[Bugs-Fixed] iOS 18 Beta Bugs & Glitches List with Solutions

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-07-10 / Update for  iOS 18

Every year, Apple releases a big iOS update along with the iPhone new lineup. Some users are enjoying the cool new features, and improvements in the iOS 18, some are complaining about the iOS 18 beta known issues and glitches, and seeking solutions. Before the iOS main update is released, Apple rolls out its beta version to test out new features and improvements made in the new update. If you were tempted like many other iPhone users to install iOS 18 beta, but regret your decision, despair not.

To ensure you get the best out of the iOS 18 beta update, we’ve curated a list of all the iOS 18 bugs and glitches along with the appropriate solutions. Have a look at the issues that you’re facing, and apply the fixes to resolve them.

Part 1: The Most Complete iOS 18 Beta Bugs List and Fixes [Updated June]

Whether you’ve installed the new iOS 18 developer beta bugs and iOS 18 developer beta 2 bugs, or are wondering to give it a try, here’s the iOS 18 beta known bugs list according to iOS 18 bug report along with the solutions to fix it without any hassle.

Bug 1: iOS 18 Beta Download Stuck or Failed

The excitement of the new iOS 18 update can quickly turn into frustration when the download stuck or failed issues occur. This seems a common issue every year whenever a new update is released, making thousands of users stare at a progress bar.

The most common reason behind the iOS 18 beta download stuck or failed is the significant number of iPhone users trying to install the iOS 18 at the same time. This makes Apple’s server overloaded due to the heavy traffic.

  • Solution 1. Check the System Status of the server to see if Apple servers are down.
  • Solution 2. Check your internet connection and speed.
  • Solution 3. If there's an internet issue, try restarting the internet router.

Bug 2: iOS 18 Beta Battery Drained Issue

One of the unwelcome companions of the iOS 18 beta is the battery drain issue. There can be two main reasons behind this. One reason is the new features of iOS 18 aren’t fully optimized, and the second is the constant diagnostic process, and sending the data running in the background to improve the final release of iOS 18. >

  • Solution 1. Restart your iPhone
  • Solution 2. Turn off the background app refresh option in the settings.
  • Solution 3. Adjust the brightness level.
 battery health

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Bug 3: iPhone Overheating

iPhone users have reported that the device feels like a brick even on normal use. This indicates that something is incompatible with the hardware of the device. When the device OS isn’t optimized properly with the hardware of the device, it can cause issues like iPhone overheating issues even on basic tasks such as scrolling social media apps, watching offline videos, or chatting.

  • Solution 1. Try restarting your iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Close the apps from the recent apps when not using them.
  • Solution 3. Avoid using your iPhone in direct sunlight.
  • Solution 4. Remove the back case.

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Bug 4: iPhone Laggy

If your iPhone has become sluggish, and laggy while navigating through the light apps, you aren’t alone. The new iOS 18 beta update requires free space on the device. A device with fully crammed data can feel laggy and sluggish in day-to-day use.

  • Solution 1. Try restarting your iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Close the apps from the recent apps when not using them.
  • Solution 3. Avoid using your iPhone in direct sunlight.
  • Solution 4. Remove the back case.

Bug 5: Wi-Fi Not Working

Another bug reported in the iOS 18 beta update is the wifi not working after updating the device. It can be caused by the iOS bug or a temporary glitch interfering with the normal functionality of the Wifi. Only one user reported this bug after updating the device to iOS 18 beta.

However, it’s unclear whether the problem is mainly caused by the iOS 18 beta update or if it’s related to the device settings on the user's device. However, if you’re also facing a similar problem on your device, it may be a bug & glitch in the iOS 18 beta update.

The possible solutions for Wifi not working after the r iOS 18 beta are mentioned below:

  • Solution 1. Restart your iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Forget the Wifi network, and reconnect.
  • Solution 3. Reset Network settings.
  • Solution 4. Restart the Wifi router.
  • Solution 5. Update the device DNS on the iPhone.
  • Solution 6. Lastly, reset the Wifi router settings.

Bug 6: iOS 18 Beta Stuck on Recovery Mode

iPhone stuck in recovery mode after installing the iOS 18 beta update is also a common issue, reported by several iPhone users. This is usually caused by the corrupted iOS update downloaded from unverified sources, or when the update installation process is interrupted.

However, if your device went into the Recovery mode and got stuck during the installation, it can also be due to the iOS 18 beta bug, not allowing it to boot normally. There are several fixes for it, try all of them one by one, and see which one fixes it.

  • Solution 1. Try force restarting your iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Update it from iTunes.
  • Solution 3. Perform a restore from iTunes.

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Bug 7: iOS 18 Beta Not Showing

While some users are reporting the post-update iOS 18 beta bugs after installing the iOS 18 beta update, some are unable to find it in the settings. Generally, you can update your iPhone to the latest iOS version by going to Settings >> General >> Software Updates.

If you can’t find the new iOS 18 beta update, it means you haven’t signed up for the beta program. Apple sends the beta update to only iPhone users who have signed up for it. If you want to try the iOS 18 beta update, follow the steps below to apply:

1. Go to the Apple Beta Software Program, and sign up.

2. Tap on Open Beta Updates, then select the Open option.

3. Then you’ll see the available iOS 18 beta version for your device. Select the iOS 18 beta, and download it.

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Bug 8: iOS 18 Black Screen

Some users have reported encountering a black screen issue after upgrading to iOS 18. The screen may be completely black or may show a faint backlight. The device may still be responding to touches, as users may be able to hear sounds or feel vibrations when pressing buttons. However, the screen remains black and unusable.

  • Solution 1. Force restart iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Restore your iPhone using iTunes.
  • Solution 3. Put your iPhone into recovery mode and restore it.

Bug 9: iOS 18 Apps Not Working

After updating to iOS 18, some users are having trouble with apps. These apps might unexpectedly shut down when you try to open them, freeze up, or become completely unresponsive. This problem affects both built-in Apple apps and apps downloaded from the App Store.

  • Solution 1. Force restart iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Update the affected apps.
  • Solution 3. Delete and reinstall the affected apps.
  • Solution 4. Reset your iPhone to factory settings.

Bug 10: iOS 18 Beta Lock Screen Notifications Not Working

Have you met ios 18 notifications bug? An irksome problem that may have arisen if you updated to the latest iOS 18 beta is that your lock screen isn't displaying notifications. This may be annoying, particularly if you depend on those alerts for crucial information or reminders. But don't worry, there are a few easy steps you can take to get your lock screen notifications working again. This issue is fairly common with new software releases.

Restart iphone
  • Solution 1. Allow notifications for apps.
  • Solution 2. Enable notification center on lock screen
  • Solution 3. Turn off low power mode
  • Solution 4. Allow notifications for apps

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Bug 11: iOS 18 Beta Music Haptic Not Working

Many users report that iOS 18 beta music haptic not working. It is also not showing in settings. That's frustrating! It seems like the new Music Haptics feature in iOS 18 beta isn't quite in tune yet. You're not alone - there are reports of it being a bit buggy. Hopefully, it's just a case of the beta software needing some fine-tuning. Let's see some simple solutions on how to fix it.

ios 18 beta music haptics not working
  • Solution 1. Wait for iOS 18 public beta.
  • Solution 2. Clear apple music cache.
  • Solution 3. Update apple music app.

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Bug 12: iOS 18 Beta Shortcuts Not Working

Some of the useful Shortcuts might not be functioning as intended if you installed the most recent iOS 18 beta on your iPhone. Don't worry, there are a few easy steps you can take to fix this. This is a common issue with beta software.

ios 18 beta shortcuts not working
  • Solution 1. Recreate the shortcuts.
  • Solution 2. Re-enable the automation.
  • Solution 3. Restart your iPhone
  • Solution 4. Wait for iOS 18 Beta

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Bug 13: iOS/iPadOS 18 Beta Math Notes Not Working

For students, teachers, and anybody else who needs to work with mathematical equations and expressions, Apple's Math Notes app for iPhone is a useful tool. But since the iOS/iPadOS 18 beta was released, a lot of users have complained that the Math Notes app on iOS isn't functioning properly.

These issues, which can include freezing or crashing, experiencing difficulty writing equations, and other glitches, can be annoying and interfere with your workflow. Lets' see some simple steps on how to fix it.

iphone math notes not working

  • Solution 1. Update apps on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Solution 2. Check your internet connection.
  • Solution 3. Use apple pencil for math notes.

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Bug 14: iPadOS 18 Calculator Not Working

It was revealed at Apple's WWDC on June 10th that the iPadOS 18 update will come with a dedicated Calculator app.

There may be a few reasons why your calculator may not be functioning if you already have one. This post will discuss some typical causes of your Apple iPad calculator not working as well as the best fixes you can attempt to resolve the issue.

ipad calendar not working
  • Solution 1. Restart the calculator app.
  • Solution 2. Delete and reinstall the calculator app.
  • Solution 3. Restart Your Device.

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Bug 15: iOS 18 Beta Home Screen Not Loading

A user claimed that "I removed a widget and this made my homescreen not loading. No way to get this fixed other than recover to iOS 17 again. If i tried to unlock it just threw me back to the lockscreen." The beta version of ios always has a lot of errors, the appearance of Home Screen Not Loading may be the reason why the system is unstable. If you have met the same problem, you can use Tenorshare ReiBoot to downgrade from iOS 18 beta to 17.

Bug 16: Hard to Use Photo App & Poor Pixelation in iOS 18 Beta

According to Reddit feedback, many who depend on the iOS 18 beta Photo app on a daily basis have expressed frustration with its reported bugs. Whether the iOS 18 beta Photo app crashes out of the blue, doesn't load images, or behaves erratically in other ways, the bugs and instability can be quite annoying. Upon this situation, it is recommended to downgrade to iOS 17 to get the previous photo app and high pixelation. ios 18 beta photo app bugs

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Bug 17: iOS 18 Beta Dynamic Island Spinning

From the Twitter reported, one of the bugs in iOS 18 beta is face id verification after app lock, without locking the screen then the animation of the dynamic island will rotate with it. Apple should officially fix this bug in a subsequent official release.

ios 18 beta photo app bugs

Bug 18: iOS 18 Beta Screen Time Not Working

Users of the iOS 18 beta have reported an issue where Screen Time is not working as expected. Some users have reported that they are unable to set app limits, while others have said that Screen Time is not tracking their app usage accurately. There are also reports of Screen Time not working at all.

ios 18 beta photo app bugs

Bug 19: iOS 18 Beta "Could Not Authenticate" Error

Cancelling "Lock Apps" on iOS 18 results in a "Could Not Authenticate" error for users. In this case, you should either wait for a public beta update that will fix this error or get in touch with Apple Support.

ios 18 beta bug

Bug 20: iOS 18 Beta Record Phone Calls will Ask for Permissions

It has long been possible to record phone calls on an iPhone, but you always need a third-party recording app to do so. Apple has now revealed a built-in phone recording feature that can be accessed through the AI skills that were included in iOS 18.

The new phone call recording feature will show up on the screen during a live call, according to a brief preview given at Apple's WWDC 2024 on Monday. Pressing the Record button will begin recording the call and notify both you and the other party that it is being recorded. A timer tells you how long the recording has been running, and a soundwave indicates the audio level of the recording.

However, according to the Reddit, we know that some users claim that iOS 18 will let you record calls — and tells everyone for their privacy. In this case, you can record the phone call only if the other party knows you are recording.

ios 18 beta bug

Bug 21: Your Apple ID is Not Eligible to Use This Application at This Time

Some users are trying to get the ios 18 beta by logging into develop.apple.com, but are experiencing the issue "Your Apple ID is Not Eligible to Use This Application at This Time". It may be caused by many issues. Let's see how to fix it:

your apple id is not eligible to use this application at this time
  • Solution 1. Use Downgrade Tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot to Update to iOS 18 Beta without Developer Account.
  • Solution 2. Clear all data of safari browser.
  • Solution 3. Update device and browser.

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Bug 22: iOS 18 Beta Mail App Not Working

After updating to iOS 18 beta, the Email app simply stops functioning. The Mail app is crashing, and users are unable to send or receive emails through it or receive any notifications.

  • Solution 1. Downgrade to iOS 17.
  • Solution 2. Wait for iOS 18 Public Beta, which maybe will fix this issue.
  • Solution 3. Use the webmail instead of the app.
ios 18 beta bug

Bug 23: iOS 18 Beta Volume Bug

User feedback when trying to use apps like youtube or tiktok, the volume of the phone goes up and down and the sound only seems to come out of the headphones.

  • Solution 1. Open the keyboard and briefly activate dictation and it’ll go back to normal.
  • Solution 2. Report it on Apple Support. The more people that report it, the faster it'll be fixed.
  • Solution 3. Wait. After about 10 minutes the volume went back to normal.

Bug 24: iPhone Mirroring App Not Working

Several users have reported encountering an issue where iPhone Mirroring Apps cease to function properly after updating their devices to iOS 18 beta. This issue manifests in various ways, including the inability to detect the target device, connection failures, and lag or stuttering during mirroring sessions. The affected apps appear to be a diverse range of third-party mirroring solutions, suggesting a broader compatibility issue rather than problems specific to individual apps.

ios 18 beta problem

Bug 25: iOS 18 Keeps Crashing

With iOS 18, some apps may crash or have compatibility problems due to new APIs and changes.

  • Solution 1. Force restart iPhone.
  • Solution 2. Update the app to the most recent iOS 18-compatible version.
  • Solution 3. It might be necessary for you to remove and reinstall a particular app if it keeps crashing.

Bug 26: iOS 18 Flashlight Not Working

New software updates, like iOS 18, can sometimes introduce temporary bugs. If you find yourself needing the flashlight on your iPhone running iOS 18 and it won't turn on, don't panic! There are a few common culprits and some easy solutions to get your light back.

  • Solution 1. Check Control Center. Open Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner on iPhone X or later, or swipe up from the bottom on iPhone 8 or earlier) and tap the flashlight icon. If it's unresponsive, try adding and removing the flashlight button from Control Center using Settings > Control Center.
  • Solution 2. Restart Your iPhone.
  • Solution 3. Reset All Settings.

Bug 27: iOS 18 Autocorrect Not Working

According to Reddit, we find that Autocorrect has stopped working for certain languages after iOS 18 beta update. You can try to redownload the languages in settings to fix this issue. Users from reddit fix iOS 18 autocorrect not working issue by this way.

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    fix with reiboot
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    repair successfully

FAQs about iOS 18 Beta Bugs

Q1: How glitchy is iOS 18 beta?

Many iPhone users are reporting different bugs and glitches in the iOS 18 beta. The one fixed in the iOS 17 issues has also come back in the iOS 18 beta. These issues are usually fixed in the upcoming features update when the full iOS 18 update version is launched.

Q2: Why is my phone glitching after iOS 18 Beta?

The beta updates are in the testing phase and are usually released to get the user's feedback on them. This valuable feedback from the iPhone users helps eliminate the issues before the final update. The iOS bugs and glitches are always expected in the beta updates.

Q3: Is iOS 18 beta compatible with iPhone 11?

Over 20 iPhone models will be listed as compatible with the new iOS 18 update. However, the iPhone X/XR lineup may not receive the latest iOS 18 update. The iPhone launched after the iPhone X/XR will receive the new iOS 18 beta update.

Q4: How to downgrade iOS 18 beta to 17?

The straightforward way to downgrade from the iOS 18 beta is through the Tenorshare ReiBoot. Install the tool on your computer, and connect the iPhone with it via a compatible cable. Launch the program, select the Downgrade option and follow the onscreen instructions to downgrade.


The beta version is released on the testing grounds to test out new features and improvements and let the users uncover the problems and bugs. iOS 18 is going to be a great update once its final version is released.

In this guide, we curated a list of the iOS 18 beta bugs & problems along with the solutions. If you’re facing multiple iOS problems on your iPhone, consider fixing them with Tenorshare ReiBoot which lets you fix all the iOS bugs and glitches in one click.