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How Does Pokemon GO Track Steps? [For Beginners]

by Sophie Green   Updated on 2024-05-13 / Update for  change location

There are many reasons why Pokemon Go players might want to know how the game tracks steps. By understanding how the game tracks steps, players can hatch eggs more quickly, earn candy more quickly, and stay motivated. 

how does pokemon go track steps

So, if you're one of the many Pokemon Go players who want to know how does Pokemon GO track steps, this blog is for you.

Case 1: How Does Pokemon GO Track Steps while the Game Is Closed

Pokemon GO tracks steps while the game is closed by using a feature called Adventure Sync. Adventure Sync uses your phone's built-in pedometer to track your steps, even when the Pokemon GO app is closed. 

This means that you can still hatch eggs, earn candy, and stay motivated even when you're not actively playing the game. 

You can check your progress in the Pokemon GO app by tapping the Journal icon (the Pokéball icon) and then tapping Adventure Sync.

Case 2: How Does Pokemon GO Track Steps when Playing

Pokemon Go tracks steps when playing by using the GPS info to track your location. With this information, Pokemon GO can calculate how far and how quickly you've walked.

However, the GPS tracking is fairly accurate, but it's not perfect. If you're looking for the most accurate step tracking, you may want to consider using a dedicated pedometer or fitness tracker like Apple Health.

Steps to Enable Adventure Sync

If you want to count every step in pokemon go, then it is better to enable the sync on your device. Here are the steps on how to enable Adventure Sync on Pokemon Go, which is suitable for both iOS and Android devices:

  • Open the Pokemon Go app.
  • Tap the Settings icon (the gear icon).
  • Tap Adventure Sync.
  • Tap Enable.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen.

Question: Must I Enable Adventure Sync on Pokemon GO

Actually, tested by the author, enabling Adventure Sync on Pokemon GO is not necessarily. But it’s better to enable it if you walk usually.

As mentioned above, Adventure Sync can track your steps even when the Pokémon GO app is closed. You can still progress towards your goals, such as hatching eggs and earning Buddy Candy, even when you're not actively playing the game. 

This is a great way to stay active and earn rewards without having to worry about your battery life. But if you are a Pokemon GO Spoofer, then turning on the adventure sync or not doesn’t matter.

Extra Tips: You Can Fake Steps on Pokemon GO without Walking

We all know that Playing Pokemon GO requires us to go out to complete the tasks. Many players, however, are facing plights like:

  • Lack of time to go out
  • Inclement weather stops us to go out
  • Safety concerns when playing the game in public
  • Social anxiety
  • Lack of access to safe and accessible outdoor spaces
  • No Pokestops and GYMs near their home.

Therefore, you can try Tenorshare iAnyGo to fake GPS on Pokemon GO. In this way can you play the game without walking outside your door. Here is a video guide then you can check out how to do so.

Interface of iAnyGo:

joystick movement

The Bottom Line

Adventure Sync tracks your steps even when the game is closed, so you can still hatch eggs and earn Buddy Candy even when you're not actively playing. If you are unable to go out and play Pokémon GO, you can still enjoy the game by using iAnyGo without enabling Adventure Sync.