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How To Get Your First Pokemon Trainer Club Account

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-07 / Update for  change location

Pokémon trainer club (PTC) is an advanced service provided by Pokémon Company International. It helps you in connecting with other Pokémon games and apps including the popular app Pokémon go. With Pokémon trainer club account, you can access the latest Pokémon news and on-time information regarding live competition in the game.

What Does Pokemon Trainer Club Account Use For 

Having a Pokemon trainer account can help you in different ways to enjoy your time with the game in a very effective manner. Here are the leverages your get with a trainer account.

  • Useful for players who are registered with the game under 16 years to overcome the age-restricted features and chat options. The age restrictions also vary based on region.
  • You can share saved data between the Nintendo Switch and mobile versions of the game. 
  • Latest updates on live competitions and other news by signing in to its newsletter.

What Do You Need For Pokemon Trainer Club Sign Up 

Here is what you need for Pokemon trainer club sign up so make sure you enter these details carefully.

  • Email address and password.
  • Correct verification of age and region.
  • Username and screen name (Keep your screen name and account name different from the Pokémon go trainer nickname).
pokemon trainer club account

Steps for Pokemon Trainer Club Login 

Once you have created a Pokémon trainer club account, next you need to log in. Here is what you need to do for the Pokemon go trainer club login.

  • Navigate to the Pokémon go app in your device’s app manager and open it.
  • You can log in to your trainer account in two ways. Firstly, you can log in using google. For this select “sign in with a google account” You can enter the registered google account with Pokémon trainer club and press ok to login.
  • Secondly, you can log in directly using your login credentials “username” which you chose for your account and then enter “password” and tap on the sign-in option.
  • After this you will be logged in to your Pokémon trainer club account.

What Can You Do With Pokemon Trainer Club Account  

Having Niantic trainer club account can make your journey with Pokémon go more enjoyable and exciting. Here is a short list explaining your concern related to the use of a trainer account.

  • With PTC, you can efficiently manage your pokemon.com profile.
  • Ease of playing pokemon trading card games online.
  • Sign to multiple mobile apps and games including pokemon go.
  • Having a trainer account allows you to subscribe pokemon monthly newsletter.
  • Track the progress of real-world events and tournaments organized by pokemon.

Bonus Tip For Pokemon Go Players: How To Play The Game Without Moving 

Now with the availability of the latest technology, it's more convenient to play Pokémon effortlessly. There is much software which claims to serve this purpose to the full extent. However, we strongly suggest you try Tenorshare iAnyGo to spoof your location in Pokémon go and play while sitting on your couch. 

Tenorshare iAnyGo offers you a joystick movement features allowing you to have full control of your movement in the game. You can modify your movement anytime anywhere in the game while spoofing your location. You can even tweak your direction to 360 degrees when you feel like changing it. 

Here is how you can use iAnyGo movement feature to play pokemon go:

  • Download and launch Tenorshare iAnyGo on your PC. Connect your Apple device to PC using a USB cable and select the “Joystick movement” feature from the main interface.

    interface of inaygo
  • Next drag the slider to change speed to the extent you want to move with. You can also choose between walking, cycling or driving speed for movement in the game.

    set the speed
  • To start an automatic movement, drag the middle button to circle and release it.

    start joystick movement

The end 

Pokemon trainer club account offers great help to Pokémon go lovers. It’s the easiest and most authentic way to get updates and keep up with the upcoming competitions. Apart from that, it also overcomes the age-related restrictions in-game in case you were registered in Pokémon go game under 18. So, it's time to use it alone in case you didn’t take help from it before.