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10 Ways to Fix Apple Music Not Downloading Songs

May 28, 2018 03:41 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Problems and Fixes
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Why is My Apple Music Not Downloading?

A new song from that artist you love has just come out and you try to download it onto your device. Annoyingly, you find that Apple Music is not downloading songs! What is keeping you from listening to music on the go? Various Apple users have complained about getting a message that reads "Unable to Download Songs". Others stare at their screen waiting in vain for the download to start after tapping the download button; some even report the button spins for days without anything happening!

How to Fix Apple Music Not Downloading

If you are suffering from the same issues, we've got you covered. We answered the question: "why is my Apple Music not downloading any songs?" Find here the 10 best ways to fix the problem easily.

Way 1: Check Your Network Connection

First thing you should do is to check if Wi-Fi or your Data is on. If you are using your mobile's data to download the songs, you must also allow Apple Music to use it. To do this you must:

enable cellular data

Way 2: Restart Apple Music App

Another option to fix the problem when Apple Music won't download music anymore is to restart the app. It's very easy, simply:

restart apple music

Way 3: Turn off iCloud Music and Restart iPhone

Your device might have some background apps running which are preventing Apple Music from working normally. To solve this issue, we recommend you follow these steps:

restart music app

Way 4: Sign Out Apple ID

Your Apple ID is your access key to Apple Music among other apps. You can try signing out and in again to see if it helps the Apple Music not downloading problem. To do this:

Way 5: Turn off and on "Show Apple Music"

"Show Apple Music" is an option to actually see the app in the main page. When you turn off this option, Apple Music is hidden, and you can relaunch the app in this way when Apple Music songs won't download. Follow these steps:

show apple music

Way 6: Update Apple Music App

Still not working? An updated version of the app can solve the problem of Apple Music won't download music to library or cloud. To update:

show apple music

Way 7: Update iPhone Software

Updating your system to iOS 11 will make it more powerful and smarter, and might help you get Apple Music back to normal. To update to iOS 11 follow these steps:

Tap "Settings", then "General" and choose "Software Update". Then choose "Install Now".

update software

Way 8: Repair iPhone System

If Apple Music is still not downloading any songs after trying the methods above, there might be a system glitch. To get rid of it, you should use Tenorshare ReiBoot. Our tool can help you fix this issue and many others by repairing the iPhone system without losing any of your data.

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Step 1:Plug in your device into the computer and launch the programme. Click "Fix All iOS Stuck". Then, click "Fix Now" to start.

system recovery

Step 2:You will enter a screen to download the latest software for your iPhone or iPad. Choose a save path and click "Download".

fix iphone black screen

Step 3:After the download has finished, click "Start Repair" and follow the instructions. Your device will reboot and will function normally.

system recovery is completed

Way 9: Delete and Reinstall Apple Music

Another alternative to try to fix your problem is to delete and reinstall Apple Music. Thanks to iOS 11 you can now delete these built-in apps, simply follow these instructions:

To reinstall the app, search Apple Music in the App Store and download as you would do with any other app.

Way 10: Contact Apple for Help

Sadly, if you are still having problems after trying all our suggestions above, there is nothing left to do but to contact Apple for Help. They might help you solve your problem or even replace your device if Apple Music continues to not download any songs.


Hope our tips helped you solve Apple Music not downloading songs completely and successfully! Remember to go through all the methods to see which one works best for you, from checking your network connection to using the aid of Tenorshare ReiBoot. If you still have any other further questions or want to suggest any other tips you know, please don't hesitate to contact us and leave a comment below.

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