices including Samsung. So, you can trust this tool.

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