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Top 3 Pokemon Go IV Calculator You Must Try

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2022-12-16 / Update for  change location

Pokemon IV calculator stands for pokemon Individual Value. As the name suggests, it calculates your Pokemon's value like the species of your Pokemon, the CP/HP of your Pokemon, the stardust cost to power up your Pokemon, etc. 

Introduction of Pokemon Go IV Calculator

What Is Pokemon Go IV Calculator

All pokemon types have a base set of attributes, and every Pokemon is "born" with semi-hidden qualities called IV. The IV of a pokemon is how strong it will be when it reaches its maximum potential. For example, the worst Squirtle has all IVs as zero, and the best Squirtle will have a higher score than the base attributes of a Squirtle.

What does IV mean in Pokemon Go IV Calculator

Pokemons have three separate IVs; Attack, Defense, and Stamina, to determine how powerful your Pokemon can become at its maximum potential. The higher the IV, the stronger the Pokemon. Every Pokemon has a different IV; even at its full strength, one Bulbasaur may be weaker. 

How does Pokemon Go IV Calculator Work

An IV calculator asks for your Pokemon's CP/HP, Attack, Defence, etc., and accordingly generates an IV. They use information from the game and attempt to determine your Pokemon's IV. Remember, If an IV calculator asks for your login credentials, it is illegal. A legal calculator doesn't require that information.

Top 3 Pokemon Go IV Calculator Still Work In 2023

Pokemon Go IV Calculators are powerful tools designed to be used by pokemon trainers. Here are the best amongst them. 

1. Pokémon IV calculator in Pokémon Go Info

This calculator forms an educated guess for your Pokemon's IV based on your input information. Multiple IVs can generate the exact CP and HP values; hence the range of a specific type of Pokemon can be quite large. For example, a Charizard could either be a powerful pokemon with a maximum value of IVs or a weak pokemon of merely 35%.

pokémon iv calculator in pokémon go info

2. Pokemon Go IV Calculator in Poke Assistant

This tool helps you find the hidden IV value of your Pokemon so you can decide whether to keep the Pokemon or not. You cannot tell if a pokemon is good enough until you power it up a couple of times. It uses two formulas to attempt to identify your Pokemon's IV. 

pokémon iv calculator in poke assistant

3. Pokemon Go IV Rater in Thesilphroad:

This is a simplified pokemon IV calculator. It is soon about to launch an advanced mode as well. IVs bring up to a difference of 10% in each quality of the Pokemon. This IV rater asks for your trainer level, CP and HP, and then rates your Pokemon. A problem you may face while using it is sliding the CP arc a little higher or lower. To slide it at the correct position, you need to make sure the candy/stardust requirement displays the proper power-up requirement. 

pokemon go iv rater in thesilproad

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Each Pokemon is unique. Every species is provided with a fantastic set of stats, and every individual Pokemon is given unique characteristics on every base attribute, i.e., attack, defence, and stamina. With the help of pokemon go iv calculator, it will be easy to discover the most promising Pokemon for you. And there also are most popular pokemon go spoofer in 2023 waiting for you to explore.