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Piplup Evolution: 6 Questions Every Pokemon Go Players Must Ask To

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2022-03-16 / Update for  change location

Piplup evolution has two levels. It evolves into Prinplup, which then further evolves into Empoleon. If you have got yourself this water-type Pokemon, you want to know all the details about Pokemon Piplup evolution. Keep reading to find out the details.

piplup evolution

Piplup Evolution: Details of Evolving Piplup

Piplup goes through two stages of evolution, but you don’t need to trade the Pokemon or finish some extra tasks to achieve that evolution. Find out all the steps and prerequisites you need to get your Pokemon through the stages of evolution.

Q1: What level does Piplup evolve

The first Piplup evolution level is 16, where Piplup evolves to morph into another shape and form. The next evolution of Piplup’s changed form takes place after fighting battles to reach Level 36.


Q2: What does Piplup evolve into

Piplup evolves into Prinplup at Level 16. Prinplup is a solitary natured Pokemon, and it does not like to mix with others. This evolved Piplup is a mono-water type Pokemon with average weight and size.


Q3: What does Empoleon evolve into

Piplup final evolution form is Empoleon. It evolves from Prinplup after reaching Level 36. There is no further evolution after the dual-type water/steel Empoleon version.


Piplup Evolution: Q4: How To Get Piplup

Piplup can lurk in the third Pokemon Legends area: Arceus called the Cobalt Coastlands. More specifically, Piplup will be found at a pond close to the Islepsy Shore. This water Pokemon is essential for you to catch if you want to explore the Coastlands thoroughly. Piplup is a bit hasty, so you need to be patient in catching it. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to a place called the Spring Path to try and find Piplup. Since there is water all around the place, you will need to whip out your Basculegion Pokemon to get a ride over the water and towards Spring Path.
  • You will have to cross Lunker’s Lair and Seagrass Haven to finally reach the Islepsy Shore.
  • You will find some very strong Pokemons, such as Alpha Empoleon on the Islepsy Shore, but try to avoid the stronger Pokemons as you won’t be ready to catch them on the lower level and a lower star rank.
  • Next, you need to locate a pond and a white cave icon towards the north side of the map. That white cave on the map is Spring Path.
  • Skip the white cave icon and go towards the pond in Islepsy Shore. You will find at least one Piplup among several Bibarels.
  • Piplups are easy to get away with, so avid engaging in a battle and approach in a subtle way. Your best shot is capturing it by a back strike catch.

FAQS about Piplup Evolution

Here are the only answers you will ever need to some of the most asked questions about Piplup and its stages of evolution.

Q5. Why Did Piplup Not Evolve

Piplup attempts to evolve automatically at Level 16. Hitting the button ‘B’ halts the evolution, but Piplup will try to evolve again in the next level. Also, holding an everstone in the items can stop evolution.

Q6. How Many Times Does Piplup Evolve

Piplup evolves two times in Generation IV. The first time in Level 16 from Piplup to Prinplup and the other time reaching level 36 from Prinplup to Empoleon.

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Piplups are getting spotted more frequently in the wilderness. If you are fortunate, you might even get to witness a shiny Piplup evolution level. Keep battling and defeating, and you will soon get to that Piplup evolution stage.