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Useful Tips On How to Unlock Pattern Lock without Internet

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2020-09-03 / Update for  Unlock Android

Screen Lock is a must-have feature in recent days as the number of Android threats and attacks is getting its way in. For instance, you bought a second-hand smartphone from a dealer at a reasonable price, and the screen is locked. With a locked screen, you have no option to connect it to the internet. You may find it hectic to remove screen lock without the internet, but there are easy methods out there. Stick with the article till the end to know the detailed steps on several methods to unlock pattern lock without the internet.

I. Perform A Factory Reset to Unlock Pattern Lock without Internet Connection

Warning!The process to be discussed is known as factory reset on Android phones. The process will erase everything you have on your phone. For the consideration, backup your data and information to cloud or physical drive.

  • Turn off your device completely.
  • Once the screen goes blank, use any of the following key combinations. If these do not work, search online for the key combination to open the bootloader on your device.
  • Once you are through the system recovery mode, you can use volume up and down to toggle between the option and the home button to select the option.
  • Now, using a volume down button, navigate the select option to "Wipe data/factory reset." When you select the correct menu option, hit the power button to continue the process. factory reset android phone
  • Again, toggle the volume down button to "yes" and hit the power button.
  • Finally, you will land on the page where you have to choose the "Reboot system now." That's it.

II. Using "Forgot Password" Feature to Unlock Android Phone without Internet (For Older Android)

If you are rocking old Android phones in your pocket, then it’s straightforward to remove the forgot lock screen. The smartphone with Android version 4.4 and former versions support this method. It is the simplest method possible side by side; it won't delete any data on your device. The following steps will accompany you on how you can use the "Forget Password" feature on older Android phones to unlock the lock screen without an internet connection.

  • Lit up your phone and start providing random passcodes on the lock screen. If it's a pattern lock, swipe between the corners randomly.
  • A pop-up will disallow to use the lock screen and wait a while before you can enter the passcode again. Click on "Try Again" once the countdown finishes.

  • On the same lock screen, you can see an option that says "Forgot Pattern?" click on it.
  • Once you click on the forgot pattern menu, a new screen asks you to bypass the lock system. On the provided fields, enter the correct username- as in Google account and password to the account. Keep in mind the credentials should match the exact login you have on your device previously.

  • After proper sign in, your phone asks you to enter a new passcode or pattern, respectively, enter the fields and continue. This should be all to unlock Android phones without internet connection in older Android.

III. 4uKey for Android - Unlock Android Phone without Internet

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is a tool readily available to remove any type of screen lock in Android smartphones. The process requires no internet connection whatsoever; you will need the internet to download the application from the internet. The following steps elaborate on the required information to unlock Android phones in no time.

  • Download and install the Tenorshare 4uKey application software on your computer. The tool works on Windows and Mac as well. Then, connect your locked Android phone to the computer using a proper USB cord.
  • Launch the Tenorshare 4uKey application, then, choose the "Remove Screen Lock" option.

    remove screen lock - 4ukey for android
  • Now, read the guidelines and tips on the screen and hit "Start" to begin.

    remove screen lock - start to unlock
  • Now, click on "yes" on the prompt box. This is the final confirmation by Tenorshare 4uKey.

    confirm to remove the lock screen
  • After a successful process, 4uKey will generate a message saying the phone has been unlocked.

    confirm to remove the lock screen

You Maybe Interested in The Following Questions

1. Can I backup my phone without unlocking it?

It's obviously hard to backup your phone without unlocking it; however, it's doable. There are a couple of tools at hand online that claim to successfully backup your data from the lock screen. The problem should be easy if you have enabled USB debugging or any case. "Trust this computer" is allowed beforehand if you forget the lock screen.

2. Can you transfer data from a locked phone?

Yes, you can transfer data from a locked phone to your computer. The method is not simple, but a bit of hard work and installation should make your work done. You need to have an ADB shell installed on your computer, and USB debugging needs to be turned on. You can turn on USB debugging using the ADB shell as well.