Detailed Explanation of Pokemon Go Cooldown Time

by Anna Sherry   Updated on 2021-06-23 / Update for  iPhone Tips

Pokemon Go has introduced Cooldown Time to prevent players from spoofing GPS location. What is Pokémon Go Cooldown Time? Well, a Cooldown is a certain amount of time you need to wait after taking an in-game action. The length of time fully depends on how far apart the two locations are.

Part 1. What Actions Will Trigger The Cooldown Period

In Pokemon Go, some in-game actions will trigger CD(CD: cool down time). Here’s a list of actions that will trigger the cooldown period.

actions that will trigger the cooldown period

After performing the above 1-9 actions in the game, if any of these 9 actions is performed again, the game will automatically judge whether it is possible that the player can reach this position based on the time and distance you travel. For example, if you catch a wild Pokemon in New York at 8:00 am, then spin a Pokestop in Japan at 9:00 am. The game will consider you are cheating because you are moving too fast, it will trigger the corresponding penalty, such as soft ban.

Question: What Will Happen If Game Account Get Soft Banned

If the CD warning is triggered multiple times , the game account will get soft banned. After that, ‘Try Again ’ error pops up when you try to spin a Pokestop and you will be unable to catch pokemon, etc. A soft ban usually last 30-60 minutes.

pokemon go error

Actions That Will NOT Trigger Cooldown

Let’s take a look at which situation will not trigger Pokemon Go spoofing cooldown time. That is, you can perform any of the below actions without being reminded. Also, you can change location to anywhere if you didn’t trigger the cooldown time.

actions that will not trigger the cooldown period

Part 2. How to Spoof in Pokemon Go to Avoid Soft Ban

In the latest version, Tenorshare iAnyGo will add a “Cooldown Period” feature. Every time when users change the location on iPhone with this tool, it will give the corresponding countdown prompt on the interface. To avoid soft ban, it’s suggested that perform 1-9 actions after the countdown ends.

countdown prompt

If you have selected the position on the map before clicking the "Start to Modify" button, the system will estimate the cooling time required from the current position to the modified position.

ianygo estimate the cooling time

If you think this Countdown function doesn’t work, just click "Reset" button on the pop-up window. Then, the countdown will recaculate time when you modify the positioning next time

countdown function

If you are not Pokemon Go player or don’t like this Countdown function, just turn off the function by clicking the Settings below the menu bar. Or, you can move the mouse pointer to the Countdown and find the close button.

turn off countdown function 2 turn off countdown function 1