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iPhone Headphone Mode Stuck Fix

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode Issue

June 14, 2016 10:31 am / Posted by Jenefey Aaron to iPhone Tips
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First we will see the reasons why is your iPhone 6 stuck in headphone mode. Once we are aware of the culprit we can easily find an appropriate solution for that. There are many reasons as to why you are facing iPhone stuck in headphone mode tried everything issue. Few of them you may already know and others you may have not even have heard of. Below is a list for your reference. Check if you get your culprit in there.

Part 1: iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode with Headphone Jack

Before going to the deep knowledgeable solutions and scratching our heads, first let us try some simple and easy solutions to bring out your iPhone from headphone mode. Try one of the following solutions if you are dealing with iPhone/iPad stuck in headphone mode problem.

Part 2: No Headphone Jack, iPhone Still Stuck in Headphone Mode?

We have checking and applying simple tricks to know how to fix an iPhone stuck in headphone mode. If the simple ones don't show their magic, we need to move on and go for the actual solutions. Below are some of the top solutions to solve iPhone stuck in headphone mode issue.

Method 1: Turn On Airplane Mode

This is a swift and uncomplicated solution for headphone mode stuck issue. You can call it a trouble-free one. If you are sure that the headphone jack is not the one creating the issue, try putting your device on Airplane mode. Go to Settings >> Airplane mode to put your device in Airplane mode. Wait for a while, may be for 5 minutes or so, and turn it off again by tapping on the Airplane mode button again.

iphone airplane mode

Method 2: Use Bluetooth Speaker

If you are still dealing with iPhone stuck headphones problem, instead trying ways for headphone jack, try using a Bluetooth speaker. By pairing your device with any Bluetooth device, your iPhone may come out of headphone mode. Turn on the Bluetooth of your iPhone by going to Settings >> Bluetooth. Once connected to the Bluetooth speaker, simply play something, may be a song. At the same time, just turn off your iPhone's the Bluetooth.

iphone bluetooth

Method 3: Reboot iPhone

Rebooting your iPhone gives you high chances of getting your problem solved. The solution always gives good results without any efforts made. To reboot your iPhone, follow below steps.

Method 4: Change iPhone Settings

There is a hidden setting in Accessibility named Call Audio Routing. This setting gives permission if audio is enabled during FaceTime audio calls or phone calls. So have look at these settings too. Navigate to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Interaction >> Call Audio Routing. Here Automatic should be tick by default. If it is not, just change it to Automatic.

audio call routing

Method 5: Record a Sound

Many iPhone and iPad users noticed that after recording an audio, their device has come out of headphone mode. You can too go for this solution and check whether it works for you or not. You can use any third-party recording app such as Voice Memos or simply record a video with your device's camera.

record sound

Method 6: Play Music

People have also reported that playing music solved their iPhone stuck on headphones no sound problem. For this, simply play any music with Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and so on. You can also use any music-related app. With your headphones plugged in, play any track. Now wait until the screen gets locked automatically. Once locked, unlock the iPhone and stop playing the track. Remove your headphones and immediately play any song or video. Check if your speakers are working now.

play music

Method 7: Put iPhone into DFU Mode

If the solutions didn't work, put your iPhone in DFU mode. Your device speakers can start working and your iPhone will get out of headphone mode too. Follow below steps to put iPhone in DFU mode.

Method 8: Reset iPhone

Then final as well as the most unwanted solution to solve any problem including iPhone stuck in headphones mode & speakers not working is to reset your iPhone. To reset your device, follow this path: Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings. With this all your data as well as your problem will be deleted from your iPhone. It is better if you take a backup before going for this method so that you can restore your iPhone from the backup. Once the device is reset and clean, set it again.

reset all settings

Method 9: Contact Apple for Help

If none of the solutions work for you, then something is wrong with your iPhone's hardware. To solve this hardware issue, you need to contact your nearest Apple store and get it fixed.

The above article showed best 9 ways to fix iPhone 6s stuck in headphone mode problem. However, if you're the unlucky lost data on your iPhone after exiting headphone mode, try Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery to Get back your messages, photos, videos and other up to 20 types of files easily.

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