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How to Fix Apple Music Not Working on iPhone/iPad Issue

May 16, 2018 04:01 pm / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Problems and Fixes
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Apple Music grabbed attention of users in no time after its introduction. But as some users were enjoying listening to music from Apple music, some were facing issues and had concerns regarding the same. This had put iPhone user in a big question - why is my apple music not working? And today, we’ll be discussing all such Apple Music concerns along with their solutions.

apple music not working

Part 1: Frequently Reported Apple Music Problems on iPhone/iPad

Honestly, there are numerous reasons as to why is your Apple Music not working on iPhone. Below we have managed to list the most frequently occurred and the most famous ones among users. Check if you are also dealing with one of them.

Part 2: How to Fix iPhone Apple Music Not Playing Properly

Now that we are done listing all the problems of Apple Music, let us now check the solutions for these problems. Below are some of the best methods that will help you solve Apple Music not playing issue.

Method 1: Restart Apple Music

A fresh start is always good. And same applies in this scenario too. Simply restarting Apple Music sometimes solves the issue in just seconds. To restart Apple Music just Double click your device’s Home button. This will give you the list of apps that are recently used. Now slide up the Apple Music so as to exit it. To restart it again, click on Home Page.

restart app music

Method 2: Enable Airplane Mode

Many a times, Airplane mode is the best solution for few problems. It simply works great without any hustle bustle. To put your iPhone on Airplane mode go to Settings and turn it on. Wait for a small amount of time and again turn off the Airplane Mode.

enable airplane mode

Method 3: Restart iPhone

When you merely restart iPhone/iPad, your device will be put in the rebooting phase. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to eliminate any errors causing your Apple Music to misbehave. Follow below steps to restart your device.

restart iphone

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

Try resetting your network settings for once. Sometimes it may happen that Apple Music isn’t getting much of your network and hence it is facing issues such as Apple Music not connected to Internet. To reset your network settings, navigate to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings.

reset network settings

Method 5: Update iTunes to Latest Version

Updating iTunes to the most recent version brings many new features as well as eliminates already hovering issues with it. So give it a try. To update iTunes, open it. At the iTunes window top side, in the menu bar, select Help >> Check for Updates. Simply follow the prompts and your iTunes will be updated to the newest version.

check itunes update

Method 6: Launch Apple Music in a Different Way

If you’re still dealing with Apple Music won’t play problem, let’s not go with the same old way. Yes, you heard it right. Launch your Apple Music a different way than normal. To launch Apple Music differently, navigate to Settings >> Music >> Join Apple Music.

join apple music

Method 7: Sign Out iCloud Account and Sign In

Signing out iCloud account and again signing it back is somewhat similar to restarting iCloud and giving a fresh start. But before that, turn off Show Apple Music option by going to Settings >> Music. Now navigate to Settings >> iCloud. Here you will find Sign Out as well as Sign In options. First sign out and then again sign back in to iCloud.

sign out

Method 8: Professional Way to Fix Apple Music Problem

If above solutions don’t work and you are stuck with iPhone won’t play music issue, you need to go for a professional method. And for that you need Tenorshare ReiBoot to fix All iOS Stuck function. This functions work magically and will help you fix Apple Music problems completely. Also, the major advantage of the tool is that you will not lose your data a bit. All of your music files as well as other data remains intact. Follow below steps to use the tool.

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Method 9: Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

Then final way to get rid of Apple Music not working problem is to restore your iPhone. For this, first take a backup of your device or else you will end up losing every bit of your data on your iPhone/iPad. After taking a backup, you are good to restore your device. For this, go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings. With this, everything in your device will be erased along with the issue causing Apple music to behave abnormally. Now set your device again. Once set, restore your iPhone/iPad from the backup taken.

restore to factory settings


In this article, we discussed the best solutions for Apple Music not working issue. Hope that at least one of the solutions worked for you and helped you out of Apple Music not working correctly issue. Share with us if you have any other solution apart from the one discussed above. Simply comment below.

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