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Secrets About Pokemon Go CP Calculator: You Don't Want To Miss It 

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-03-20 / Update for  change location

Being a very popular game, the Pokemon go game has introduced many exciting features which appeal to every Pokemon player. You can become a Pokemon trainer in the game. If you want to have a perfect pokemon with the best status, you should use some tools to calculator their potential. So in this guide, you will learn about the Pokemon go cp calculator and evolution calculator. Scroll down to learn more!

pokemon go cp calculator

Pokemon Go CP Calculator

As you know that each Pokemon you catch has a specific (CP) and it represents the Combat Power of your Pokemon. Here we are going to tell you what is Pokemon go cp calculator and why you need it and how to use it. So, keep the ball rolling.

1. What Is Pokemon Go CP Calculator

Pokemon cp calculator is used to calculate the CP of the next stage of your Pokemon. Many websites can serve this purpose and these are quite helpful. These calculators estimate the average cp of the next form of your Pokemon.

2. Why do We Use Pokemon Go CP Calculator

The Pokemon go, cp calculator is very useful and a must-have tool. You can expect certain benefits from this calculator:

  • You can evolve higher cp Pokemon for battle league.
  • The fastest way to have an approximation of your pokemon’s future cp.
  • The accuracy level of these calculators is up to mark so you can wisely spend candies and stardust to evolve the best Pokemon.

3. How to Use Pokemon Go CP Calculator

You can access the web browser on your computer or phone to check the cp of your Pokemon. 

  • Go to Pokemon Go info and pick the Pokemon from the drop-down list.
  • Choose the level from 1-40. You must know that Pokemon hatched from an egg have level 20 and their level increased by 0.5 with time to a maximum of 40.
  • After this, you will see bars having some statistics. Check the required options.
  • Next you will see a pop-up on the side showing the cp.

    pokemon go cp calculator

Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

Pokemon go evolution calculator tells you how strong your evolved Pokemon will be. This tool calculates how strong your evolved Pokémon will be. The CP for the evolved forms is based on the current Pokémon status.

1. What Is Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

A Pokemon evolution calculator is a handy tool that lets you know how strong your evolved Pokemon will be based on its current CP. This tool simply requires your current Pokemon and their CP. After getting these two details, pokemon go evolve calculator calculates the CP of evolved Pokemon. So, based on the current status of your Pokemon, it tells you about the future status.

2. Why do We Use Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

You must know that acquiring candies in Pokemon Go is a really tedious task as these are rare, so spending them in evolving Pokemon must be wise. Using the Pokemon go evolution calculator, you can:

  • Save your resources (especially candies) from spending on lower cp evolved Pokemon.
  • Easily decide between two Pokemon of similar strength to evolve.
  • Know the CP and new moveset.
  • Evolve the best Pokemon which are strong in battles.

3. How To Use Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

The Pokemon go evolution calculator is a very easy-to-use and free tool. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to use it.

  • Go to the Pokemon Go game info.
  • Select the name of your Pokemon and enter the current cp of Pokemon.
  • Finally click on Calculate.

    pokemon go evolution calculator

Bonus Tip: How To Play Pokemon Go Without Moving

To evolve Pokemon, you need to earn candies and stardust which requires you to play Pokemon Go by moving around. What if you get a chance to play this game without the hassle of getting up and going out? Yes! you can do it by creating a spoof location using third-party software. The Tenorshare iAnyGo helps you excellently in this regard. Here is how to play Pokemon go with Tenorshare iAnyGo software using the Joystick feature.

  • Download and launch iAnyGo software on your computer and connect your device with it. From the home screen, choose the 4th option “Joystick movement” mode.

    joystick movement interface
  • You can set your movement speed by dragging the slider to the speed you want to move with. The fastest speed you can reach with this is 72 kilometers per hour which is an incredible number.

    set speed on joystick movement mode
  • You can start an automatic movement by dragging the middle button to the circle and then releasing it. The GPS will start movement automatically at your set speed. During movement, you can tweak the direction to 360 degrees.

    start to joystick movement


To be the master of every battle in the Pokemon go game, you need to calculate every possible move of your evolving Pokemon go. There is where the Pokemon go cp calculator shines. It is extremely helpful and lets you play your best card. Apart from this, don’t forget to play this game with the best location spoofer Tenorshare iAnyGo.