How to Fix Can’t Approve iPhone

Here is a picture showing iPhone stuck on approve this iPhone. The screen shows go to one of your other devices to approve this iPhone but never get a 6 digit notification on another device to approve it.

approve this iphone

“My husband owns one iPhone - no other device. He upgraded to iOS 10 and now it's asking him to "approve the phone" on another device. Logging in on does not work. Please advise so he can continue setting up his phone without resetting all of his data!”

For some people who have other devices signed in to iCloud, they never get a notification on another device. The iPhone just says “Waiting for approval…”

This appears to be related to two factor authentication from other people who are having the pestering problem. Try these steps to fix approve this iPhone not working in iOS 11/10.3/10.2/10.

Solutions to Can’t Approve iPhone after iOS 11/10 Upgrade

Step 1. When you update iOS, click “Cancel” to skip “Approve this iPhone” step. You can retry it later.

Step 2. Complete the iOS update by following the instructions.

Step 3. Go to Settings on your iPhone > iCloud > tap your profile of Apple ID > Password & Security > turn off the Two–Factor Authentication. You will be asked to reset your Apple ID password.

Step 4. After you turn off two-factor authentication, retry “Approve This iPhone” by navigating to Settings > the red flag. Your iPhone should be automatically approved.

turn off two factor authentication on iphone

You can turn on Two-Factor Authentication later if you wish.

Another fix is to approve this iPhone from PC/Mac. Here are the steps: Log into to disable Two-Factor Authentication. In this process you will be forced to create 3 new security questions. After this, go back to iPhone and no more prompt to approve.

turn off two factor authentication apple

Turning on two factor authentication is an advanced way to protect iPhone data and our privacy. If you gets stuck on “Approve This iPhone” after setting up two factor, try these solutions we share in this article and hope you can get out of the persistent approve request on your iPhone.

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