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Guide: How to Spoof in Pokemon GO without Getting Banned 2024

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-04-18 / Update for  change location

With the worldwide popularity of Pokemon Go, many ways to simplify this game have been devised. Spoofing location is one of those ways to get progress in the game quickly and easily. Moving around, in reality, seems like a hectic task especially when you have an opportunity to Pokemon Go GPS spoof ban and play the game without any hassle. However, from pokemon go spoofing 2023 reddit, we know that due to the extensive use of spoofing apps, users get banned from the game. We have made this guide to better explain to you how to spoof Pokémon Go without getting banned. So read it till the last word.

pokemon go spoofing ban

Part 1. Everything You Need to Know about Pokemon GO Spoofing Gets Banned

1.1 What Action Will Trigger Soft Ban?

Before starting how to spoof Pokémon go without getting banned 2024, you should know the actions which can trigger a soft ban of your Pokemon account. A soft ban isn’t a real strike on your account; however, it can restrict your activities in the game for a certain time.

1.2 Why Will You Getting Banned?

If you want to spoof Pokemon Go without getting banned, it is better to know how the punishment system works inthe game.

1. Mechanism of Pokemon GO Soft Ban

When looking for ways how to spoof Pokemon Go without getting banned in 2023, you should bear in mind that there are certain things you need to avoid at any cost.

While spoofing location, whenever you come across a wild Pokemon, Pokestop or gym for a long disctance, a timer will automatically begin counting base on your spoofing disctance which prevents you from performing any action from a certain range.

You can do anything, however, and go anywhere unless you haven’t interacted with these three things (wild Pokemon, Pokestop, and gym).

Once you are done, you should wait for another two hours to perform anything outside of your last location’s range. If you are planning to fly to another, make sure you do it slowly like 100 meters at a time.

2. Follow The Rules, Never Getting Banned

There is no other better way to avoid a soft or permanent ban than care. But you can still spoof the game by respecting the cooldown timer in spoofer.

Be careful and follow the rules. Don’t try to rush things or play too fast because this can give a signal to Niantic which may result in a big loss.

So, you should stick to the rules and play the game in a normal flow. Explore things at a normal speed than getting red flagged in the game.

1.3 How Long Do You Get Banned for Spoofing Pokémon Go?

The duration of the Pokémon Go ban varies depending upon the kind of action the player indulged in. If your account was banned due to the spoofing location, you can expect a soft ban of 2 hours and a sever ban of 12 hours. Be aware of the do not trigger this ban for many times since it can cost you a lot. So, how to spoof safely in pokemon go? Let's move on to next part.

Part 2. How To Spoof in Pokemon GO Without Getting Banned?

2.1 Pokemon GO Spoofing without Getting Banned iPhone

Can you get banned for spoofing in pokemon go? No, here we will recommend a proven tool - Tenorshare iAnyGo is a reliable and professional software that is extremely helpful to spoof location in iOS devices safely. It makes sure that you are using Pokemon Go spoofing without any worry of getting banned/detected if you follow the Pokemon Go Spoofing Cooldown Rules to spoof Pokemon Go. Most importantly, Tenorshare iAnygo supports all iPhone models, including the newest iPhone 15. 

Here is how to spoof without getting banned using the Tenorshare iAnyGo Joystick movement feature. Click the button right now to help you learn Pokemon Go spoofing 2024.

  • Launch iAnyGo software and connect your device with the computer. Select the “Joystick movement” option from the main interface and proceed.

    how to not get banned spoofing pokemon go
  • Set your desired speed by moving the speed slider. You can also set walking, cycling, and driving speeds for movement. The maximum speed limit in this tool is 72 kilometres per hour, and this setting can help you avoid getting Pokemon Go banned for walking too much.

    pokemon go spoof
  • Lastly, circle the middle button and release it to start an automatic movement. You can tweak the direction to 360 degrees anytime anywhere. Now you may know how to not get banned on Pokemon Go.

    pokemon go gps spoof ban

2.2 Pokemon GO Spoofing without Getting Banned Android

For Android users, if you are looking for how to spoof Pokemon Go without getting banned then consider using PoGoskill. The tool can help you learn how to not get caught spoofing on Android effortless.

This app is well known as a Pokemon Go spoofer on Android devices and the best part is that no technical knowledge is required. It’s easy to set up with minimal experience.

Moreover, as a Pokemon Go location spoofer on your Android phone conveniently without any need to install other apps which is why many game users find this app helpful.

Part 3. What about Changing Location with VPN on Pokemon GO?

You may have heard that certain VPNs offer you the freedom to play Pokemon Go without any need to worry about the rules.

However, the method of using VPN to spoof Pokemon GO is absolutely a JOKE.VPN can not fake gps location on the game, and also not let you move freely in the game like the other spoofing tools like iAnyGo, and Pogoskill.

Part 4. People Also Ask about How to Spoof in Pokemon Go Without Getting Banned

Q1. How does pokemon go catch spoofers?

According to Pokemon Go spoofing rules, Pokemon GO catches spoofers through various methods such as detecting abnormal movement patterns, monitoring for GPS manipulation, analyzing player behavior, and employing user reports and automated systems to flag suspicious activity.

Q2. What happens if you get caught spoofing pokemon go?

If caught spoofing in Pokémon GO, players risk being banned from the game temporarily or permanently, losing access to their account and any progress made.

Q3. Does pokemon go ip ban?

Yes, Pokémon GO can implement IP bans as part of their anti-cheating measures.

The Bottom Line

We hope this article better guided you on how to spoof in Pokemon Go without getting banned and how to not get caught spoofing pokemon go. So, don’t try to conquer everything in just one night. Make sure you use reliable software like Tenorshare iAnyGo to spoof which helps you to follow the rules more effectively. 

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