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How to Use Poke Hunter? Alternatives? Full Guide of Pros&Cons+Raids

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2024-05-31 / Update for  change location

Just like Monster Hunter Now, Pokemon Go is a famous AR game that requires players to find Pokemon, fight battles, and explore the real world by physically traveling there. In Pokemon Go, players explore different areas to hunt and collect rare Pokemon.

Pokehunter makes the job easier for the players by showing different Pokemon, upcoming events, and gyms on the maps so the players can just grab them.

Pokehunter for Pokemon Go

Part1: Does PokeHunter Work? Pros+Cons

Pokehunter Pokemon Go

PokeHunter is still working and helping players benefit from its live scanner to find gyms, fights, and collect new Pokemon.

To ensure fair play in the game, each game has a sophisticated anti-cheat mechanism that restricts any advantages players can use. Niantic has banned many interactive maps for Pokemon Go due to many reasons.

Some of the applications might have been collecting user data without their consent – or worse: sending DDoS attacks on the game’s servers.

However, there are some maps like Poke Hunter still available to players – reflecting that Niantic doesn’t classify map tracker as cheating.


  • Real-Time Pokemon Location: Pokehunter uses a live scanner to find and show the locations of Pokemon on the map.
  • Rare Pokemon Alters: Pokehunter notifies through alerts and notifications for rare Pokemon spawns.
  • Gyms and Raid Battles: Pokehunter provides real-time location of gyms where you can join raid battles.
  • Rivals’ Information: Using Pokehunter, you can not only locate gyms but also see other information like who is defending a particular gym, its timing, and eligibility tier.
  • Strategic Planning: With real-time data and live location of gyms and Pokemon, players and effectively use their time to hunt new Pokemon and fight rivals.


  • witching Between Apps: If you are using Pokehunter on the same device, you’ll have to switch between Poke hunter and Pokemon Go, since it doesn’t sync with your game.
  • Limited Geo Locations: Pokehunter only supports some specific regions including California, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, and Lithuania.
  • Lack of Filters: Pokehunter lacks filters to show specific events, gyms, or Pokemon like other similar maps.

Part 2: How to Find Local Pokemon Go Raids? Best Pokehunter in 2024

Finding Pokemon Go raids might seem fun in the start until you enter this competitive arena and see a whole world to explore. Visiting remote areas to hunt Pokemon and finding raids seems impractical because it’s hard to scan even your local area – unless you use some tools like Pokehunter. Below are the best Pokehunters in 2024 to find local Pokemon Go raids.

1. Poke Genie-Best Pokehunter APK

  Poke Genie

Poke Genie is a tool used by Pokemon Go players to evaluate hidden values, battle stats, plan raids, and generate custom Pokemon names. To use Poke Genie, install the application to your phone from PlayStore or App Store and launch it. Now tap ‘start overlay’ to add your screen while playing Pokemon Go. You can use the overlay to scan Pokemon, get general stats, and access Pokedex.

Poke Genie Pros:

  • Checks IV (Individual Value) for Pokemon
  • Coordinates in Remote Raids
  • Provides battle simulations to calculate Moveset Ranking
  • Simulates Gyms and Raids Battles
  • Generates Custom Names for Pokemon

Poke Genie Cons:

  • Requires screen recording permissions
  • Accuracy may vary based on user input

2. Pokemap- Online Pokehunter for Pokemon Go


Pokemap is another Pokemon Go map for the Pokemon Go trainers. It works as an assistant to track Pokemon around you in real-time, however provides more options than Pokehunter Pokemon Go. To use Pokemap visit their official website and navigate to your location. Now explore the map to find PokéStops, gyms, raid gyms, and ex-raid gyms.

 Pokemap Pros:

  • Comprehensive map with community input
  • Helps you locate landmarks quickly
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Allows you to filter Pokémon

 Pokemap Cons:

  • Densely Populated with Pokemon
  • Excessive Advertisements
  • Accuracy is doubtful due to community input

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Part 3: How do I Find Pokestops and Gyms near Me? Free Auto Scanner!

Finding Pokestops and Gyms can be challenging without using the proper resources. Maps like Pokehunter Pokemon Go come with various limitations and restrict you to a particular area. Also, even if you have spotted gyms or Pokemon on the map, you’ll still have to physically travel to that location. If the location is too far, the traveling part becomes the most challenging thing to do.

So what’s the solution? The solution is iAnyGo.

iAnyGo not only helps players to find better Pokemon in their vicinity and remote locations. They can find pokestops, gyms, and Pokemon using the auto scan feature of iAnyGo. Not just that, they don’t have to travel to particular locations to capture Pokemon or participate in the raid battles as iAnyGo can spoof their location and teleport them anywhere you want.

  • Auto Scan PokéStop & Gym: Start iAnyGo and select "Jump Teleport " mode turn on the auto-scan feature to find gyms and Pokéstops in your area.

  • Auto Scan PokéStop & Gym
  • Choose A New Destination or Route Node:  Select an area where you would want to browse fitness centers or set up a shop.

    Choose A New Destination or Route Node
  • Explore Uncharted Areas: Tap on “Clear” icon to wipe out all marked locations. If you want to find new landmarks in the game, iAnyGo will show you all the gyms and Pokéstops in the location you chose after the scan is finished. Wipe out Marked Location

The players can change their location and mimic their walk on the map using a joystick. iAnyGo is a credible app that can help you explore the world and catch the rarest Pokemon anywhere you find them.

Video Guide: Pokémon GO Auto Scan PokéStop & Gym Guide

Last words

Poke Hunter is known for showing real-time Pokemon and related information on the map without requiring sync from Pokemon Go. Though there are some better alternatives available, they too come with certain limitations.

iAnyGo offers an all-in-one solution—it not only scans and locates Pokéstops and Gyms for Pokémon Go players but also seamlessly teleports them to those locations using location spoofer. Download iAnyGo now and enhance your gaming experience.

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