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How to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go Without Walking

by Jenefey Aaron   Updated on 2020-08-10 / Update for  Android Tips

I am a very serious Pokemon Go player. But after playing the game for over a year; I have to say, hatching eggs are pretty hard. I have to walk pretty far which was already troubling but now, in this lockdown period it has become impossible. Is there a way to pokemon go hatch eggs without walking reddit?"

Don't worry, you are not the only one. A lot of people are having trouble to hatch eggs without walking pokemon go in this pandemic. The good news that Niantic is taking steps to make things easier for the players. They have already announced it. But till they implement the changes; you can use the methods we have detailed in the article to hatch eggs without walking.

Part 1: 10 Ways to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go Without Walking

So, if you are fond of Pokemon Go game but amidst this lockdown period the game is asking you to go outside for a walk, then don't worry.

There are ways to hatch eggs pokemon go without walking. Just check out our listings in the article below.

Way 1: Play a GPS Wandering Game

You can simply play a GPS wondering Game in order to confuse Pokemon Go system. Such stunts has proven to be very effective. Try it.

Way 2: Use a Location Spoofer

One of the best ways to hatch pokémon go eggs without walking is to use a location spoofer. A lot of players use these typo s apps to mask their actual locations.

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has a strict policy against using such measures. But there are a few good apps that can help to spoof your location undetected.

Just use them and make the game believe that you have actually covered the said distance by foot.

There are several spoofer app like iSpoofer, iTools, PokeGo etc.

Way 3: Using the Adventure Sync

You can also use the Adventure Sync programs in order to make the game realize that you are walking. Some users apply Goole Fit for this task.

Way 4: Make your Phone on a Drone

If you have to drone, then you can use it hatch pokemon go eggs without walking.

We don't recommend getting a drone for this purpose, as they are pretty expensive. There are Pokemon eggs that requires walking a distance of up to 10 Km, which is pretty far. But a drone can cover that distance in an instance.

use a drone

So, just get a drone that works and then strap your smartphone on it. Lock the device very carefully, else it will fall off.

Way 5: Using Roomba And Attach your Phone to it

‘How to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go without walking?'

Do you know, what is a Roomba?

Well, it is a robotic cleaner. So, if you have a Roomba in your house or any other similar products, then you can use them to hatch eggs in Pokemon go. All you have to do, is to place your smartphone on the Rumba and let it move around.


As these robotic cleaners move slowly, it will make the app believe that you are actually walking. Just make sure your device stays protected.

Way 6: Play Pokemon Go When Riding

‘How to hatch pokemon go eggs without walking?'

This is probably one of the oldest tricks to hatch eggs pokemon go without walking. Just strap the smartphone on your bike and over the required distance to hatch an egg.

riding bike

Surely, you have to go out of your house for this, still you won’t have to walk for it.

Way 7: Run Pokemon Go with poor GPS signal

Surely, you have already have figured it out that, Pokemon Go is all about GPS signals. It tracks your movements.

So, if you are able to run the game with significantly weak GPS signal, then you can trick the game to hatch eggs in pokemon go without walking. Just don’t turn off the GPS altogether.

Way 8: Create a Model Railroad

If already own a model train set, then you will have no trouble to hatch eggs on Pokemon Go without walking. We suggest users to use this method if they already have a model train set. As these things are pretty expensive.

model railroad

All you have to do is to strap the smartphone on the train and lets it run. Make sure that your device is protected and regulate the speed of the train. If the train is too fast, then there is a chance of detection. So, slow it down a bit.

Way 9: Use your Pokecoins

‘How to hatch eggs without walking in pokemon go?'

If you know about the pokecoins then, it will be easy to make pokemon go hatch eggs without walking.

The Pokecoins are the official currency of the Pokemon Go game. You can use them to purchase incense, eggs, pokemons and even incubators.


As you are trying to hatch eggs without walking, we suggest you to use incubators. There are several different incubators available in the game which will be of help to you.

Way 10: Exchange the Friend Code

‘How to hatch eggs without walking pokemon go?'

In this last part we would like to suggest a very different method to hatch eggs without walking pokemon go.

friend code

Pokemon Go has the option is add friends and you can even send them gifts. The limit for sending gifts to each friend is 20 for every single day. So, if you have a lot of friends, you can send them eggs as gift; including the exclusive 7Km eggs.


Therefore, these are methods you can follow; if you were asking pokemon go how to hatch eggs without walking? These methods are simple and can help you effectively to hatch eggs for the game without any physical movements.

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