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Pokemon GO Rare Candy Cheat-Works 100% in 2024

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-05-07 / Update for  change location

Being an avid fan of Pokemon go, you may know that the rare candy in pokemon go is a reward for trainers after every winning battle raid that happens with Raid boss. In pokemon go, it provides 1-3 rare candies to those players who complete a more difficult field research task. 

pokemon go rare candy cheat

As the name indicates, these candies are very rare to achieve and require you to be active in the pokemon go game. Talking about the benefits, rare candies help you to defeat the upcoming battles and increase the chances to evolve and level up the pokemon go without much hassle. Here is how pokemon go rare candy cheat tricks work. 

Steps to Start Pokemon GO Rare Candy Cheat

Collecting rare candies using a standard way is very difficult since it requires a lot of hassle. Here is how pokemon go cheats rare candy work.

  • Open the Sydney pogo map or Newyork pogo map on your device.
  • In the upper menu bar, click on “Quest” and then press “Filters.”
  • Now scroll down the list of filters and check the box of “Rare candy” and uncheck all other.

    pokemon go rare candy cheat step 1
  • It will show you all the rare candies’ locations in your area, zoom in to see the location on the map.

    pokemon go rare candy cheat step 2
  • Click Map to get the coordinate from the map, and paste it on any Pokemon GO Spoofer to reach the pokestops to get the research task.

    pokemon go rare candy cheat step 3
  • Rare Candy will be rewarded after finishing the task.

    pokemon go rare candy cheat step 4

How to Go Reach Pokemon GO Rare Candy Cheat Location

With that being said, now how about you reach the exact location of rare candy? In general, you have to walk all the way to the exact place and complete the milestone to get a rare candy. 

But covering that much distance by walking in extreme weather already sounds tiring. What about using a location spoofer tool to do it for you? Yes, Tenorshare iAnyGo is a location changer tool that helps you to spoof your location to any place in any country. This increases the chances of getting rare candies. 

You can simply teleport your current location to any place where you see the rare candy on the Sydney pogo map. Reaching there and completing the task become so easy while being in bed. Here is what it takes from you to spoof location using iAnyGo.

  • Install the iAnyGo on your computer and proceed with its default mode “Change Location.”

    change location mode
  • Connect your device to the computer using a USB data cable.

    connect device to pc
  • In the search bar of the software, enter any place where you saw rare candy on the Sydney pogo map and click on “Start to modify” in a few seconds you will reach there. That’s it.

    change location successfully

Not Just Rare Candy You Can Cheat

While talking about rare candy pokemon go cheat, you must be thinking about other things which you can avail this way. The list is long and if you have a professional location spoofer in hand then it becomes super easy to do it in reality. Here is the list of other things you can cheat in pokemon go.

  • Poke Ball
  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Razz Berry
  • Pinap Berry
  • Golden Razzy Berry

Is Pokemon GO Rare Candy Cheat Safe

The official way of getting candies is to play the game in the standard way without using third-party apps. However, if you try to indulge yourself in a rare candy cheat then be careful with the way you do it. 

There are certain guidelines like Pokemon GO Soft Ban that you need to follow especially when you spoof and get a rare candy. In this way, following a rare candy cheat way is completely safe and you won’t get your account soft-banned or permanent ban in case you are wise in your actions.

Final Verdict

We all know the importance of rare candies in evolving and powering up pokemon in the game. We hope this article better addressed how pokemon go rare candy cheat works. It is really useful since most of the players want to implement such cheat ways to stack rare candies in the game. So, don’t forget to use Tenorshare iAnyGo to cover the distance without moving. 

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