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Deeply Figure Out Why Can't Approve This iPhone [iPhone 13/12 Included]

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2023-01-04 / Update for  Fix iPhone

I turned on two factor authorization on my phone 12. The system starts saying that I need to log in one more time to ensure everything work properly. After I enter my iCloud password and my phone password it keeps loading and says waiting for approval. But I can't understand what should be my best steps. And I have exactly the same problem on my Mac." approve this iphone

It's very posssible when you update your Apple ID settings with a chance to appear can't approve this iPhone. What will you do? Many users announce that they finally fixed this issue with the following ways which proved to be useful.

If you are the person who has such problem that can't approve this iPhone, try it.

Why Can't I Approve My New iPhone 13/12/11?

Why can't I approve my new iPhone 13/12/11 from another device is a pervasive problem, but Apple still doesn't address this minor issue. So, a combination of incorrect setting of iCloud Keychain and Two-Factor Authentication, and Apple's security complexity make it so hard to do things.

Which of Methods for Approve This iPhone Suits You?

Method 1: Turn off iCloud Keychain

iCloud Keychain helps you remember things that you don't need to. That's why so many users like this feature. When iCloud Keychain is on, your passwords and credit card information are saved on the devices you approve. That's why can't approve this iPhone at times, you should do the following steps to turn off iCloud Keychain.

  • Click Cancel when approve this iphone not working.
  • Tap Settings > hit[Your Name], press iCloud bar.
  • Scroll down to Keychain and pick.
  • Turn off iCloud Keychain

    to approve this iphone must turn off keychain

Method 2: Approve iPhone 13/12/11 from Another Apple Device

If you have more than 2 Apple devices, the method is highly suitable for you. Check the following now!

If you have another iPhone, you can

  • Click Cancel to get out of the process of waiting for approval.
  • Go to Settings > iCloud > Enter Apple ID and password.
  • Then you will get 6 figures Apple ID Verification Code from another iPhone.
  • Enter the iPhone passcode, your iPhone 13/12/11 gets the approval.

If you have Mac, you can approve iPhone from Mac:

Make sure that your Mac has already sighed in to Apple ID which you will be loged into iPhone with the following steps.

  • Click Cancel to close the interface of waiting for approval iPhone.
  • Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Apple ID.
  • Find Password & Security under your name.
  • Click Turn On.
  • Go to Settings on iPhone >Enter Apple ID and password.
  • After that, you will get 6 figures Verification Code from Mac and enter them.

What If Your iPhone 13/12/11 Stuck on 'Waiting for Approval', How?

For many users, there is fear that approve this iPhone stuck comes. When it appears that means you should fix iPhone 13/12/11 stuck on waiting for approval first then back to approve.

There are so many ways that can fix this issue but Tenorshare ReiBoot shows you much easier steps with effortless. Check the following steps.

  • Download and install ReiBoot and connect with computer. Then click Repair Operating System.

    iphone stuck on approve this iphone
  • On this interface, click Fix Now if you are ready to repair stuck I can't approve my iphone 13/12/11.

    icloud stuck on waiting for approval
  • Here comes with firmware package download. Its auto-detected feature will show you the right firmware version for your iPhone. Click Browse to change the save path if you need.

    fix stuck on waiting for approval
    two factor authentication stuck on waiting for approval-reiboot
  • Click Repair Now to solve the stuck problem finally. Be patient to wait for a few minutes, and it will complete.

    repairing stuck approve the iphone

In the end, you can check whether your iPhone 13/12/11 get out of stuck. If not, please contact us.


It is user-evident that can't approve this iPhone can be fixed with the one of the methods of this post. What should you do is to perform with the guidlines patiently. It's kind to introduce the Tenorshare ReiBoot to help you fix stuck issue. If there is any problem, contact us here or email to Tenorshare Support.

People Asked about Approve This iPhone?

Reasons of can't approve iPhone iCloud

The reasons doesn't involve hardware but system. So, experts concluded that the top 3 reasons are wrong setting of iCloud Keychain, Two-Factor Authentication and the security complexity of Apple.

How do I approve iPhone from another device?

As mentioned previously, there are two methods can be used for approve this iPhone waiting for approval. But it need a precondition that your iCloud has already loged in to an Apple device, then you can aprrove your new iPhone.

Can I turn off two-factor authentication?

On Apple's own words, if you have already turned on two-factor authentication, you are not allowed to turn it off. For this feature is always required by the latest version and extra the level of security.